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When it comes to the best type of garden furniture, teakwood is unquestionably one of the best, as evidenced by the fantastic Rectangular Teak Extending Table Set with Lovina Stacking Chairs.

Providing a spacious table with eight stacking chairs, this set is a wonderful edition to any outdoor space, especially for anyone that loves to entertain guests.

Double butterfly extension leaves are found beneath the rectangular table, allowing it to be extended from an already impressive 180cm x 120cm to a whopping 240cm x 120cm.

This allows for eight people to be seated comfortably, with a set of gorgeous Lovina stacking chairs offering a pleasant place to sit.

The fact that the table can be extended makes the set a real versatile piece. You can easily put away the extension should you only need to seat a few people, pulling it out whenever guests come around.

The chairs can also be easily stored when not in use, snuggly stacking on each other for compact storage.

Manufactured using sustainably sourced grade-A teakwood, this garden furniture set doesn’t just look fantastic, it’s also very strong and durable. With tightly packed grains, teak is one of the strongest woods out there, making it the perfect choice for garden furniture.

The table and chairs will last for many years, showing no signs of wear and tear even when used frequently. Thanks to the natural oils present in teak, the set can be left outside in the rain without taking any sort of damage, with both the table and chairs being fully resistant to water.

Moreover, the table and chairs are very attractive. Teak has a lovely natural tone and the grains are perfectly showcased, meaning you won’t need to use any varnish or stains. The natural colour does change over time, taking on a darker patina hue, which is looks just as attractive as the golden-honey colour it arrives in.

Of course, sitting around a stylish table isn’t much fun unless the chairs are comfortable! The Lovina stacking chairs included with the set offer great back support, and each one comes with a soft cushion (available in several colours) for increased comfort.

The Rectangular Teak Extending Table Set with Lovina Stacking Chairs is a breath-taking garden furniture set that will be the pride and joy of your outdoor living space. The quality is so high that could be the last time you need to buy a set of tables and chairs for your garden!


Al fresco dining, cream teas in the sunshine, what could be more British?

Our craftsmen designers at Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture have created a handsome square table for up to four people.

The Southwold 90cm sq. (35.4 inches) Table is ideal for cafes, tea shops, and restaurants. Proprietors find that it is more beneficial to invest in top quality teak products because they are more cost effective, being longer lasting and retaining their impressive appearance for years, and they will be attractive to a more discerning clientele.

For the domestic customer, the Southwold Table is perfect for a smaller garden space, patio or veranda for people who love to dine outside and relax in the open air.

The Southwold Teak Table has a large enough surface area to accommodate four persons allowing sufficient dining space for a comfortable meal in the company of friends.

In combination with Lovina Stacking Chairs the set is complete, allowing for minimum space for storage and comfortable luxury whilst in use. All Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture are built with comfort as the top priority, the chairs have plenty of space and with the addition of nice thick cushions, in pleasant blue or green, they are a delight to sit in for an afternoon in the garden or a cream tea, Pimms for four, or a hand or two of bridge.

Each item of Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is produced from Grade ‘A’ sustainably grown plantation teak wood that is seasoned with care, hand selected and assembled using mortice and tenon doweled joints to ensure their firmness and water resistant qualities, also giving the chairs and tables a solid yet graceful appearance that will grace any garden whether it is in a domestic setting or a business one.

Because teak wood is naturally so resilient and water resistant, having a high silica and rubber content, our high-quality teakwood garden furniture will outlast lesser products meaning that as an investment they will pay for themselves time and again. All Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is sanded to raise the fine patina of the teakwood and to remove any rough edges making them a joy to handle and safe to use – no splinters!

Enjoy your Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture, they are made with you in mind.

Making good use of limited outdoor space yet having the ability to entertain in the fresh warm Spring and Summer air is manageable with the right choice of Luxury Teak Garden Furniture.

The 4ft, 120cm, diameter Teak Round Gateleg Garden Table offers the best of both worlds. When folded down the table takes up very little space (16cm wide only) this is ideal for easy storage or tucked away on a bijou balcony, a patio, decking or indeed more spacious lawns. Standing 75cm tall the economy of space is an excellent design feature. The Table top is 28mm thick, making it stable when used. In all, this table is nicely designed to suit any circumstances, in that it can comfortably accommodate up to eight people.

