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Fine Teakwood Garden Furniture does not have to be large enough to feed a big family with room to spare. Many discerning home owners may want a well-proportioned furniture set that will accommodate two people plus a couple of guests in comfort.

Regardless of the amount of outdoor living space that one has it is possible to have a tasteful combination that is practical, comfortable, stylish, solid and attractive – a true eye catcher in fact! So, whether one has a bijou patio, conservatory, or deck-space the Turnworth Table Set is perfectly suited. Likewise, people with masses of open space but not wishing, or needing, to fill it with al fresco dining furniture will benefit from this very appealing set.

The Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture Turnworth 120 Table is 120cm in diameter – whisker short of 4 ft and circular with a central hole to accommodate a parasol for those blistering hot days – the hole is capped with a solid brass cap when not in use – because details matter. As with all Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture the teakwood is solid and is sanded to a smooth finish making it a perfect platform for dining and entertaining.

To complete the Turnworth 120 Tables Set purchasers have a choice of four different Chair styles.

Turnworth 120 GArden Furniture Set

with Banana Arm Chairs

Bali Arm Chairs are superbly comfortable armchairs with Criss Cross and Block Design on the Chair Back. This is an exquisite deluxe carved fixed armchair with elegant and rounded front chair legs.

Banana Arm Chairs have a high back and arms that curve around you giving a feeling of wrap-around. Banana Chairs are perfect with their added cushion that is attractive, waterproof and very comfortable.

Lovina Stacking Chairs allow for easy storage and exceptional convenience. When in use for a cosy tete a tete the unused chairs can remain in storage allowing more space, all you need now is flowers, sweet music and a bottle of something fizzy, perfect.
Southwold Arm Chairs, this beautifully reliable looking chair is spacious and comfortable, and a real eye catcher!

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is manufactured using only well-seasoned sustainably sourced solid Grade ‘A’ teakwood that is plantation grown to peak condition so that there are no knot marks and the grain is in peak condition for furniture manufacture, once sanded to a satin smoothness it will look wonderful and feel silky smooth.

Teakwood that is ready for use is hand-selected and skilfully shaped so that each piece of furniture is smooth to the touch and has a delightful patina that will look good for years to come with a little TLC. Making joints that will remain secure and weather proof is very important especially for furniture that may stand out in all weathers. Teakwood is naturally weather resistant even in our British winters.

Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture is the Gold Standard for discerning garden furniture buyers


Nothing can beat sitting outdoors on a nice day with friends and family. It is one of the simple pleasures in life, yet one that we do not enjoy as much as we should – especially with the famous British weather we endure!

However, with summer on the way, there will be more chance to sit outside in the garden and soak up any good weather that comes our way. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have your garden furniture planned well in advance!

For anyone in the market for a new set of garden furniture, the stunning Turnworth Ring Table Set is a fantastic option that will not disappoint. Not only is an attractive furniture set that includes both chairs and a table, but it’s made from high quality materials that ensure it will last for many summers to come.

The Turnworth teak table features a very striking round ring top design, which has been meticulously crafted to create a very pleasing style that will stand out in any garden space. This also includes a 100cm ‘Lazy Suzan’, a section that rotates and is perfect for passing condiments around the table.

Also, there is a centre hole on the table that can fit a parasol for those sunny days where you want a bit of shade, with the hole being covered with a brass alloy cap when not in use.

Not only does the circular design look amazing, but it serves a useful function. The teak rings are shaped in such a way that allows rainfall to quickly run off the surface of the table. Combined with the fact that oils in the teak are resistant to weather, the table will last for many years without any worries about damage from rain or sun.

Better still, the Turnworth Ring Table includes eight banana arm chairs! These chairs are made from the same quality teakwood as the table, sanded to produce a delightfully soft finish, making them very comfortable to sit on.

As if that wasn’t good enough, the chairs come with weather-proof cushions that fit perfectly into the seat, adding even more style and comfort to the seat.

With so many seats available, you can easily entertain large groups at your next garden party or barbeque, and you can be sure there will be one thing on everyone’s tongue – how incredible your garden furniture is!

Moreover, this beautiful table set will last for many years to come. Teak is one of the strongest, most durable woods available, meaning that the tables and chairs from this set are built to last. Being weather resistant is a great start, but the wood is also very strong and will withstand even the heaviest weights.

The table will be so simple to care for as well. There’s no need to paint or varnish it, with the natural finish of teak being very attractive. Should there be the odd spill, you can easily wipe away the mess with warm water and cloth – add some baking soda for those stains that don’t want to go away!

