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Fine Teakwood Garden Furniture does not have to be large enough to feed a big family with room to spare. Many discerning home owners may want a well-proportioned furniture set that will accommodate two people plus a couple of guests in comfort.

Regardless of the amount of outdoor living space that one has it is possible to have a tasteful combination that is practical, comfortable, stylish, solid and attractive – a true eye catcher in fact! So, whether one has a bijou patio, conservatory, or deck-space the Turnworth Table Set is perfectly suited. Likewise, people with masses of open space but not wishing, or needing, to fill it with al fresco dining furniture will benefit from this very appealing set.

The Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture Turnworth 120 Table is 120cm in diameter – whisker short of 4 ft and circular with a central hole to accommodate a parasol for those blistering hot days – the hole is capped with a solid brass cap when not in use – because details matter. As with all Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture the teakwood is solid and is sanded to a smooth finish making it a perfect platform for dining and entertaining.

To complete the Turnworth 120 Tables Set purchasers have a choice of four different Chair styles.

Turnworth 120 GArden Furniture Set

with Banana Arm Chairs

Bali Arm Chairs are superbly comfortable armchairs with Criss Cross and Block Design on the Chair Back. This is an exquisite deluxe carved fixed armchair with elegant and rounded front chair legs.

Banana Arm Chairs have a high back and arms that curve around you giving a feeling of wrap-around. Banana Chairs are perfect with their added cushion that is attractive, waterproof and very comfortable.

Lovina Stacking Chairs allow for easy storage and exceptional convenience. When in use for a cosy tete a tete the unused chairs can remain in storage allowing more space, all you need now is flowers, sweet music and a bottle of something fizzy, perfect.
Southwold Arm Chairs, this beautifully reliable looking chair is spacious and comfortable, and a real eye catcher!

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is manufactured using only well-seasoned sustainably sourced solid Grade ‘A’ teakwood that is plantation grown to peak condition so that there are no knot marks and the grain is in peak condition for furniture manufacture, once sanded to a satin smoothness it will look wonderful and feel silky smooth.

Teakwood that is ready for use is hand-selected and skilfully shaped so that each piece of furniture is smooth to the touch and has a delightful patina that will look good for years to come with a little TLC. Making joints that will remain secure and weather proof is very important especially for furniture that may stand out in all weathers. Teakwood is naturally weather resistant even in our British winters.

Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture is the Gold Standard for discerning garden furniture buyers

The gorgeous Southold Teak Arm Chair is a fine piece of outdoor furniture that will only enhance your garden space. Despite a simple design, the chair oozes elegance that cannot be easily replicated in a garden chair, thanks in no part to the quality grade-A teak wood used to craft the piece.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement chair for your current table set or simply want a new chair for sitting outside, the Southwold Teak Arm Chair is a fantastic choice. This piece won’t look out of place anywhere in your garden, be it on the patio, decking, or any other spot you like to sit.

Teak is arguable the best material for outdoor furniture, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve invested in a quality piece that will last for some time. As one of the toughest, most durable hardwoods, teak can be left outside for years and still be in great condition – the same can’t be said for most other wooden furniture!

The natural oils present in the Southwold Teak Arm Chair also help to protect from the adverse weather we see so often in Britain. For example, water damage is no issue, as the oils prevent water seeping into the wood where it causes the most damage.

C&T Southwold Teak Arm Chair

This means the chair won’t become brittle or show signs of water damage, even if left in the rain. Also, the oils prevent damage from wood burrowing insects and other pests, while the densely packed grains result in an impressive weight that provides the chair with superb stability.

Furthermore, the natural strength of the teak ensures that no general wear and tear occurs from frequent use. The back and seat sections won’t bend and warp simply because you use the chair often, highlighting the ever-lasting durability of the Southwold Teak Arm Chair.

The surface of the chair has been sanded to near perfection – running your hand along the surface is a delight! This also helps to ensure the surface remains tough, preventing any lasting stains from developing.

Should there be any mess on the chair, simply wash with a cloth and warm soapy water! It’s literally the only type of maintenance that the chair needs, although you may want to apply a teak sealant if you don’t want the wood to change colour over time.

Teak naturally ages, changing from a warm yellow hue to a colder, silver patina. Most people love the appearance of both so let the wood age naturally, but if you want to maintain the original colour simply apply a sealant once a year.

The Southwold Teak Arm Chair is a wonderful piece of garden furniture that will add beauty and elegance to any outdoor living area!

With spring in full swing, gardens up and down the nation are bursting with life once more. And with some improvements in the weather, we can finally start to make the most of the garden by getting to sit outdoors and enjoy everything that nature has to offer.

Of course, summer is not too far away now, meaning spring is the best time to start getting organised for the best weather of the year. What better way than making the most of the summer than by sitting outdoors for a spot of dinner with friends? Perhaps you want to start enjoying a nice summer’s morning eating breakfast with the family?