Each side of the table-top can be opened separately. Plus, there is a pre-prepared hole in the centre of the table-top to allow a parasol to be inserted – just in case we have a heat wave, a neat brass cover will keep the table tidy when the parasol is not in use.

All Chairs and Tables Teak Luxury Garden Furniture is sustainably sourced Grade ‘A’ Teak wood that is plantation grown. Luxury Garden Furniture is hand crafted using solid teakwood and is delivered ready to use.

In addition,
The Teak and Black Batyline Stacking Arm Chair is a fashionable and fantastic addition to your garden or outdoor sitting area. Combined with the Teak Round Gateleg Garden Table they will add to the space saving characteristics without losing any style and comfort for relaxing or dining friends and family. The breathable Batyline fabric adds a dimension that you will likely not find elsewhere in most high-quality Grade ‘A’ Teak Wood Furniture. The strength and flexibility of the fabric will provide years of up to the minute and stylish use. Its contrasting colour and design features will allow the Teak and Black Batyline Stacking Arm Chair to blend easily in with the Teak Round Gateleg Garden Table.

Easily washed, quick drying, and cool summer touch makes the space saving stacking armchairs an ideal choice for your garden, outdoor sitting area or conservatory.

Teak Stacking Chair

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture brings high quality, fine workmanship, and comfort to grace any outdoor living space, with ease.

Having sufficient comfortable arm chairs to seat a family and friends outdoors whilst enjoying the balmy warmth of spring and summer evenings is a conundrum, especially for people who do not have acres of space in which to store them.

Having garden furniture that is robustly constructed and high end quality could compound the problem.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture have cleverly solved the problem.

The Linstead Stacking Arm Chair is well built, handsome, very comfortable and as it can be stacked will fit into the corner of a garden shed, or be placed out of the way in any small space when not in use. Essentially if one has the floor space required for one chair several stacked chairs will fit into that space. A pair of Linstead Luxury Stacking Arm Chairs would take up little space, by the same token half a dozen chairs would take up the same amount of floor space.

The Linstead Stacking Luxury Arm Chairs have a wide seat enabling the user to relax, not being crammed into it and unable to extricated oneself with ease. With the addition of very comfortable and attractive 5cm thick blue or green cushions one can sit in comfort for hours without becoming uncomfortable, long enough for a nap.

The design of the Linstead Teak wood seat is deliberate in making the uncovered chair comfortable even without the added padding, and the construction quality is well above average. The chair legs are strong enough to avoid a lack of stability, one can have complete confidence in the strength and reliability of this robust chair, and luxury of all luxuries it has perfectly proportioned arms providing additional comfort.

As with all Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture the Linstead Stacking Arm Chair is made using only solid Grade ‘A’ teak wood that is plantation grown for sustainability. Teak wood has a high level of silica and rubber in its make up making it tough, good looking, durable, weather resistant and very good to look at, with a little TLC your new garden furniture will last a lifetime. The timber that is used for decking on the finest ocean going yachts is teak wood, it’s pedigree is that good!

In construction, the timber, carefully seasoned, is hand selected, and worked by our craftsmen to ensure a smooth, splinter free finish. Following on, all joints are dowel jointed allowing tightness that will prevent water ingress, your Linstead Teak Wood Stacking Chairs will shrug off rain water with ease.

The ultimate luxury must surely be sitting out in the warm fresh air with friends over a glass, or two, of something cool in luxury teak garden furniture that is made purely for your comfort. Enjoy.

Surely the mark of a fine chair is its comfort? Certainly a superbly crafted and designed chair is a delight to behold, but if it isn’t comfortable then what good is that?

The Lovina Stacking Teak Chair is not just a pretty face; this is a chair that has been designed for sitting on. Obvious? Well good, because there are many inferior outdoor furniture products that are not comfortable and are barely fit for purpose.

Tables and Chairs Top Quality Teak Garden Furniture is designed and hand made by craftsmen. Using traditional tight-fit mortice and tennon joints with dowels to ensure the very strongest construction they then go the extra mile to make sure that the chairs are easy on the rear. The Lovina Stacking Teak Chair has nice smooth horizontal back spars and a wide slatted seat. There is enough sitting space to accommodate one’s derriere, in the majority of cases, with ease and the finishing is excellent with smooth timber well sanded so there are no hard edges or splinters to leave an unfavorable impression… The Lovina Stacking Chair is such a chair, comfortable without a cushion, however it is made perfect with the addition of a stylish cushion to add flair to the style. Having accommodating arms that are smooth and firm gives that little bit of extra luxury.

