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Replicating the pleasures of an Ocean Cruise in the privacy of one’s own garden is surely one of life’s true pleasures.

Luxury Teak Classic Steamer Chairs are characteristic of the exceptional Chairs and Tables range of craftsman made products. The heavy-duty recliner Classic Teak Steamer Chair includes a foot rest for ones added comfort and convenience, and is robustly constructed to allow a lifetime of comfortable leisure.
The Classic Teak Steamer Chair folds flat for ease of movement and to make storage simpler, and has four back rest positions to facilitate your total comfort. Simply carry the chair/s to a spot in the sun, or shade if preferred, and set it up with its comfy colourful weatherproof cushion, available in red, dark blue, dark green, or white, and settle back with a glass of something cool. Wonderful! Lounging in the garden whilst reading, knitting or watching the bees at work is delightful, doing so amongst family and friends is even more pleasurable.

The Classic Teak Steamer Chair would grace any part of a garden, a sun trap terrace, a patio or decking, or at the poolside.


‘This the time of year to get out in the fresh air and relax with a good book and a cool drink. Regardless of the size of one’s balcony, patio or decking area the outdoor space can be made into a sun trap or a shady corner in which to indulge.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture have the perfect combinations of seating and tables for the finest outdoor room.

A pair of Classic Teak Steamer Chairs with cushion, available in four colours, would enhance the smallest space or grace a magnificent lawn.

The Classic Steamer Chairs are reminiscent of the casual luxury of those found on a Cruise ship, with their elegant lines and classic comfort. As with all Chairs and Tables Luxury Garden Furniture these delightful chairs are styled elegantly whilst being robust in construction. The Classic Teak Steamer chair is a four-position recliner with a foot rest, and the chair can be folded flat for ease of storage.

As with all of Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture the Classic Teak Steamer Chairs are crafted from Grade ‘A’ plantation grown, sustainable, teakwood, using mortice and tenon joints for strength and durability, the chairs are light weight but rugged enough to be stable and dependable. The construction is completed with solid brass fittings to complement the overall appearance. Teakwood, due to its physical composition offers weatherproof qualities, will retain its appearance for many years, will not crack or splinter and is perfect for Luxury Garden Furniture.

Enjoy the warmer weather whilst you can with Chairs and Tables Luxury Garden Furniture made especially for you!

Here at Chairs and Tables, we understand just how great it is to relax out in the garden. With the good weather almost arrived, now is the perfect time for setting up the garden for the upcoming summer. And whether you just plan on lazing around or planning on entertaining guest, it is always good to have some high quality furniture.

The range of teakwood garden furniture we provide is ideal for so many different gardens, but one piece in particular is perfect for any outdoor living area – the classic teak steamer chair.

Taking inspiration from the deckchairs you find on board a luxury cruise or poolside at a stunning hotel, the classic team steamer is well suited to all outdoor environments, which can be particularly useful considering the unpredictable nature of our British weather!

This heavy duty recliner is easily foldable for storage, meaning you can easily tuck it away come the winter! It comes with four different settings, so whether you want to sit back and read a book or lay down completely to soak up the sun you can do so.

Comfort is the main goal of this recliner, and while you can easily use your own cushions, specially designed three-part cushions are available with this recliner for small additional fee, and the come in an array of different colours to suit whatever scheme your garden follows.

When it comes to recliners such as these, often they are susceptible to a lot of damage, especially with accidental collisions. The Grade A teak used on these will ensure that it will take some serious damage to cause any type of breakages, with the steamer chair being built to last.

Teak is also incredibly resistant to damage from the elements. So whether it faces rain or sleet, snow or frost the steamer chair will definitely be able to handle it. It won’t deteriorate in the face of such weather.

There are also natural oils present in teak that help it avoid damage from a particular nuisance that can ruin wooden furniture. Burrowing insects can wreak havoc on most woods, but the oils found in teak make sure this doesn’t happen, ensuring that your steamer recliner chair can withstand almost any type of damage thrown its way.

The natural finish of these recliners is something worth mentioning too. Teak is amongst the highest quality woods out there, and this is not just because it is strong and durable. Simply put, teak is a stunning looking wood that has a natural finish that will be the envy of anyone that lays eyes upon it.

Over time, this recliner will pay for itself. You really won’t need to buy another for quite some time if you opt for this particular item, as it will last you an incredibly long period of time – some teak furniture can last for decades with the right care!

