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With summer mere months away, it won’t be too long until we are able to sit back outside in the garden and appreciate the better the weather. It’s one of the great benefits of enjoying a garden, as nothing can beat sitting out on a cool summers afternoon, unwinding with friends and family – or sitting by yourself to enjoy some much-deserved peace and quiet!

Many people opt to buy brand new furniture every few years, usually just in time for the summer months. It’s usually the result of buying cheaper furniture on a whim, which is completely understandable given how infrequent the sunny weather is here!

However, why no save yourself the time and hassle of having to deal with a revolving door of garden furniture by investing in some high-quality teak products? These not only look great in any outdoor environment, but are built to last even the harshest weather, so you can expect to get many years out of them!

Not convinced? Here’s 4 reasons to investment in teak garden furniture for the upcoming summer:

It Looks Great

Teak is a naturally beautiful material that makes for wonderful furniture. The grains and colours are subtle yet attractive, so will look fantastic in almost any garden setup. You can be certain that you will looking at it as much as you do using it!

This is especially true when you look at other types of garden furniture. For instance, it is quite the rarity to have plastic furniture that looks appealing in any way, which is simply not the case with teak garden furniture – expect it to impress all the guests you entertain over the summer!

If you take pride in the appearance of your garden, then investing in some quality teakwood furniture is certainly worthwhile!

It’s Built to Last

Teakwood is one of the toughest, most durable hardwoods available, meaning you can expect it to last a very long time. If you have every been annoyed at how easily cheap garden furniture can break then you may appreciate the sturdiness of teak.

Granted it costs a little more, but you are definitely paying for a high-quality material that will not break easily or deteriorate after just a year or two. In fact, we estimate that teak furniture can last as long as a decade – or even longer!

It Can Withstand Terrible Weather

Now, thinking about a horrible winter is the last thing you need with summer on the horizon, but at the same time it’s worth considering how a terrible winter can impact your garden furniture.

Be it rain, snow, sleet, or frost, the elements can certainly take their toll on most types of garden furniture, but this isn’t the case with teakwood, thanks to natural oils present in the wood.

And while it may not be considered terrible weather, the sun can often overheat a bench and make it uncomfortable to sit on, but as teak doesn’t retain any heat it is always cool to touch – ideal for those summers day when the heat is a little too much!

Teak is incredibly durable and can easily sit outside throughout most of the year without any concern that the weather will cause any type of long-term damage. It’s one of the reasons teak garden furniture will last you so long!

It’s Simple to Maintain

Teak furniture requires very little maintenance, if any at all! The same oils present in the wood that help to avoid wear and tear also make it near impossible to stain, which is great for anyone with children that will be using the furniture!

Accidental spillages will only require a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and then will be as good as new. Furthermore, you don’t need to regularly varnish teak or even have to paint it in the first place, meaning you literally have to do nothing but use the furniture once it arrives!



Every garden, no matter the size, aspect or shape, can benefit from having great garden furniture.  Great garden furniture can bring your outdoor space to life and help you to create an environment where fun times are the norm and great memories are created.

Because of this you really should invest in some high quality garden furniture.   Here are some reasons why.


You can measure the quality (and therefore the value) of garden furniture by how long it lasts and the condition it remains in; good quality garden furniture lasts for a lifetime and pays for itself many times over.

A Great Look

You get what you pay for; cheap furniture can bring the nicest of outside spaces down and devalue everything you’ve worked to create in your garden.  Spending that little but more on the perfect set or item will be well worth it when your dreams for that outdoor space are brought to fruition.

Talking Point

Great garden furniture is a talking point; nobody is interested in talking about a bog standard, white plastic set, but a handcrafted Indonesian Teak set will really get tongues wagging.

In conclusion…

…you get what you pay for in this world and garden furniture is no exception; think long term and invest in quality only!

During the warmer months of the year, there is nothing better than relaxing outside in our gardens, basking in the fresh air and the peace and tranquillity. If however, you are forced to sit on, and around, cheap plastic patio furniture, well, the experience is hardly enjoyable or comfortable. We want our gardens to look their best, yet we want to be comfortable at the same time, and we want our guests to be comfortable at the same time. If you feel that your garden could do with a bit of an overhaul, you may wish to consider investing in great quality teak wood garden furniture. To help convince you that this is the right thing to do, take a look at the following, as we look at 4 reasons to invest in teak garden furniture.

Long-term investment – When people purchase cheap and nasty patio furniture, they generally do so just so that they have something other than the ground to sit on for that particular summer. Thanks to general wear and tear, as well as harsh weather conditions associated with the changing of the seasons, this furniture quickly deteriorates and breaks down, meaning that you will need to replace it a few months later. Teak wood however, is incredibly durable and so for that reason, with careful maintenance, it will last a lifetime, making it a fantastic long-term investment.

