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Round or square, pick the one that goes with your existing patio furniture. This essentially vital picnic table isn’t just handy for your courtyard or backyard picnics, but with its foldable legs, you could take it anywhere with you in your car’s trunk.

Made out of the world’s finest Grade A teakwood, this picnic table is a real steal. If you have planned some big party at home and need some extra table, this tea table is affordable and goes perfectly with virtually every kind of light shade patio furniture


One of our current best sellers here at Chairs and Tables is the Southwold Square Teak Table, and upon further inspection it is easy to see why! A beautiful table that can serve many functions, this stunning piece will be a sight to behold in any outdoor living area – although it would perfectly fine indoors too!

Measuring in at 90cm x 90cm, the Southwold Square Teak Table can be used in any number of ways, be it as part of a set for an outdoor dining area on the patio or a beautiful centre-piece in a conservatory.

It can work well with a single chair or a collection, and will look fantastic no matter where it sits in the garden – or indoors if you prefer!

We do recommend using it for an outdoor living area however, as this really allows you to gain all of the benefits from the Southwold Square Teak Table.

For one, it is made from one of the toughest hardwoods in the market in teak. This strong, durable wood can withstand a lot of pressure and weight, as well as being virtually weatherproof. Natural oils help to preserve it from even the worst elements – this can be quite handy given the unpredictable weather Britain receives! 

Furthermore, these oils make cleaning the table a simple task. A quick wipe with a cloth is usually more than enough to deal with any type of spillages that may occur, and there is no chance of this staining and ruining that beautiful teak appearance.

Speaking of beautiful appearances, the Southwold Square Teak Table just looks fantastic. Teak is one of the best-looking woods out there, and it doesn’t even need to be painted or stained to achieve that wow-factor – you can be certain that guests will love the look of this table where it to be one of the focal points of your garden!

If you are the type of person that loves to entertain guests or simply enjoy sitting outdoors with your family, then this is the type of table for you. There is even a space for a parasol, making it great for sitting under during those warm, sunny days in the garden.

The Southwold Square Teak Table should be rightfully viewed as a smart investment. For anyone that loves sitting outdoors, a good garden table is an essential piece of furniture, and this one will last for years and maybe even decades with the right care.

That means you don’t need to think about buying a new garden table for quite some time, and this one will look as good as the day you first bought it too, even after many years of use! For us, that is just another reason why the Southwold Square Teak Table has become such a popular piece of garden furniture here at Chairs and Tables!

Teak is one of the most popular woods to make furniture with and for good reason; it has many qualities that make it a sound investment.


Teak is, of course, a hard wood making it strong and durable, and able to withstand both extreme heat and extreme cold.  This strength and durability makes Teak a great choice for outdoor furniture, but also for indoor furniture where is can literally last a lifetime.  If properly maintained with the correct amounts of oil and rubber, Teak furniture can appear “as new” for years.


The grain and colour of Teak makes it a truly unique wood; it is attractive to home owners and furniture makers alike.  Outdoor Teak is often left to the elements to take on a splendid silver/grey colour, whereas indoor Teak is usually oiled so as to retain its golden hue.  Both are stunning.


You can use Teak anywhere and for any of your furniture needs.  Its durability, strength, colouring options and resistance to parasites and the elements make it the most adaptable of woods.  It’s water resistant and does not splinter easily; in fact it was used by shipbuilders for many years due to these properties.

In short: Teak is a sound investment!

When we talk about furniture, the things that pop-up in our minds are chairs, benches, furniture sets and tables. Talking about a table, people are confused that what kind of a table would be best for their homes. People need to know what kind of a table would fit their needs and persona.

A sustainable and stylish table allows you to hold parties, and concurrently, making these parties elegant. When it comes to serving the food, the tables matter a lot. You cannot set the food on the floor right? When looking for elegant outdoor furniture, tables in particular, an option worth considering would be teak garden furniture.

I was searching the internet for a table that would suit my lush garden. I came across teak garden tables. These tables are delicately made and can add to the beauty of your gardens. Teak garden tables are made out of wood. Furniture made from teak is usually used for gardens and lawns. Chairs, tables, furniture sets are made out of this material.

