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Having established the correct location for your new Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Dining Furniture it is worth adding some touches of finesse.

A Parasol can turn a hot spot into a shady oasis, conversely should the unthinkable happen and the heavens open casting rain upon your guests a large parasol would be the perfect way to keep dry until the shower passes. Many of the larger tables have a purpose made hole at the centre of the table top, covered with a tasteful brass cap when not in use, through which the parasol stem can be inserted. There is a smaller parasol available for the bijou tables, however, the larger parasol is 3 m in diameter (well over 9 feet) and constructed from teak wood with a green or blue covering the parasol will provide some cover for diners, and for the food and drink that may be on the table. Whilst planning your table and parasol combination we recommend you take close look at the two parasol bases with which to secure it and prevent the parasol moving about should a breeze blow up.

Lazy Susan, this very handy rotating table upon a table is ideal for casual or more formal dining and BBQ’s, enabling the condiments to be passed around without having to inconvenience any other diner. What would a BBQ be with a range of mustards, sauces and fiery chilli dips? Not forgetting a nice drop of something cooling to drink to aid digestion. Lazy Susan is the perfect host, it sits at the centre of one’s table and can easily be rotated for total convenience.

Teak Planters, should you fancy a Mediterranean look to the outdoor living space, why not take a look at the matching teak wood planter range, there are four sizes, 35cm high, 45 cm high, 55 cm high and 65 cm high, 45cm x 45cm square with a wall thickness of 30mm. Pencil Pines and most patios sized trees, Magnolia, Olive, Fig, Camelia, and Box or Yew would define the dining area nicely whilst providing a touch of protection from any cool evening breezes. Plus, these plants and others are stunning to look at and would look equally good regardless of the size of one’s outdoor living space. Select the right plants and you could have fruit to pick for dessert. Tip. Should you plant a Patio Cherry Tree in your garden planter remember to protect any new fruit with a cover to keep the Blackbirds at bay – or they will eat the lot and leave you with the stalks!

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture go the extra mile to create outstanding quality teak wood products for the discerning customer who values quality and durability. Manufactured using Grade A plantation grown teakwood at its peak condition and craftsman shaped and fashioned each piece of furniture is perfectly comfortable. It is only fitting, then, to complete the setting with accessories designed for their purpose with care and manufactured to the same exacting standards.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture, for discerning diners.



Nothing can beat sitting outdoors on a nice day with friends and family. It is one of the simple pleasures in life, yet one that we do not enjoy as much as we should – especially with the famous British weather we endure!

However, with summer on the way, there will be more chance to sit outside in the garden and soak up any good weather that comes our way. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have your garden furniture planned well in advance!

For anyone in the market for a new set of garden furniture, the stunning Turnworth Ring Table Set is a fantastic option that will not disappoint. Not only is an attractive furniture set that includes both chairs and a table, but it’s made from high quality materials that ensure it will last for many summers to come.

The Turnworth teak table features a very striking round ring top design, which has been meticulously crafted to create a very pleasing style that will stand out in any garden space. This also includes a 100cm ‘Lazy Suzan’, a section that rotates and is perfect for passing condiments around the table.

Also, there is a centre hole on the table that can fit a parasol for those sunny days where you want a bit of shade, with the hole being covered with a brass alloy cap when not in use.

Not only does the circular design look amazing, but it serves a useful function. The teak rings are shaped in such a way that allows rainfall to quickly run off the surface of the table. Combined with the fact that oils in the teak are resistant to weather, the table will last for many years without any worries about damage from rain or sun.

Better still, the Turnworth Ring Table includes eight banana arm chairs! These chairs are made from the same quality teakwood as the table, sanded to produce a delightfully soft finish, making them very comfortable to sit on.

As if that wasn’t good enough, the chairs come with weather-proof cushions that fit perfectly into the seat, adding even more style and comfort to the seat.

With so many seats available, you can easily entertain large groups at your next garden party or barbeque, and you can be sure there will be one thing on everyone’s tongue – how incredible your garden furniture is!

Moreover, this beautiful table set will last for many years to come. Teak is one of the strongest, most durable woods available, meaning that the tables and chairs from this set are built to last. Being weather resistant is a great start, but the wood is also very strong and will withstand even the heaviest weights.

The table will be so simple to care for as well. There’s no need to paint or varnish it, with the natural finish of teak being very attractive. Should there be the odd spill, you can easily wipe away the mess with warm water and cloth – add some baking soda for those stains that don’t want to go away!

If you require a set of garden furniture that will wow and impress, but also offer exceptional value for money, then look further than the gorgeous Turnworth Ring Table Set and Banana Arm Chairs – it will be the envy of all your friends!

In creating an outdoor space that is accommodating and enjoyable it is worth giving thought to the overall comfort that can be created by well-chosen accessories. Even simple items such as serving trays can improve the enjoyment of the experience for the discerning person.