And speaking of care, there isn’t much you need to do to maintain this recliner. As it is naturally strong and resilient, you needn’t worry about any repairs, it can be easily cleaned with a cloth and is resistant to any stains should you spill something on it!

If you really want to enjoy your garden as it was meant to be enjoyed then do it in style by sitting back and relaxing on this gorgeous classic teak steamer chair.

Garden furniture is a furniture which is placed in the garden or it is also called as outdoor furniture. We sell the best and high quality garden furniture that can make your garden look very much better then what it is currently. We make sure that the product we provide is of a great look and quality that can be placed in your garden to improve the look of your garden.

One popular set of outdoor furniture is Chair and tables set. There is a big range of varieties of chairs and tables set to select one which fits your garden best. There are certain benefits of having Garden furniture or outdoor furniture in your garden. We make sure that the set which is going out from here is liked by its owner and it fits the garden of the owner.

Teak outdoor furniture is weatherproof and also insect-proof and this is only because of the natural oils that are gifted by nature which makes our furniture the best because it can suffer every season and also insects can’t harm that furniture. Teak garden furniture is also very good against the accidental damage.

Buyers of the outdoor furniture likes the furniture that is very tough and the solution is to purchase Teak outdoor furniture which comes with exceptional strength and quality is also very high. Teak outdoor furniture is also very flexible and can be bent at some level which makes it last long compared to any other furniture. As we told, With high toughness, It is also Weatherproof and insect-proof.

We also do very much hard work to make attractive Sets which is liked by our clients because of its look and quality. We also have multiple configuration of teak outdoor furniture to make it look attractive on every decor. Manufacturers create multiples configurations like Chairs, Tables, benches and much more. Moreover, there are many designs like Plain for those who like plain, Natural texture, Elegant texture and much more by which owners can place them in any decor according to their choice. We have every configuration according to every decor and situation. Owners can also purchase vintage sets because they look great and always teak is very long lasting, quality remains almost same.

One more benefit of the outdoor furniture is you don’t have to take care of applying oil from time to time. If you have indoor wooden furniture then it is recommended. For outdoor furniture you don’t have to take care. It will turn grey from golden colour in few years but it doesn’t affect the quality of wood. If you still want to make that golden colour last long, you just have to apply wood sealer on it and that’s all.

Teak is very much dense and oil and wax containing wood whose life is very much long. It is also eco-friendly and it is mainly used in doors, Windows in India. Due to its high strength, it was and is being used in boat making. It is used in canoe to a largest ocean liners of today. It will also not turn black in colour if it will come in contact of metal.

We in, provides the best quality teak outdoor furniture or say garden furniture. We have many happy customers and you will also be one because of the quality and the sets we provide to you. Finally, Having Garden furniture in your home is a great thing by which you can enjoy many years with one time investment.

Today, more and more people are looking for ways to improve their health, increase vitamin intake and feel better. They purchase vitamins and spend too much money on numerous ‘feel better quick’ and ‘get healthy now’ products that may or may not work. You will be glad to know there is a better, more natural choice.

Spending Time Outdoors can Improve Your Health

There are so many great health reasons to get out of the house and start enjoying the sunlight and your surroundings. You can improve your mental and physical state by spending time outdoors. To make this plausible, you may want to make your outdoor space more inviting and comfortable with comfortable and inviting furniture such as a hammock or Classic Teak Steamer Chair. Here’s why!

#1 – Get your natural (and free!) Vitamin D directly from the sun’s rays. Did you know that approximately 77% of population are low in Vitamin D? This is pretty important since Vitamin D deficits have been linked to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

#2- Sunlight (aka Vitamin D) helps strengthen your bones. As the body ages, low levels of Vitamin D means improper absorption of the Calcium needed to keep bones healthy and strong. These low levels can increase your odds of developing osteoporosis so it is very important to get some sun every day.

#3 – Sunlight can help keep you slim and trim. Seriously. When your body is lacking in Vitamin D, you often feel hungry when you shouldn’t be. These cravings will lead to snacking on foods you don’t really need.

#4 – Depression needs darkness to thrive. If you battle depression, nothing is more beneficial than getting out of the house and into natural light. Lounge on your sustainable source teak furniture and enjoy a good book or go for a stroll each day and you will start to feel better because Vitamin D will increase the Serotonin your body generates. (Serotonin is often called the ‘feel good’ hormone.)