Enjoying outdoor dining and casual parties have been made graceful with teak garden tables. As we move along, I would explain the factors which make these numerous types of teak garden tables the best choice for your garden etc.

1.  Varying sizes and designs:

Teak garden tables are made in different sizes and designs to tackle the different needs people usually put up. Some would want a table for two, on the other hand, some would want a large dining table to cater guests in garden parties etc. These different needs are considered and fulfilled by teak garden tables.

Families can use these tables for various purposes e.g. holding parties etc. Some of these teak garden tables are folding as well which would allow families to take these tables along for picnics. Teak garden tables can serve several people depending on the size and design.

2.  Quality:

The quality of teak garden tables is unquestionable. Teak garden tables have no loose edges which makes their making smooth and firm. These tables are constructed with the best material to make them long lasting. People can use teak garden tables for years depending on how they maintain these tables.

3.  Durability:

Teak garden tables are durable according to the feedback by many. Teak garden tables had been notorious to the masses, however, due to their durability and long life they have gained popularity over the time. They are long lasting and can undergo rough impacts e.g. when you are relocating.

4.  Material sustainability:

Teak is a reliable material when it comes to furniture. The material used is durable and the design stays intact for a long period. The flexibility in teak can help to design the tables for a large family as well.

There are 4 major types if teak garden tables in different designs. These tables are specially designed to make sure that your domestic needs are fulfilled.

  • Extending Tables:
  • Fixed Legged Tables:
  • Folding Round Tables:
  • Coffee and Side Tables:
  • Rectangular Tables:


Hence, I conclude with the statement that teak garden tables can make your parties elegant, maintaining their quality and reliability simultaneously.



Garden furniture is a furniture which is placed in the garden or it is also called as outdoor furniture. We sell the best and high quality garden furniture that can make your garden look very much better then what it is currently. We make sure that the product we provide is of a great look and quality that can be placed in your garden to improve the look of your garden.

One popular set of outdoor furniture is Chair and tables set. There is a big range of varieties of chairs and tables set to select one which fits your garden best. There are certain benefits of having Garden furniture or outdoor furniture in your garden. We make sure that the set which is going out from here is liked by its owner and it fits the garden of the owner.

Teak outdoor furniture is weatherproof and also insect-proof and this is only because of the natural oils that are gifted by nature which makes our furniture the best because it can suffer every season and also insects can’t harm that furniture. Teak garden furniture is also very good against the accidental damage.

Buyers of the outdoor furniture likes the furniture that is very tough and the solution is to purchase Teak outdoor furniture which comes with exceptional strength and quality is also very high. Teak outdoor furniture is also very flexible and can be bent at some level which makes it last long compared to any other furniture. As we told, With high toughness, It is also Weatherproof and insect-proof.

We also do very much hard work to make attractive Sets which is liked by our clients because of its look and quality. We also have multiple configuration of teak outdoor furniture to make it look attractive on every decor. Manufacturers create multiples configurations like Chairs, Tables, benches and much more. Moreover, there are many designs like Plain for those who like plain, Natural texture, Elegant texture and much more by which owners can place them in any decor according to their choice. We have every configuration according to every decor and situation. Owners can also purchase vintage sets because they look great and always teak is very long lasting, quality remains almost same.

One more benefit of the outdoor furniture is you don’t have to take care of applying oil from time to time. If you have indoor wooden furniture then it is recommended. For outdoor furniture you don’t have to take care. It will turn grey from golden colour in few years but it doesn’t affect the quality of wood. If you still want to make that golden colour last long, you just have to apply wood sealer on it and that’s all.

Teak is very much dense and oil and wax containing wood whose life is very much long. It is also eco-friendly and it is mainly used in doors, Windows in India. Due to its high strength, it was and is being used in boat making. It is used in canoe to a largest ocean liners of today. It will also not turn black in colour if it will come in contact of metal.

We in, provides the best quality teak outdoor furniture or say garden furniture. We have many happy customers and you will also be one because of the quality and the sets we provide to you. Finally, Having Garden furniture in your home is a great thing by which you can enjoy many years with one time investment.