Selecting ones main items of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is, of course, vitally important and we take great care to facilitate that choice by giving every assistance to our valued customers by offering a substantial range of choices of pattern and style. However, it would be rather like pouring vintage champagne into plastic tooth mugs to have such fine furniture displayed for ones friends, colleagues and family, only to see it adorned with less than appropriate accessories. For example, Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture supply a teak ‘lazy susan’ so that all seated at the table may have easy access to whatever is being offered to eat and drink without having to reach across. The lazy susan’ like the tables and chair combinations, is made from carefully sourced, properly seasoned and nicely constructed sustainable teak wood. It will sit at the centre of the teak garden table where it can be turned around with ease. Teak being a long grained hard wood, like eucalyptus wood, is not only a matching attraction to the table layout but a highly sensible addition to the overall look. The patina of fine wood is in itself a joy to behold, but in practical terms it feels good, looks good and will remain so for many years to come.

Other accessories in fine teak wood, and compatible with the Chairs and Tables range, are available. For example there is a Lutyens Child’s Teak wood Garden Table upon which a child may play, draw, or from which they may eat. This as an accompaniment to the Lutyens children’s range of teak chairs and tables will grace any patio, decking, or garden lawns, and be compatible with the adult teak garden furniture. For the adults there are a couple of folding picnic tables, one circular and one square, that will facilitate that ad hoc snack meal out in the fresh air, however, they also make excellent occasional tables that will accommodate a tea tray, or a decanter and a nice pair of crystal goblets – whilst one gardens .. An interesting addition that will transform the patio or deck is the Teak Planter. Many people enjoy pottering rather than full on gardening. A matching pair of Teak Planters, available in large, medium or small sizes can make a lovely looking arrangement in themselves, but housing dahlias, canas, geraniums, or even tomato plants, they can become works of art in the most natural way thereby enhancing the entire garden space, they are easily gardened and the larger ones do not required one to bend double in order to reach the plants .. Gardens, large or small are the opportunity for anyone, gardener or not, to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Even a balcony way above the ground can accommodate a few planters with lovely seasonable plants that will attract birds and bees, without too much risk of hay fever. Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is designed for pleasure and comfort, the accessory range will nicely compliment that overall picture.

Teak 60cm Lazy Susan

Finally, a fully functional and attractive addition to your next neighbourhood gathering. Made from the finest Grade A teak, the 60 cm Lazy Susan fits in the middle of most picnic and outdoor tables, even those hard-to-find for parasol tables.

Now you don’t have to ask for someone to pass the condiments. With a simple swing of the lazy Susan you have a selection of tasty meal enhancers. Particularly perfect for placement at large tables where salt, spices and other necessary ingredients can be kept centralised for easy sharing.

Our 60cm Lazy Susan is constructed from durable Teak to last decades. Teak is a sturdy, dense-grained hardwood that is harvested from a government-run Teak plantation in Indonesia. Because cultivation is carefully supervised and trees are replaced, there is no stress on the tree’s native population.

The Teak Lazy Susan adds efficiency and class to any meal. Use it inside for a quiet family dinner and then take it outside for that neighbourhood get-together. Teak’s natural oils make it extremely resistant to moisture and sunlight damage as well as temperature changes so you don’t have to worry about leaving it in the elements. And a classic mortise and tenon joining system provides simple, seamless strength.

Chairs and Tables Limited only uses Grade A Teak, mature wood carved from the core of a tree that is more than twenty years old. This gives the Lazy Susan its rich, nectar colouring. Our craftsmen visually match wood from different trees to provide that uniform look, and they avoid using wood that has knots or sap lines. All this amounts to a beautiful, long-lasting accessory that you will cherish for generations.

With its smooth, sanded finish and rounded design, the tabletop teak wood Lazy Susan has never looked so elegant and will make the perfect addition to your dining area or your garden table.

Made from sustainable sourced teak wood, with tennon joinery and mortice, it’s constructed with the highest quality craftsmanship to ensure ease of use and that added weight won’t stop it from functioning. At 60cm, it has sealed aluminum ball bearings to help it turn freely. Included is an integrated center hole cut-out to allow access for your umbrella / Parasol. It also matches other teak wood products we have and will blend perfectly with your garden design ensuring serving is easy, elegant and effortless!

  • No Assembly Required
  • 3 Year Warranty

Other Uses

Serving as an essential element to your indoor or outdoor dining needs, you will find your Lazy Susan is multi-use fuctional and is great for shared items or turning items including:

  • AT MEALTIME: Serving as a food trolley that can be turned with ease of use for your guests to partake of the various food items you have prepared or you can use it to hold cutlery and dinner napkins for your guests to take
  • IN PANTRIES: Serving as a canned good, spice or condiment stand, it can fit easily in your pantry and help you find spices when you need them, or store under the sink and rotate it to find cleaning supplies or other household items
  • AS A TV OR LAPTOP STAND: Serving as a small and stable TV stand for outdoor use if you have children that are watching a cartoon at a barbeque, or adults watching a football game on a tablet or laptop
  • AT A FORMAL EVENT: Use it as a cake or pie turner, and it can also help you to decorate your cake so you can turn it with ease
  • IN MEDICINE CLOSETS: It makes an easy to use carousel that can help you find medications and other items that make this a smooth turning, space saver for all your essential personal items
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