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Purchasing Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture could not be more simple.

Firstly, peruse our extensive catalogue online at or look for Chairs and Tables on Facebook and Twitter. Once you have made your selections please place your order, there is a variety of ways to make payment with clear instruction available.

Whilst there isn’t a showroom for customers to visit they are welcome to visit Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture Warehouse where most items can be seen. However, please call ahead to make the arrangements to avoid a wasted journey.
Making Your Purchase

Making a purchase could not be easier. Just browse our catalogue and add any items that you wish to buy into the shopping cart. After you have finished your selection, click on ‘Checkout’ and you will be asked for a few details that we need to be able to complete the order.

Chairs and Tables can only accept orders from customers within the UK.

All prices quoted include UK based deliveries and many of the items will arrive fully assembled.

However, people living in the Eastern Counties or would be happy to travel there to one of the County Shows will be able to see and inspect Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture in person, the Chairs and Tables team will be on hand to offer advice and answer any questions.

South Suffolk Show, Ingham Near Bury St Edmunds Chairs and Tables will be exhibiting. The show will be held on Sunday, May 13th. Their Stand will be close to the Show Garden Delights Area.

Suffolk Show, Ipswich on May 30th and 31st. Their Stand is close to the Show Gardens.

Sotterley Country Fair, on June 24th.

Royal Norfolk Show, Norwich, on June 27th and 28th. On the Corner of the Presidents Avenue and 1st Drive next to Crafts,

Sandringham Flower Show, on 25th July close to the band Stand,

Aylsham Show, on 27th August.

Why not seize the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful day out and take a long hard look at the outstanding Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture in context amongst the many exciting Show exhibits with a backdrop of the outstandingly beautiful East of England countryside. We look forward to seeing you there.


Planning an outdoor living space is a pleasant way to spend time whilst we head toward Spring,

we are only a few weeks away from the first day of Spring! So, it is time to make plans.

Some suggestions may help?

How large is the space available? People with acres of space may not be too concerned. However, having a social space implies that it should accommodate one’s family and friends comfortably – close enough to chat. Fine quality teak garden furniture will enhance the space and provide dining and entertaining alternatives.

What is the surface like? Are you placing the furniture on turf? Or, is yours a smaller area, maybe a patio or decked area? Or, maybe a bijous space such as a terrace or veranda? This matters because it controls the size of the garden furniture whilst allowing adequate space for dining etc., and not becoming too overcrowded.

Possibly, folding chairs would be more appropriate, or stacking chairs, and an appropriate size of table is advisable?

Is the outdoor living space in full sun? We are all aware now of the effects of full-sun on tender skin. This is not an insurmountable problem as all of the dining tables manufactured by Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture can accommodate a splendid matching parasol, there is even a pre-formed hole in the centre of the tables that is finished with a tasteful brass cap for when it is not in use. This does mean that when dining or when children are playing at the table the risk of sunburn is greatly reduced. The parasols are waterproof, so should the weather turn one can seek shelter beneath.

How weatherproof is Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture? Superbly so! Being manufactured using only solid Grade A plantation grown teakwood the furniture is weather resistant. The teakwood has large amounts of rubber and silica within its makeup which makes it water resistant. In addition, the mortise and tenon joints are tight and secured using dowelling which reduces the chance of water getting into the joints. Customers are advised to apply some teak oil from time to time to all exposed surfaces, this will help keep the wood waterproof and keep it looking healthy for years to come.

How do I choose the ‘right’ item for me?

Go to:

The Chairs and Tables online catalogue contains all of the range of Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture from which to choose. Need help? Contact the team at Chairs and Tables for advice, they are happy to help.

The daffodils are coming out and Spring is truly on its way, as the weather improves, and the days grow warmer this is the perfect time to make plans for the Summertime.

To gain maximum advantage from the balmier days this is a good time to plan to spend as much time outdoors as possible. With Easter comes a fine opportunity for al fresco dining and with the end of school-term holidays one’s children, or grandchildren, will be able to spend time relaxing outdoors.

Whatever the occasion an exceptionally well designed professionally crafted teakwood Garden Table will facilitate just about any outdoor occasion that may come along. Teak Garden Furniture is superior in its weather resistant qualities – solid teak is the stuff of which ocean-going yachts are made – and is exceptionally robust in nature, strong and stable to coin a phrase.

A superior table set can form the focal point of any outdoor living space, and there is no reason why comfort shouldn’t be the No 1 priority. Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is available in a multitude of differing styles to attract the eye and mark them out as individual, stylish and rugged – without losing their eye appeal.

Don’t be fooled, unless the teakwood is solid it will not have the innate character and quality of the real thing, cheap softwood with a teak laminate will rot whereas solid teakwood will last a lifetime with some TLC, a spot of teak oil, and will maintain its good looks for the duration.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is produced using only Grade ‘A’ plantation grown timber that is harvested at just the right time to avoid knot-holes and other blemishes.

With some careful sanding, the end product is smooth to the touch with a lovely lustre.

So, which table would you choose for the centrepiece of your garden, patio, or decking? A Teak Extending Table that will accommodate eight people for dinner, or a dozen youngsters playing games?

Maybe, you would prefer a beautiful Teak Folding Table that will stow away tidily to be brought out for use? The choice is yours, many of our discerning customers have left highly complimentary feedback reviews about our products and customer service.
Not sure which table will fit the bill?

Please, Contact Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture for advice. We are here to help.

However large or small the setting, being comfortable outdoors is essential. Bijou sized patios or larger areas of lawn, flag-stones, or conservatory outdoor living spaces that are graced by Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture can be made complete with a tidy Upright Boat Shaped Shelf unit to maintain a neat and tidy arrangement, and have things to hand that will make life easier.