Here at Chairs and Tables, we pride ourselves at providing some of the highest quality teak garden furniture in the UK. For us, nothing can add that wow-factor to your garden and outdoor living area quite like an exquisite piece of teak furniture. Not only do they look fantastic, but they are one of the made using one of the most durable and sustainable materials on the market in the form of 100% Indonesian Teak.

For anyone seeking high-quality garden furniture that not only looks great, but will last for years to come, you have Chairs and Tables has everything you could need.

With winter almost in our rear-view mirrors, now is the perfect time to get excited about better weather and the prospect of spending more time outdoors. There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning and being able to enjoy the sunshine from your very own garden – what better way to enjoy this than sitting around a gorgeous teakwood table with all your family?

Our Folding Round Teakwood Table is the perfect addition to any garden, whether you plan on sitting at the table to enjoy a peaceful spring afternoon with the family, or entertain guests with a bite to eat in the outdoor area of your home.

Constructed using our trademark Indonesian Teakwood, this table measures in at 90cm around the table top and stands at a height of 75cm. It’s an all-in-one constructed table, making it simple to transport and store, yet sturdy enough to withstand the elements for years to come. Next time the weather calls for it, you can have this gorgeous table up and ready in no time at all.

Teak is a wood known for its strength and durability, not to mention it has a beautiful natural colour that doesn’t fade or lessen over time. Not only can it stand up to even the harshest of British weather conditions, but it will deter all forms pests that are known to damage wood.

A wood that is strong yet flexible, the teak featured in this table will be able to stand years of regular use without the worry of cracks and breaks in the wood developing. This natural strength also makes it heavy enough to be able to withstand windy conditions without the fear of being toppled or blown away, so overall this teak tables resistance to damage is more than impressive.

Plus we all know Britain can face four seasons in one afternoon, so it’s good to know you won’t have to worry about your garden table being destroyed by the weather!

Overtime you will find a table such as this is as strong and attractive as the day you purchased it. Teak contains natural oils that make it low maintenance in every weather condition, meaning you won’t need to concern yourself with varnishing, sanding, and general upkeep. These oils prevent any unwanted wood-burrowing insects from causing extensive damage too, so your teak table could last years, if not decades!

Compared to other materials commonly used for garden furniture, teak stands head and shoulders above its competitors. Plastic can look cheap and unsightly, most other woods are prone to deterioration and metal furniture can often be uncomfortable and require a lot of upkeep

Think of this round teakwood table as a long-term investment. The amount of years you will get to spend around this table will more than pay for itself, as its likely you won’t need to invest in new furniture for many, many years. Throw in the fact it’s eye-catching, elegant and comes at an incredibly reasonable price and its clear just how great a purchase this could be for your garden!

When you have teak garden tables, you will be able to enjoy the outdoor dining and the casual elegance.

This breaks the monotony of dining indoors, and you will have a chance to eat outdoor. The teak garden tables are available in a wider variety of sizes and different shapes. You can choose your preferred size and shape based on the use and the number of people to use the table. The table can be placed in the patio, garden, deck and any other suitable outdoor position. When set correctly, you will find that spot the best for you to relax and rest.

The table is designed in a manner that you will be very comfortable using it, and you can easily see all the people seated without straining. The design is meant to make the elderly people comfortable when using the table. They can dine with their guests and have ample time to relax without straining.  Teak Garden Tables are designed and crafted by professionals in a flush mount design that ensure that the dishes are without any interference in the visibility. When using the table, you will enjoy watching the faces of your friends as you dine or taking a cup of coffee. The table id perfect for early morning coffee breaks, tea parties, family dining, jovial moments with friends and picnics. In fact, such tables add unrivalled style and classic elegance to your outdoor space.

Teak Garden Tables are constructed using an exceptional sustainable teak. The types of such tables available are legged tables (they cannot be moved as they are fixed), rectangular tables (they are rectangular in shape), folding round tables and the side tables. Such tables are designed in a classic manner with timeless style and clean architectural lines. Since they are in a unique way, the future demand is rising since everyone is now thinking of how to improve the outdoor look of their homes. This is one of the essential improvements they can install, and they will create the perfect outdoor niche for relaxation. When you are seriously looking for the best and natural teak furniture, Teak Garden Tables is the best for you as it will satisfy all your needs. You can order today and be assured of a lifetime outdoor experience you will never forget.

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