If you require a set of garden furniture that will wow and impress, but also offer exceptional value for money, then look further than the gorgeous Turnworth Ring Table Set and Banana Arm Chairs – it will be the envy of all your friends!

Having limited space should not a reason to limit one’s outdoor living. Making good use of outdoor space so that one can maximise the pleasure is made easier with cleverly designed Luxury Teak Garden Furniture by Chairs and Tables.

The Turnworth Teak Round Ring Table and accompanying chairs, available in three different styles, is a splendid combination of luxury and economy of size. The Turnworth table is only 150cm in diameter, a mere 4ft 11inches. With its accompanying chairs the Turnworth Teak Table can comfortably accommodate six adults, this means that a party of six may dine in comfort on a patio, deck, or balcony without clashing elbows!

The Turnworth Round Ring Teak Garden Table has a pattern of rings, giving it a lightness of touch and appearance whilst retaining its strength and ease of use. All tables and chair sets are also produced from solid teakwood so that the whole combination is durable, stable and with a little TLC will last for years and retain its good looks throughout.

All Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is crafted using solid Grade ‘A’ teakwood that has been grown in special plantations thereby reducing the impact on natural teak habitats.

The timber is well seasoned to reduce splitting and weather damage. Because of the high silica and rubber content teak wood has durability in almost any weather conditions and with care it will retain its lovely patina. The timber once selected is sanded to produce smooth surfaces and reduce any risk of a sharp edge or a splinter. Joints are dowel fitted to make certain they are permanent and water proof.

For additional comfort, there are smart water resistant cushions for the chairs and there is a purpose-made hole in the centre of the table that is designed to accommodate a rather smart parasol – to reduce the impact of the mid-day sun.

The Turnworth Luxury Teak Round Ring Table and Chairs are a delightful combination making entertaining a pleasure even in the more bijou environments, this is a real head turner for the discerning entertainer, an absolute must for those long warm evenings that will be with us again soon.

As the Winter draws towards its close it is time to think about Spring and Summer, warmer weather we hope, and plan some activities for one’s outdoor spaces. It matters not how large or small the space, sitting out and dining out areas such as, decking, patios or lawns, one can get the best out of the experience with fine quality garden furniture. However, to grace the space one needs to choose well by selecting top quality above all.

Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture only use the finest quality sustainably produced Grade A teak timber in their craftsmen built garden furniture, what is good enough to withstand the weather stresses of an ocean-going vessel is surely fit to withstand an English Summer – or Winter.

Turnworth teak garden furniture set

Turnworth 180cm Teak Round Ring Table and Banana Arm Chairs is a combination of economy of size and convenience, enabling up to eight adults to sit in comfort and have plenty of room for maneuver. This stunning circular table is hand crafted from Grade A teak that is plantation grown, correctly seasoned, and sanded to release its naturally lovely appearance and feel. The Teak table-top is 40mm thick to give it strength and the stability required, it includes in the design a ‘lazy Susan’ to enable the canapes or the Chablis to be passed around with a minimum of fuss.  The overall design of the Turnworth Teak Round Table is carefully thought out providing durability and elegance as this furniture is intended to give a lifetime of service and retain its handsome good looks for the duration. With the Banana luxury arm chairs the set is the ultimate in style and comfort. In the centre of the table there is a hole, covered when not in use, for a parasol to be slotted in to provide shade or shelter as required.

Chairs and Tables Crafted Teak Garden Furniture is produced in the traditional way, all items are produced from solid timber – no laminates that will deteriorate and expose a soft wood core that will dissolve when wet, the teak is sanded until the patina is perfect, the surface is silky smooth to the touch (no splinters) and the timber is fit for immediate use. The joints are made using dowelling to ensure tightness as that will ensure longevity and resistance to water penetration. The Banana Luxury curved arm chair, is constructed using the finest Grade A teak wood with a 70mm thick rounded arm rest, to ensure maximum comfort the chairs are supplied with 5cm thick weatherproof removable washable cushions that are available in both dark blue or dark green.

Are you one for those special, hard-to-come-by little moments when you and your loved ones are sitting together at the same table, enjoying breakfast? What if you got to live those moments out in the open, with our Teak furniture?

Teak has been the outdoor furniture of choice for years now, thanks to its aesthetic appeal and the durability it offers. It is a pretty addition to your front yard, while being just as comfortable to sit on. Teak furniture is a perennial feature, that means it can be used out in the open all year round and still not rot or get destroyed by insects.