There are two designs, the first of which has a squared off base giving it a solid stance.

Upright Boat Shelves

Measuring 225cm (88.5ins) in height, 57cm (over 22ins) in width and 35cm (over 13ins) in depth, this handsome canoe shaped storage facility is constructed using 100per cent sustainable Natural Teakwood, it has four shelves upon which to store books, recipe books, or place one’s wine chiller whilst preparing the barbecue.

Upright Boat Shelves 2

Is a similar shaped boat unit but has a shaped base or foot that has been designed for stability and to retain the elegant lines of the delightful Indonesian fishing Jukungs that it represents.
Measuring 180cm (almost 71 ins) high, 58cm (almost 23ins) wide and 37cm (14.5 ins) deep, with the base that is almost 21ins by 26ins giving the unit a sensible footprint to ensure its stability.
Being constructed using sustainably sourced Teakwood that is high in silica and rubber the water proof nature and weather resistant qualities of the two units are second to none in terms of quality and their ability to cope with all outdoor conditions. In both cases they are well crafted, and sanded to raise their fine patina and to remove any sharp edges.

With a little tender loving care these very attractive units will last a lifetime, along with your Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture. Outdoor living spaces, large or small, can be made comfortable and fashionable with the best quality accessories.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture shows a Glamorous Modern Flair.

The superb Asmara Luxury Teak Two-seater Sofa has all of the comfortable characteristics that discerning customers have grown to expect of our luxury teak garden furniture that will grace any outdoor living space, no matter how large or bijou.

The Asmara Teak Sofa with matching Teak Coffee Table would look totally at home on one’s patio, decking, veranda or spacious lawns. The Asmara Luxury Teak Sofa is supplied with very comfortable cushions for ones back and for the seat, nodding off on a warm summers afternoon over a ‘G and T’ would be made much easier and in fine style!

The Asmara Luxury Teak Sofa and Coffee Table set are, as with all Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture, manufactured by craftsmen who go to great lengths to use traditional methods of construction. All Teak Wood used is Grade ‘A’ plantation grown sustainable timber that has been correctly seasoned and, when ready, hand selected for its maturity and fitness for purpose, then worked to perfection for a smooth and blemish free finish.

The Asmara Luxury Teak Sofa and Coffee Table are constructed using dowel joints to ensure that they are tight for strength and to prevent water ingress that would over time weaken the joints. Because Teak Wood is high in silica and rubber content it makes excellent Luxury Garden Furniture that will, if cared for, last a lifetime, just like the decking of the finest of sailing vessels. The product will withstand the worst of our weather and with some ‘TLC’ retain its handsome good looks.

The Asmara Luxury Teak Sofa and Coffee Table set is so lovely a combination that most high-end customers, who have the space, buy two sofas with the coffee table betwixt-perfect for the grandest garden soiree.

If you have an outdoor space and some patio furniture, it’s time to aggrandize the aesthetics and comfort of your outdoor living. A great set of patio sofas, tables and chairs is necessary, but there are different outdoor accessories that could further enhance your outdoor space.

We have picked up the top 3 teak accessories from our store to make you fall in love with your courtyard once again. These accessories are made out of the finest teak wood that has high endurance against extreme hot weather and rainy season. If you know how gorgeous and eye-catching teak wood is, we have a collection of teak trolleys, trays and teak planters that are minimalist, cost-friendly and aesthetically amazing.

  1. Teak Serving Trolley with Removable Tray
  2. Folding teak Picnic table
  3. Teak ice bucket


During the warmer months of the year, there is nothing better than relaxing outside in our gardens, basking in the fresh air and the peace and tranquillity. If however, you are forced to sit on, and around, cheap plastic patio furniture, well, the experience is hardly enjoyable or comfortable. We want our gardens to look their best, yet we want to be comfortable at the same time, and we want our guests to be comfortable at the same time. If you feel that your garden could do with a bit of an overhaul, you may wish to consider investing in great quality teak wood garden furniture. To help convince you that this is the right thing to do, take a look at the following, as we look at 4 reasons to invest in teak garden furniture.

Long-term investment – When people purchase cheap and nasty patio furniture, they generally do so just so that they have something other than the ground to sit on for that particular summer. Thanks to general wear and tear, as well as harsh weather conditions associated with the changing of the seasons, this furniture quickly deteriorates and breaks down, meaning that you will need to replace it a few months later. Teak wood however, is incredibly durable and so for that reason, with careful maintenance, it will last a lifetime, making it a fantastic long-term investment.

Hard wearing – As mentioned, teak wood is incredibly durable and hard wearing, making it perfect for locations prone to harsh weather conditions. With cheaper woods, rain, ice, snow, and even the sunshine, can all have negative effects on them and can cause them to break down. Teak however, will not rot in the rain, it will not fade, it will not crack, and it will not decompose. Providing you perform general maintenance, your teak garden furniture will withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, for many decades to come.

Easy to maintain – Teak is a wood that is incredibly easy to maintain, and what’s more, with a little maintenance not only does it last, but it also looks absolutely fantastic as well. Generally you can apply a mild oil or stain to help preserve the wood and protect it from the elements, which will also enhance its appearance. It can also easily wipe clean with a mild soap and warm water, which will bring it looking as good as new.

Looks great – Some woods just seem to look better than others, and teak is one of those woods. Rather than cheaper woods such as pine, teak just has a look of class and elegance about it, and it really enhances outdoor spaces no end. It is a beautiful golden brown colour that will naturally fade with time, although if preserved, the colour can obviously be maintained. The finish is flawless yet rustic at the same time, and it just looks absolutely fantastic and would make a welcome addition to any outdoor patio or garden seating area.

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