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Not just any old benches, Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture benches are a cut above the rest.

For anyone investing in garden furniture the Winter season is a brilliant opportunity to take time and select the best option to suit your needs. Benches make excellent Christmas gifts, for anyone with a garden, patio, decking area or veranda the Southwold and Aldeburgh models are perfect, pick a suntrap, a south-facing wall maybe and enjoy sitting with a cup of tea, or a G and T, to take in the view. On doesn’t need a vast area of garden to enjoy sitting on a bench on the better Winter days, and with a patio heater or chimenea you could keep warm in the process and toast a marsh mellow or two.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Benches are superior due to their inbuilt comfort, top quality teak construction using traditional techniques and exceptional finishing. In investment terms for any business, golf club, or restaurant, the return is substantial, these benches will retain their good looks and quality long after purchase. The Southwold and Aldeburgh benches are manufactured using Grade A plantation grown teak, because of the exceptional weather resistance qualities of teak they will withstand the elements for years to come.

‘In Remembrance’ benches make a fine memorial to a loved one, the Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture Team believe that their products must reflect the gravity of such events and we are in no doubt that either of these grand benches is a worthy memorial.

With the addition of an engraved plaque in commemoration these products make a splendid memorial.

The Southwold bench is available in 4feet, 5 feet and the deluxe 6 feet sizes, with enough room for a couple of adults and the larger ones a small child too.

teak bench
Southwold 4ft Teak Deluxe Bench

Similarly the Aldeburgh range is available from stock in the same sizes. Like the Southwold benches the design is traditional and has beautiful lines, whereas the Southwold benches have a straight horizontal back the Aldeburgh has a curved back making it a very attractive looking feature.
Aldeburgh 6ft Teak Bench – Deluxe

Because teak has both silica and rubber in its composition it has very good water resistance, which is why it used so much in the finest ocean-going boats. The construction of the product is completed by craftsmen using tried and tested methods, mortis and tennon joints for example with dowel inserts to ensure that the joints are as water tight as is possible. Following completion of the assembly stage the teakwood is sanded to perfection to remove any snags or rough edges that may catch a finger or clothing.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is an online supplier of premier quality garden products whose catalogues can be accessed at

The team are happy to help customers with their inquiries and offer guidance where required.

Customers planning their 2019 Top Quality Garden Furniture selections are recommended to peruse the Chairs and Tables catalogue and start planning now.


When a loved one passes away many people would like to have a permanent memorial with which to remember them for their uniqueness and the special memories associated with them.

Much the same sentiment applies to the loss of a person with whom we have worked, played golf with, socialised with, known for many years and to whom we wish to show our respects.

With some consideration donors can make a memorial a little more special, with some forethought one can design the memorial in such a way as to create a living memorial that is at the same time a comfortable and comforting remembrance.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture feature in their catalogue
the Round Backless Tree Bench, available in two sizes, this delightfully designed and created Teakwood bench is as the name suggests circular with a central void. On the catalogue page this shapely bench is displayed with a brace of Boat Shaped Teak Shelving Units. However, for a memorial to someone who was a keen garden lover, amateur or professional, what would be better than a memorial tree or a striking plant?

At the centre of the Round Backless Teak Tree Bench one could plant a well-chosen tree; a flowering fruit tree, an Acer – available as a miniature or full-size plant. Evergreens are worthy of consideration too as they remain green throughout the winter months, a Pencil Pine for example or a Cyprus would look spectacular. With some careful planning and checking a good example can be chose. To finish off the memorial a discreet metal plaque may be added to the Bench so that the person may be honoured and remembered permanently.

Plants and even sculptures can be used as a centre piece and Chairs and Tables do include in the catalogue Natural Teakwood sculptural centre pieces that are striking and attractive.

With some artful planning the Round Backless Teak Tree Bench will become a focal point in any garden, terrace or patio that will become a living reminder of someone who is missed.

What better memorial could on have?

Every item of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is crafted from solid plantation grown Grade A teakwood as only the finest will do. Using traditional carpentry methods and hand selected teakwood each piece of Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is shaped and smoothed to perfection, no sharp snags to catch on clothing or sensitive skin. Teakwood is tough and weatherproof by nature and will withstand our British climate, and with some tender loving care, a rub down with teak oil and a cloth, will look wonderful for years to come. With low maintenance plants or a tree, the combination will keep those precious memories alive.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture for people with fond memories.

A memorial bench is a delightful way to commemorate the life of loved ones, with the addition of a brass plaque inscribed with the person’s name and a brief message it will stand the passage of time and act as a reminder of that persons life and service.

Commemorative benches are by their nature required to stand out in all weathers often in quite remote and unsheltered places. To properly ensure that the memorial will remain in fine condition one is advised to buy well. Teak wood is possibly the most weather resistant timber of all, due to its natural composition, including silica and rubber, it will not rot or deteriorate due to being exposed outdoors through the seasons. Where possible a touch of teak oil from time to time will soon restore its lovely lustre and bring out the natural grain.

Chairs and Table Teak Garden Furniture produce an extensive range of suitable benches in attractive styles. There are three seater and two seater benches. Every item of teak garden furniture produced by Chairs and Tables is craftsman made using only Grade A sustainably grown plantation Teak wood. The construction of all of the teak garden furniture is designed to extend its life having mortice and tenon joints secured using dowelling to ensure tight joints that are weather proof and to be certain of a long useful life.

To the touch, all of the benches have been sanded to perfection, so that there are no snags or sharp edges.

The Range of Benches includes:
The Aldeburgh
Banana Teak Bench,
Lutyens Bench,
Southwold benches.

All Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture Benches are suitable for commemorative purposes, with the addition of a tidy brass plaque adorning them the benches will grace any grassy area, decking and patio, plus memorial gardens.

For a commemorative offering that will do justice to the memory of the departed person the range of benches by Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is the discerning persons choice, naturally.

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