Regardless of what you plan to do in your garden this summer, investing in a garden table set is certainly a must – otherwise how can you take advantage of those long summer days?

The Southwold Rectangular Teak 150cm Table Set with Lovina Stacking Chairs is an incredible furniture set that will transform any outdoor living space. Perfect for entertaining friends or for seating large families, there’s plenty of reasons to invest in this amazing garden furniture set from Chairs and Tables.

The table itself is a rectangular design measuring 150cm x 90cm, allowing up to six people to sit around the table with ample space. The legs come with a chunky design to ensure stability, while spacious table top has enough space to fit plenty of plates, bowls, platters, and glasses – everything you need for a dinner party!

This is the perfect set to entertain groups of friends or for simply sitting outdoors with family, with six Lovina stacking chairs included with the table. These are made the more comfortable with padded cushions that area also included – you even have three colours to choose from!

And for those days where the sun might be beating down too hard (they do occur!) the table features a hole for a parasol.

When it comes to style, the Southwold Table Set is up there with the most attractive garden furniture on the market. Crafted from high-quality Grade A teakwood, the table and chairs come with a gorgeous natural finish and have been sanded to provide the softest touch.

The craftsmanship is also of the highest quality. There’s no visible joints, with only mortise and tenon joinery having been utilised during construction, with brass used for fittings and the parasol cap.

Furthermore, the teak used to craft this wonder chair and table set is one of the best materials to use for garden furniture, being strong, durable, and naturally attractive.

You can easily leave this set outside during wet or sunny weather, as the oils present in teak are weather-resistant so won’t let any damage to form around the wood. The stacking chairs will be easy to store of course, but those lacking any space for the table will appreciate how durable teak is.

Also, it makes cleaning the table very easy, as you will only need to wash any marks with warm water – add some baking soda for those more stubborn stains!

Teak happens to be very strong as well, with the table capable of withstanding massive weights, as can the stacking chairs, so there is very little chance of any of the furniture breaking.

Simply put, if you are looking for a strong, reliable, and attractive set of garden furniture, then look no further than the amazing Southwold Rectangular Teak Table Set with Lovina Stacking Chairs.

The Rectangular Teak Extending Table Set with Southwold Arm Chairs is stylish set of garden furniture that is perfect for anyone entertaining large groups. If you love to have guests around your home and enjoy dining or relaxing outside, then this teakwood furniture will certainly appeal.

One of the most notable features of this set is the rectangular double leaf extending table. Without extending, it measures an impressive 180cm, which increases to 240cm when fully extended, making it perfect for those occasions where you have several people visiting!

The extension is compact and remains hidden from sight when not in use, tucking beneath the table. This is easily accessible too, as you only need to separate the table to pull out the double butterfly extension.

Simply put, this is a spacious table that will never feel overcrowded, even when surrounded by guests and full of dining materials.

The table itself is made from high-quality, A Grade teak that is a simply beautiful. It comes with the softest finish, and the natural grains and textures are attractive without any sort of treatment – there’s no need to varnish or paint this table!

Better still, the table includes eight Southwold armchairs, all of which come with a soft, weather-proof cushion. They are made from the same quality teak as the table, featuring that gorgeous natural finish that is soft to the touch.

No guest will feel uncomfortable in these chairs, as they are fantastic for lazing around in outside or for simply sitting around the table when enjoying a meal.

Together, the table set will look outstanding in virtually any outdoor space. In fact, you can easily use it indoors as well, showcasing how versatile the set is – it is so beautiful you will want to use as much as possible!

That shouldn’t be too difficult, as you can expect to have this table and chair set for many years down the line. Using quality teakwood means that the furniture will not be susceptible to general wear and tear like most other garden furniture, especially given the fact that oils in teak help prevent weather damaging the wood.

Moreover, you won’t need to spend much time maintaining the tables and chairs. As previously mentioned, they do not have to be varnished or painted (unless you want to), and cleaning requires a quick wipe down with a wet cloth.

As a result, you can expect this garden furniture set to last well over ten years with a proper care, and they could certainly last much longer if wanted. You could very well find yourself passing this down to future generations!

The Rectangular Teak Extending Table Set with Southwold Arm Chairs is a breath-taking example of artisan furniture. Its stylish, purposeful, and built to last, making it a fine addition to any garden or home.

The Rectangular Extending Teak Table with Southwold Teak Arm Chairs is another magnificent example of stylish outdoor living by Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture.

When extended, the Rectangular Extending Teak Table increases from 180 cm (70ins – almost 6ft) to 240cm (90 ins – or just short of 8ft) in length. Its width stands at 120cm (47ins – almost 4ft) and the surface is 40mm thick (an inch and a half thick – almost). Being rectangular this excellent table makes good use of every square inch of surface enabling up to eight adults to sit together in comfort, with enough room for food platters and the drinks tray.

Accompanied by the delightful Southwold Teak Arm Chairs this attractive set will attract a great deal of admiring glances from one’s friends and neighbours.