As with all Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture the Lovina Stacking Arm Chair is manufactured only from the finest Grade A plantation grown teak, sustainably sourced long grain teak that will last a lifetime and keep its good looks.

A Lovina Stacking Teak Arm Chair makes the perfect gift for family and friends. As a wedding gift, these chairs are excellent decking furniture for young couples just starting out, while more mature individuals will prefer to use them for entertaining guests in a conservatory or even on the lawns. No matter who they are intended for Lovina Stacking Teak Arm Chairs are a lovely addition to any home. What is better than one Lovina Stacking Chair? Two Lovina Stacking Chairs, they fit perfectly together and complement one another, perfect for enjoying a pleasant hour in the fresh air with Pimms in hand.

New and exciting!

Friends and family will be impressed by this wonderful new range of delightful Teak Garden Furniture, because it has all of the Traditional Tables and Chairs Hand Crafted Quality yet it is a Brand New product that few people will have seen before. With the tasteful elegance of well season solid Teak wood and excellence of design and styling this new combination is an absolute treat. Tables and Chairs Top Quality Teak Garden Furniture is renowned for being hand crafted for quality and longevity above quantity.

Manufactured from slowly Seasoned Teak wood that could grace the finest of sailing ships, and hand crafted using traditional dowelled joints to produce a product that will withstand the worst weather conditions and rough handling with panache.

Chairs and Tables Top Quality Teak Garden Furniture is recommended to grace any terrace, decking or lawn with its handsome lines. When the sun, eventually, comes out to play you can grasp the opportunity for some fine entertaining, bring out the canapés, a nice Chablis perhaps, and enjoy in the full knowledge that the event is augmented by your delightful garden furniture, that is the icing on the cake.

This combination is one of a kind, combining the stylish lines of the round extendable table with tradition durability that will pass the test of time with distinction whilst having a good stable base so that it will not shift while in use. Good looking and sensible too!

Having stacking chairs is a bonus, making storage easier, and enabling the proud owners to have a couple of appropriate spares in case of visitors dropping in.

The round easy to use extendable table is 120 to 180 cm by 120 cm with a thickness of 40mm, giving a comfortably stable feel whilst in use. There will be plenty of space for up to six diners, lashings of food and the drinks tray to round things off.

The Black Batyline Chairs compliment the table nicely, they are robustly constructed, stylish in appearance but most important they are comfortable. The chairs are stable and the seating is durable whilst being lightweight and easy to store.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture recommend this new combination for all people who love to use their garden as an outdoor entertaining space. Discerning people who love good things, appreciate high quality craftsmen made products that will stand the test of time.

​Imagine sitting in your garden in a comfortable set of teakwood table and chairs? With a set of Turnworth Teak 150cm Round Ring table set and accompanying Lovina Stacking Chair, you can enjoy an outdoor moment with your family. For that exciting experience with your family, you cannot miss having this set. The table has features that are user-friendly such as an inbuilt lazy Susan that is 80cm wide and an allowance of 50mm diameter for a parasol. There are also weather proof cushions with colours ranging from green, white, red and blue to choose from depending on your taste. Surprisingly, the set will only cost you £1,299.99.

The unique aspect about this teak garden furniture is that you do not even have to move the furniture indoors once you have finished using it. The teak wood used to make them is of high quality, and it can withstand harsh weather conditions. You can leave in the open all year round, and there will be no visible damage and warping on your set. The set will amaze you with its durability and long lifespan due to the durable materials used to make it. Be assured that the set will give you value for money because both the chairs and table are made with high standards.

Cleaning this furniture is also a painless activity that only requires you to scrub them occasionally to remove stains. Care should however be taken to avoid spoiling the finish by cleaning it gently.

You can order for this furniture online from the company’s website and the set will be delivered to you within five days.

Our company is dedicated to giving you world-class customer service, and we will give you personalized services once you decide to buy from us.

For that family time that you have always desired, eating from outside when enjoying a breeze, the Turnworth Teak 150cm Round Ring Table set with Lovina Staking Chair is the ideal option for you.

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