#5 – Allow the sunlight to help increase the functions of your immune system. Your immune system needs adequate levels of Vitamin D to properly protect you from sickness and germs. Sunlight is a great cure for illness and autoimmune disorders, thanks to Vitamin D.

You can purchase outdoor furniture from many sources, making it even easier to enjoy the sun’s healing rays. Those who consider themselves stewards of the earth and her natural resources find it very important to support companies that strive to be environmentally friendly and use only sustainable sources during the production process.

Grab your hat and sunglasses, and maybe a favourite book as you head outdoors.

How will you get your Vitamin D intake today?

Have you ever dreamt of relaxing on a Luxury Ocean going liner whilst lounging upon on a purpose made adjustable recliner? Well, we can supply the recliner, but sadly not the Luxury Ocean going liner, but you can still put your feet up as though you were on board ship. What could be closer to such absolute luxury than a well-designed and comfortable Classic Teak Steamer chair or garden lounger? Even in suburbia, if one wants to sleep in the sun, or sunbathe, it is vital not to be stressed by being uncomfortable. Our heavy duty Classic Teak Steamer reclining chair is just such luxury. Manufactured from Grade ‘A’ teak and crafted for relaxation the lounger is lovely to look at and very restful. The Classic Teak Steamer chair is manufactured from carefully selected and sustainably sourced teakwood that holds its innate quality throughout its useful life, being cool to the touch, having a lovely patina, retaining its shape and smoothness, plus being weatherproof, invaluable in the typical British weather, makes it a must for the discerning buyer. The Classic Teak Steamer chair has four adjustable settings to maximize your comfort, allowing you adjustment from a more upright position to sunbathing and more relaxing lounger levels. A collection of these Teak Steamer chairs on your deck or patio will add splendour and comfort at one and the same time. With additional of three part fitted weather proof cushions in a choice of dark navy, dark green or red or white you are set to make your picture perfect. Comfort, elegance, and superior style that will set you apart. The Classic Teak Steamer chairs will fold flat making storage more simple, and indeed will allow ease of re-location about your outdoor rooms.

The ultimate in Lounger luxury is the Full length Teak Garden Lounger, as with all of our product ranges this furniture is manufactured from Grade’ A’ Teak that has been sustainably sourced, it is seasoned hard wood that holds its colour and its texture, remaining cool to the touch no matter how hot the weather, and for the British climate is weatherproof. Top to toe luxury allows you to chill out in style, enjoy the garden tranquility and enjoy maximum comfort. The Teak Garden Lounger comes with green or blue weatherproofed cushions to add to your comfort. The rake of this Teak Garden lounger is adjustable allowing a choice of four positions to the user, so that you can be comfortable in a more upright position, perhaps to read, or in a choice of more restful reclining positions.

Both the Teak Steamer Reclining Chair and the Teak Garden Lounger carry a three years warranty on manufacture from the time of purchase, and all of these items can be purchased from our on-line catalogue

Teak furniture is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for garden accessories that will not only stand the test of time and withstand harsh weather, but will look good and provide a point of interest to get everybody talking.

In addition, for people that entertain a lot, teak furniture is ideal as it will stand up to a lot of wear and tear, and accidental knocks, which might occur when there are a lot of people seated around it; teak is designed for comfort as well

If you are looking for new garden furniture, here are some key pieces to consider for your garden this spring and summer

Large boat storage box
This is guaranteed to make your back garden stand out. The boat storage box is perfect for storing away all of your garden accessories, cushions etc., and it can also double as a unique table setting.

The single door storage makes accessibility easy and it can be used as a seat. With so many different purposes, this one-off item of teak furniture is a worthwhile investment, and it can be used inside as well.

Teak Chairs
As well as looking good, teak chairs offer comfort and are perfect for enjoying the spring and summer days, and for watching the sun go down in the early evening. Our Banana Teak Garden Arm Chair offers superior style and durability, and the chair’s perfect for getting out when friends or family come to call and you need extra seating.

Deluxe teak bench
If you need to accommodate a lot of people, or just want to enjoy the peace of the garden or the birdsong, then you are sure to appreciate a deluxe teak bench that is capable of catering for a group of people without bowing under the weight.

As well as being highly functional, the deluxe teak bench looks elegant and sleek; the grade A teak used in its construction means it has durability as well as style.

Teak Streamer Chair
The last few summers in the UK have been better than expected; if you want to soak up the sun when the warmer weather (hopefully) arrives this year, then consider buying a teak streamer chair so you can make the most of the warmer months while you lie back with a glass of wine or two.

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