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Designed in the style associated with Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens one of our foremost Architects and Designers this lovely piece of craftsman built Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is a joy to behold, and to relax upon.

The Classic Lutyens Bench is six feet in length with a raked half back and rolled arms. There is plenty space for two, adults and a little one to sit in comfort. The overall impression is one of a bench that is solidly constructed, stable, and built to last for several generations.

Being constructed of solid Grade ‘A’ teakwood, sustainably sourced from plantation grown trees and put together with loving care the Classic Lutyens Bench has an aura of dependability and handsome good looks. Being craftsman built using dowel joints, and very tight water-proof joints at that, this bench will hold its top quality appearance whatever the weather to grace one’s forecourt, paved area, or lawns for a good many years.

This excellent item of luxury teak garden furniture will enhance any home, business premises or recreational space and being low maintenance is extremely cost effective, and will not cost the earth.

Replicating the pleasures of an Ocean Cruise in the privacy of one’s own garden is surely one of life’s true pleasures.

Luxury Teak Classic Steamer Chairs are characteristic of the exceptional Chairs and Tables range of craftsman made products. The heavy-duty recliner Classic Teak Steamer Chair includes a foot rest for ones added comfort and convenience, and is robustly constructed to allow a lifetime of comfortable leisure.
The Classic Teak Steamer Chair folds flat for ease of movement and to make storage simpler, and has four back rest positions to facilitate your total comfort. Simply carry the chair/s to a spot in the sun, or shade if preferred, and set it up with its comfy colourful weatherproof cushion, available in red, dark blue, dark green, or white, and settle back with a glass of something cool. Wonderful! Lounging in the garden whilst reading, knitting or watching the bees at work is delightful, doing so amongst family and friends is even more pleasurable.

The Classic Teak Steamer Chair would grace any part of a garden, a sun trap terrace, a patio or decking, or at the poolside.

A Luxury Teak Garden Bench is a focus point, and a talking point, fit to grace the largest, and somewhat smaller, outdoor living space.

Strategically placed with views of garden displays one’s bench can bring great pleasure whatever the time of year allowing for a fine view in comfort. Thanks to their excellent lines and craftsmanship any one of our range of benches will enhance the view by their presence, fitting into the overall picture quite naturally.
With a choice of sixteen impressive designs to pick from there is a bench to suit everyone, from wrap around comfort, augmented with cushions, to a delightful love seat, and the artistic Lutyens bench, each one is rugged and durable yet stylish and comfortable.
A brace of garden benches would be a lovely meeting place in one’s garden perhaps in the shade and protected from the breeze enabling a number of people to sit and enjoy warm weather well into the evenings.
Produced using only solid Grade ‘A’ teakwood that is properly seasoned and constructed any one of the benches will be smooth to the touch, for added comfort, and weatherproof, naturally.

When it comes to garden furniture, there are fewer materials better suited that teak. It’s little surprise that it is one of the most widely used and popular materials out there, as not only is it a strong and durable, but it looks fantastic as well!

With summer fast approaching, many people will be looking to invest in a new set of garden furniture, and whether its tables and chairs, a bench, or a few recliners, teak garden furniture is well worth investing in for many reasons!

Incredible Durability

Teak is one of the most durable woods out there. When sourced for garden furniture, fully mature teak trees are used to provide the wood, resulting in a very strong material that can withstand a fair amount of pressure.

This is ideal for teak garden furniture such as tables and chairs, as you never need to be concerned about the wood breaking under too much weight. In fact, even accidental collisions and impacts will struggle to leave any lasting damage, which is always a great feature for any type of outdoor furniture!

Highly Resistant

There are two things that teak is very resistant to – the weather and pests.

This makes it a natural choice for garden furniture, especially in countries with less than appealing weather conditions, because it will be able to face harsh weather conditions without deteriorating or rotting away.