We at Chairs and Tables present to you the Turnworth Teak Round Ring Table and Chairs, available in 180cm and 150cm variants. This set also includes 8 teak chairs, and Chairs and Tables will also provide the cushions, so that you can have a get-together with your friends and family while sitting in the sun.

Teak wood has a high content of natural oils, helping it to retain its beautiful golden hue and smooth texture. It goes with any type of décor that you are currently having in your house, and it ages wonderfully to turn silvery gray over time, making it something you can use for years and years.

Most outdoor furniture can be a pain to maintain, as most can get really grimy over time as well as develop mold because of the moisture in the air. Getting them clean is a daunting task, and you might need a pressure washer or chemicals to do so. If your teak furniture gets dirty, all you need is some warm, soapy water with a soft sponge or cloth to accompany it. No scrubbing or chemicals required, just a gentle wiping should do it. Teak furniture is amazingly easy to maintain.

The sheer number of antique teak furniture suggests the durability it has. Teak furniture is definitely a long term investment, and one which you will never regret. A lot of furniture tends to get damaged because of water or when moving, but our Turnwood Teak Round Ring Table and Chairs will withstand all of that and stay with your family for generations to come. Who would have thought teak furniture is the perfect hand-me-down?

Just think about it – a small, intimate party in your garden, everybody sitting around a fresh-looking Turnwood Round Table in their favorite chairs, having a good time together. And the best part, the table has a 100cm turntable in the centre, so you don’t have to stretch out to get something you want all the time. Just spin it around and get what you like. The Teak Round Ring Table and Chairs set is the perfect marriage of style and utility.

If you are buying each part of this furniture set separately, you will end up paying 10% more than you have to when you buy this set as a whole. Rely on Chairs and Tables to provide you with the best in teak furniture with the Turnwood Teak Round Ring Table and Chairs set.

The round chairs of the Turnworth 150cm Teak Round Ring Table almost make the set look like a blossoming flower; which makes them the perfect fit for regular entertaining outside in the garden. Made out of high quality wood, teak is known for being both water resistant and highly durable allowing it to easily weather almost any of the outdoor elements without any tarnish or rotting. At the same time, the lightly coloured wood has a stunning finish that is earthy and soft so that it adds to your garden unlike plastic and obtrusive metals.

The Turnworth set comes with a 150cm Round Ring Table that is made out of teak along with six teak comfortable chairs that feature full arm rests and a back designed to hug the sitter in a circular fashion. The indulgent teak chairs are so comfortable that your guests will be hesitant to leave once they are seated. The luxury design of the teak furniture set also has a unique 80cm turntable so that guests can rotate the table to reach the items they want as needed. This allows you to easily serve dinner on the patio without spills or bother to other guests.

If you need one more reason to check out the brilliant Turnworth 150 cm Teak Round Ring Table consider the fact that teak furniture is highly sustainable and is an environmentally friendly purchase. Other garden sets such as plastic or metal sets leave a large carbon footprint behind with them, but the Turnworth Teak Round Table and Chairs garden dining set is 100% Grade A Sustainable Teak. Not only will it practically last a lifetime, but naturally it decays so it is also an 100% green friendly purchase.

​Imagine sitting in your garden in a comfortable set of teakwood table and chairs? With a set of Turnworth Teak 150cm Round Ring table set and accompanying Lovina Stacking Chair, you can enjoy an outdoor moment with your family. For that exciting experience with your family, you cannot miss having this set. The table has features that are user-friendly such as an inbuilt lazy Susan that is 80cm wide and an allowance of 50mm diameter for a parasol. There are also weather proof cushions with colours ranging from green, white, red and blue to choose from depending on your taste. Surprisingly, the set will only cost you £1,299.99.

The unique aspect about this teak garden furniture is that you do not even have to move the furniture indoors once you have finished using it. The teak wood used to make them is of high quality, and it can withstand harsh weather conditions. You can leave in the open all year round, and there will be no visible damage and warping on your set. The set will amaze you with its durability and long lifespan due to the durable materials used to make it. Be assured that the set will give you value for money because both the chairs and table are made with high standards.

Cleaning this furniture is also a painless activity that only requires you to scrub them occasionally to remove stains. Care should however be taken to avoid spoiling the finish by cleaning it gently.

You can order for this furniture online from the company’s website and the set will be delivered to you within five days.

Our company is dedicated to giving you world-class customer service, and we will give you personalized services once you decide to buy from us.

For that family time that you have always desired, eating from outside when enjoying a breeze, the Turnworth Teak 150cm Round Ring Table set with Lovina Staking Chair is the ideal option for you.

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