The combination Rectangular Teak Table and Southwold Luxury Arm Chairs, with comfy cushions, will provide a good deal of comfort for a family meal al fresco, an evening meal or barbecue, or a sunny afternoon with drinks to keep one cool. Should the temperature climb extra high there is a facility to insert a sun parasol to protect the guests, there is a neat hole in the centre of the table that is covered by a solid brass cap when not in use, nothing is forgotten by Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture.

This combination will grace any decking, patio, lawn or similar outdoor space and being produced from natures toughest weather proof timber this fine Luxury Teak Garden Furniture will retain its stylish good looks for many a year, with a little ‘TLC’.

All items of furniture by Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture are produced using only Grade ‘A’ plantation grown teakwood. Being plantation grown, regulated by government agencies, the timber is sustainably sourced, and because it is cropped in peak condition it has fewer natural flaws, knot holes etc. Teak has a high silica and rubber content making it water resistant, with strong construction techniques being used, mortise and tenon joints held firm with dowelling, the furniture will retain its fine characteristics and with care will keep its good looks.

With easy table assembly and ready assembled chairs, setting up the table and chairs is easy, after you have completed the task you can test the furniture out by sitting in the garden to watch nature at work.


Al fresco dining, cream teas in the sunshine, what could be more British?

Our craftsmen designers at Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture have created a handsome square table for up to four people.

The Southwold 90cm sq. (35.4 inches) Table is ideal for cafes, tea shops, and restaurants. Proprietors find that it is more beneficial to invest in top quality teak products because they are more cost effective, being longer lasting and retaining their impressive appearance for years, and they will be attractive to a more discerning clientele.

For the domestic customer, the Southwold Table is perfect for a smaller garden space, patio or veranda for people who love to dine outside and relax in the open air.

The Southwold Teak Table has a large enough surface area to accommodate four persons allowing sufficient dining space for a comfortable meal in the company of friends.

In combination with Lovina Stacking Chairs the set is complete, allowing for minimum space for storage and comfortable luxury whilst in use. All Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture are built with comfort as the top priority, the chairs have plenty of space and with the addition of nice thick cushions, in pleasant blue or green, they are a delight to sit in for an afternoon in the garden or a cream tea, Pimms for four, or a hand or two of bridge.

Each item of Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is produced from Grade ‘A’ sustainably grown plantation teak wood that is seasoned with care, hand selected and assembled using mortice and tenon doweled joints to ensure their firmness and water resistant qualities, also giving the chairs and tables a solid yet graceful appearance that will grace any garden whether it is in a domestic setting or a business one.

Because teak wood is naturally so resilient and water resistant, having a high silica and rubber content, our high-quality teakwood garden furniture will outlast lesser products meaning that as an investment they will pay for themselves time and again. All Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is sanded to raise the fine patina of the teakwood and to remove any rough edges making them a joy to handle and safe to use – no splinters!

Enjoy your Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture, they are made with you in mind.

One of our current best sellers here at Chairs and Tables is the Southwold Square Teak Table, and upon further inspection it is easy to see why! A beautiful table that can serve many functions, this stunning piece will be a sight to behold in any outdoor living area – although it would perfectly fine indoors too!

Measuring in at 90cm x 90cm, the Southwold Square Teak Table can be used in any number of ways, be it as part of a set for an outdoor dining area on the patio or a beautiful centre-piece in a conservatory.

It can work well with a single chair or a collection, and will look fantastic no matter where it sits in the garden – or indoors if you prefer!

We do recommend using it for an outdoor living area however, as this really allows you to gain all of the benefits from the Southwold Square Teak Table.

For one, it is made from one of the toughest hardwoods in the market in teak. This strong, durable wood can withstand a lot of pressure and weight, as well as being virtually weatherproof. Natural oils help to preserve it from even the worst elements – this can be quite handy given the unpredictable weather Britain receives! 

Furthermore, these oils make cleaning the table a simple task. A quick wipe with a cloth is usually more than enough to deal with any type of spillages that may occur, and there is no chance of this staining and ruining that beautiful teak appearance.

Speaking of beautiful appearances, the Southwold Square Teak Table just looks fantastic. Teak is one of the best-looking woods out there, and it doesn’t even need to be painted or stained to achieve that wow-factor – you can be certain that guests will love the look of this table where it to be one of the focal points of your garden!

If you are the type of person that loves to entertain guests or simply enjoy sitting outdoors with your family, then this is the type of table for you. There is even a space for a parasol, making it great for sitting under during those warm, sunny days in the garden.

The Southwold Square Teak Table should be rightfully viewed as a smart investment. For anyone that loves sitting outdoors, a good garden table is an essential piece of furniture, and this one will last for years and maybe even decades with the right care.

That means you don’t need to think about buying a new garden table for quite some time, and this one will look as good as the day you first bought it too, even after many years of use! For us, that is just another reason why the Southwold Square Teak Table has become such a popular piece of garden furniture here at Chairs and Tables!

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