Oils in teakwood will prevent water damage such as cracks and warps, as well as protection from sun exposure and frost, helping to maintain the overall strength of the wood over the long-term. Similarly, these oils can prevent wood burrowing insects from causing any damage to the wood.


The reason a lot of garden furniture needs to be replaced so frequently is because they require a lot of maintenance that people don’t really bother with. However, with teak you don’t need to worry about much maintenance at all.

For instance, teak garden furniture will not require any paint or varnish, allowing it to be used as soon as it arrives. In fact, the natural oils in the wood offer a gorgeous finish when allowed to naturally fade, providing furniture that becomes naturally attractive with no input whatsoever!

It won’t need much cleaning either. Soap and warm water is enough to remove the most spillages and mess, and even the most stubborn stains can be removed with some warm water and baking soda.

Naturally Attractive

Teak is so popular for furniture because it looks so fantastic. The natural colours and textures are simply beautiful, resulting in many stylish and attractive pieces of furniture that add some serious style to any outdoor living area.

When compared to most other materials, including other woods, teak is almost unmatched in terms of style and appearance.

Value for Money

Now, while teak is certainly not the cheapest material for furniture, it more than makes up for it by being strong and durable. Because of this, investing in teak garden furniture can end up saving money over the long-term, as it means you won’t need to replace the furniture for years, or even decades with the right care!

You could very well be handing down a piece of teak garden furniture to future generations it can last that long.

The Rectangular Teak Extending Table Set with Southwold Arm Chairs is stylish set of garden furniture that is perfect for anyone entertaining large groups. If you love to have guests around your home and enjoy dining or relaxing outside, then this teakwood furniture will certainly appeal.

One of the most notable features of this set is the rectangular double leaf extending table. Without extending, it measures an impressive 180cm, which increases to 240cm when fully extended, making it perfect for those occasions where you have several people visiting!

The extension is compact and remains hidden from sight when not in use, tucking beneath the table. This is easily accessible too, as you only need to separate the table to pull out the double butterfly extension.

Simply put, this is a spacious table that will never feel overcrowded, even when surrounded by guests and full of dining materials.

The table itself is made from high-quality, A Grade teak that is a simply beautiful. It comes with the softest finish, and the natural grains and textures are attractive without any sort of treatment – there’s no need to varnish or paint this table!

Better still, the table includes eight Southwold armchairs, all of which come with a soft, weather-proof cushion. They are made from the same quality teak as the table, featuring that gorgeous natural finish that is soft to the touch.

No guest will feel uncomfortable in these chairs, as they are fantastic for lazing around in outside or for simply sitting around the table when enjoying a meal.

Together, the table set will look outstanding in virtually any outdoor space. In fact, you can easily use it indoors as well, showcasing how versatile the set is – it is so beautiful you will want to use as much as possible!

That shouldn’t be too difficult, as you can expect to have this table and chair set for many years down the line. Using quality teakwood means that the furniture will not be susceptible to general wear and tear like most other garden furniture, especially given the fact that oils in teak help prevent weather damaging the wood.

Moreover, you won’t need to spend much time maintaining the tables and chairs. As previously mentioned, they do not have to be varnished or painted (unless you want to), and cleaning requires a quick wipe down with a wet cloth.

As a result, you can expect this garden furniture set to last well over ten years with a proper care, and they could certainly last much longer if wanted. You could very well find yourself passing this down to future generations!

The Rectangular Teak Extending Table Set with Southwold Arm Chairs is a breath-taking example of artisan furniture. Its stylish, purposeful, and built to last, making it a fine addition to any garden or home.

The Rectangular Extending Teak Table with Southwold Teak Arm Chairs is another magnificent example of stylish outdoor living by Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture.

When extended, the Rectangular Extending Teak Table increases from 180 cm (70ins – almost 6ft) to 240cm (90 ins – or just short of 8ft) in length. Its width stands at 120cm (47ins – almost 4ft) and the surface is 40mm thick (an inch and a half thick – almost). Being rectangular this excellent table makes good use of every square inch of surface enabling up to eight adults to sit together in comfort, with enough room for food platters and the drinks tray.