Hard wearing – As mentioned, teak wood is incredibly durable and hard wearing, making it perfect for locations prone to harsh weather conditions. With cheaper woods, rain, ice, snow, and even the sunshine, can all have negative effects on them and can cause them to break down. Teak however, will not rot in the rain, it will not fade, it will not crack, and it will not decompose. Providing you perform general maintenance, your teak garden furniture will withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, for many decades to come.

Easy to maintain – Teak is a wood that is incredibly easy to maintain, and what’s more, with a little maintenance not only does it last, but it also looks absolutely fantastic as well. Generally you can apply a mild oil or stain to help preserve the wood and protect it from the elements, which will also enhance its appearance. It can also easily wipe clean with a mild soap and warm water, which will bring it looking as good as new.

Looks great – Some woods just seem to look better than others, and teak is one of those woods. Rather than cheaper woods such as pine, teak just has a look of class and elegance about it, and it really enhances outdoor spaces no end. It is a beautiful golden brown colour that will naturally fade with time, although if preserved, the colour can obviously be maintained. The finish is flawless yet rustic at the same time, and it just looks absolutely fantastic and would make a welcome addition to any outdoor patio or garden seating area.

This delightful companion seat is fit to grace any decking, patio or balcony with its tasteful style and elegance. Described as banana shape because of its curvature, this tete a tete combination is very companionable and an excellent use of space. For a smaller patio garden or balcony, or maybe in a conservatory, this combination unit is excellent in both size and proportion. The seating arrangement is designed to allow sufficient closeness to permit easy conversation with enough separation to allow individual space. The design includes sturdy yet elegant construction employing Grade ‘A’ Plantation grown teak, the fine long grained and blemish free timber that is smooth to the touch and yet strong and durable. There are two seats, with nicely smoothed arms and back spars. Should this combination chair unit have to live outdoors or on deck it will retain its fine good looks for many years to come. Between the two seats there is a rather nice tastefully designed table that is just the right size for a couple of beverages and a plate of digestives, or if you prefer a gin and tonic and a dish of olives.

The Teak Garden Companion Seat by Chairs and Table Teak Garden Furniture is comfortably proportioned and is supplied with a pair of waterproof cushions of ample thickness and with a choice of blue or green covers.

The midsection table is pre-drilled for the use of a parasol, should the midday sun come out, and is equipped with a firm brass fitting. This beautiful teak garden loveseat is delivered fully assembled.

The entire range of Teak Garden Furniture is built with plenty of tender loving care, all joints are mortice and tennon joinery with dowelling inserts to ensure permanence of the joints extending the life of the product by many years. The Craftsmen at C&T Teak Garden Furniture take great pride in making the very best furniture available to discerning customers, their good name rests upon the fine quality of their tables and chairs.

Don’t want to have a sofa for your patio furniture? Why not try out something that’s more cost-friendly and looks amazing. This elegant table and chairs set is made out of solid Grade A sustainable teak wood that’s a real treat for all the environmental-friendly people out there. But there is more actually.

This round ring table and chairs set is perfect for outdoor space due to its resistance against the extremities of scorching sun and terrible rainstorms. If you have been longing for something that’s right on your budget and durable for years to come, this Turnworth Teak Round Ring Tables and Chairs set is the perfect answer.

The exquisite finish on this teak wood accentuates on your green lawn and makes it more vibrant. The light-colour with a tinge of raw teak is great to look at.

Let’s talk about the comfort.

In most cases, you can’t compare a patio sofa set with patio chairs, but in this, you can actually, because teak wood is comfortable for regular use. The circular design on the table-top looks much better than a plain one, and with all the natural teakwood colour, it a real eye-candy.

Do you scare your kids spilling liquids or food on the table? Don’t worry! Because these tables and chairs are made out of teak wood that wouldn’t stain easily. You clean it simply with a damp table cloth and add the final cleaning touches with a dry table napkin.

So what’s included in the package?

This Turnworth teak table and chairs set consists of 8 chairs and 180cm ring table and if you want to add some more chairs, you can get them separately. These teakwood tables and chairs set is available for £1599.99 which is a great deal to pick up at this price, because not just the tables, but chairs are also made up of Grade A teak.

So what else makes a great a patio table and chairs set?

Well, what about a turntable in the centre of your table, so that everyone has an equal access to the food on the table? This is ingenious

Final word on patio furniture

If you are looking for some outdoor bliss without worrying much about the replacement or repairs, get your furniture made out of teakwood for durability, lesser maintenance and low replacement cost, unlike synthetic furniture that may require you to replace your chairs or tables biannually.