Accompanied by the delightful Southwold Teak Arm Chairs this attractive set will attract a great deal of admiring glances from one’s friends and neighbours.

The combination Rectangular Teak Table and Southwold Luxury Arm Chairs, with comfy cushions, will provide a good deal of comfort for a family meal al fresco, an evening meal or barbecue, or a sunny afternoon with drinks to keep one cool. Should the temperature climb extra high there is a facility to insert a sun parasol to protect the guests, there is a neat hole in the centre of the table that is covered by a solid brass cap when not in use, nothing is forgotten by Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture.

This combination will grace any decking, patio, lawn or similar outdoor space and being produced from natures toughest weather proof timber this fine Luxury Teak Garden Furniture will retain its stylish good looks for many a year, with a little ‘TLC’.

All items of furniture by Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture are produced using only Grade ‘A’ plantation grown teakwood. Being plantation grown, regulated by government agencies, the timber is sustainably sourced, and because it is cropped in peak condition it has fewer natural flaws, knot holes etc. Teak has a high silica and rubber content making it water resistant, with strong construction techniques being used, mortise and tenon joints held firm with dowelling, the furniture will retain its fine characteristics and with care will keep its good looks.

With easy table assembly and ready assembled chairs, setting up the table and chairs is easy, after you have completed the task you can test the furniture out by sitting in the garden to watch nature at work.


Because the reckless plundering of rain forests and ancient timber forests across the globe is not sustainable and is irresponsible in the extreme, and if allowed to carry on unchecked will cost the earth.

In good conscience, the team at Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture Ltd have since the Company’s inception taken the proactive step of acquiring plantation grown teak wood purely because it sustainably produced. Using long term strategies of planting, nurturing for years, and planned felling the plantation operators can ensure a steady supply of teakwood that is mature, unblemished, and does not require the destruction of the surrounding ancient forests to facilitate its removal. Trees are the habitats of thousands of living species, plants, mosses, invertebrates, birds and other vertebrate animals, the desolation caused in the heart of a forest can be catastrophic to its whole bio diversity.

Plantation grown teak wood is grown in cycles thereby constantly replacing habitat, it is easier to access and can be removed without causing permanent damage, as trees are the lungs of the world this is no small matter.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture Ltd began trading in 2002, by 2010 it was realised that to ensure constant supplies of the highest-grade sustainably sourced timber they needed to establish a facility in Indonesia. Their Indonesian warehouse operation is close to the Government regulated plantations.

There established a team of local staff to control the purchase of the teak garden furniture directly from the best quality producers in order to take control of quality assurance and remove a layer of cost by eliminating the middle men. In doing so the Chairs and Tables team are better able to control both their unrelenting drive for quality products and keep the costs to the purchaser as low as is achievable without compromising quality. The Directors of Chairs and Tables take personal control of their supply chain with regular visits to the Indonesian part of their operation.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture are able to maintain the integrity of their business by sourcing their range of Luxury Teak products from more than one supplier, this allows them maintain control of the end product, because they are a highly-valued customer suppliers are not going to risk losing their business by tampering with the quality.

The customers of Chairs and Tables expect the best, to offer less would be to undermine the company’s whole ethos. Likewise, the cost of plantation grown Grade ‘A’ teak wood is controllable through direct management of sourcing. Due to good timber management, there is a plentiful supply of teak wood and that in turn keeps the price under control.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture are able to control every part of the process being both exporter and retailer of the end product. The Company sells the vast majority of their Luxury Teak Garden Furniture on-line, although people can call into the warehouse (please, call them first), once again reducing costs that can be passed on to the customer. From their warehouse in rural Suffolk goods are despatched to all points of the Country, and beyond.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture offers comfort and beauty with consummate style at affordable prices, and it does not cost the earth!

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