 Each product from C&T comes with a 3-year warranty to make it more convenient for you

When it comes to outdoor decoration and picking up some patio furniture, our first impulse is to get the cheapest available furniture—and well, why shouldn’t we? After all, it’s only going to get ruined under extreme weather conditions and adversities of nature. Wrong.

Just like anything else, quality patio furniture would mean a long-term investment with low replacement cost. You would want to buy some outdoor furniture that could last a few years instead of getting some that may marginally make it to the next season. It’s worthwhile to think why you should or shouldn’t invest in some quality patio furniture. Here are the top reasons why quality outdoor furniture should be on the top of your list.

  1. Cheap patio means hefty replacement costs in the long run

The worst facet of cheap patio furniture is that it’s not friendly on your pocket in the long run. A low-quality garden furniture would wear off faster into despair, and in most cases, it’s difficult to get the repairs done due the intense aggravation.

Cheap garden furniture is not treated for rain or extreme heat of the sun, and once it’s damaged, you will have to start all over with the whole buying process. In most cases, cheap patio furniture needs to be replaced biannually and that extensively adds to the whole cost, especially when you take opportunity cost and shoe-leather cost into consideration.

If you really don’t have time for regular renovation and replacement, get a quality garden furniture that will relieve you off the hassle of furniture replacement.

  1. Cheap patio is difficult to keep clean

As aforementioned, cheap patio furniture may not be treated for the extremities of rain and sun, and that could mean higher tendency of fading and mildewing. Stained furniture is an eye sore, be it indoor or outdoor. Make sure that you aren’t loading some furniture in your garden that you wouldn’t want to sit on.

But with quality and high-end furniture, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Patio furniture made out of quality wood, like teak, blocks water absorption, dries more quickly and won’t leave those terrible stains on your furniture. This doesn’t only imply that cleaning would be easier, but you can also use your furniture sooner after a rainy day.

  1. Quality furniture equals better style

From the aesthetics perspective, you can’t expect much out of a furniture made from cheap wood. Apart from being unimpressive in most cases, it won’t even fit in well with your existing furniture. Furniture makers who take quality into consideration know the importance of the designs too. By spending on quality furniture, you will have better chance at picking up something from the latest fashions and styles.

Good quality furniture turns your home into an extension of your home where you could cherish your evening tea, because you will be having another gorgeous and comfortable space to spend your time at, apart from your TV lounge.

Nothing can be as enjoyable as relaxing in the garden. It is one of life’s simple pleasures, where you can sit around and unwind – preferably with some nice weather too!

Of course to properly enjoy sitting out in your garden you will need some garden furniture. This could be something simple from a couple of chairs to table sets, benches, and sun loungers. Much like other types of furniture, garden furniture comes in a variety of materials and styles, so there is plenty of options at available for anyone in the market for some new additions to their garden.

The price of garden furniture can vary as well so you can invest a lot or a little amount of money depending on what your preference and budget is. It is perfectly fine to spend a little less on your garden furniture but those that decide on paying a little more for high quality could actually benefit more in the long-term.

Check out some reasons as to why you should invest in quality garden furniture!


One of the most noticeable aspects of quality garden furniture is just how great it looks. This is mainly down to the materials used and the higher quality craftsmanship that tends to go into making them.

Teak or cedar are considered very high quality types of wood for example, and these will almost always look far better in your garden when compared to materials such as plastic or even lower quality wood types.

No matter the furnishings, be it a bench, chairs, or a table, you can be sure that when you opt for high quality that it will provide a fantastic look and style to your garden. They can serve as a centre piece and focal point for your garden as well.


Quality garden furniture usually requires quality materials, which will always lead to a much more durable piece of furniture. This can be quite important especially given the volatility of the British climate, as quality furniture is built to last much more than cheaper options.

Materials of a lower quality can really start to show their true value after a short time. Cheap wood and most plastic furniture will eventually break over time and much sooner than when compared to high quality furniture using materials such as teak or steel.

Long-Term Use

A direct reflection on the durability of high quality garden furniture is the fact that it will last quite a long time. There will be no need to reinvest in garden furniture every year or so if you have already bought something of a higher quality because they are built to last!

Even with our wild British weather you can be sure that investing in some high quality garden furniture will be one for the long-term – teak garden furniture can last upwards of 20 years, so it is safe to say you will get your money’s worth when going for quality!

High quality garden furniture in essence pays for itself. You won’t be buying anything new for quite some time, which will mean the money saved not having to constantly purchase garden furniture helps to cover the higher cost associated with the furniture.

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