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Designed in the style associated with Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens one of our foremost Architects and Designers this lovely piece of craftsman built Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is a joy to behold, and to relax upon.

The Classic Lutyens Bench is six feet in length with a raked half back and rolled arms. There is plenty space for two, adults and a little one to sit in comfort. The overall impression is one of a bench that is solidly constructed, stable, and built to last for several generations.

Being constructed of solid Grade ‘A’ teakwood, sustainably sourced from plantation grown trees and put together with loving care the Classic Lutyens Bench has an aura of dependability and handsome good looks. Being craftsman built using dowel joints, and very tight water-proof joints at that, this bench will hold its top quality appearance whatever the weather to grace one’s forecourt, paved area, or lawns for a good many years.

This excellent item of luxury teak garden furniture will enhance any home, business premises or recreational space and being low maintenance is extremely cost effective, and will not cost the earth.


A Luxury Teak Garden Bench is a focus point, and a talking point, fit to grace the largest, and somewhat smaller, outdoor living space.

Strategically placed with views of garden displays one’s bench can bring great pleasure whatever the time of year allowing for a fine view in comfort. Thanks to their excellent lines and craftsmanship any one of our range of benches will enhance the view by their presence, fitting into the overall picture quite naturally.
With a choice of sixteen impressive designs to pick from there is a bench to suit everyone, from wrap around comfort, augmented with cushions, to a delightful love seat, and the artistic Lutyens bench, each one is rugged and durable yet stylish and comfortable.
A brace of garden benches would be a lovely meeting place in one’s garden perhaps in the shade and protected from the breeze enabling a number of people to sit and enjoy warm weather well into the evenings.
Produced using only solid Grade ‘A’ teakwood that is properly seasoned and constructed any one of the benches will be smooth to the touch, for added comfort, and weatherproof, naturally.

A garden is never truly complete without a bench, and if there’s one bench that will provide a stunning centrepiece to any garden, it’s the luxurious Lutyens Bench. It exemplifies quality craftsmanship and is simply an exquisite piece of furniture that is a sight to behold and will look stunning in your garden.

It features a classic Marlborough design that takes inspiration from the timeless styles of Sir Edwin Lutyens, and wouldn’t look out of place in the sprawling gardens of a stately home.

The soft curved top, racked, backrests and rolled arms not only produce a truly beautiful design for the Lutyens Bench, but also make it very comfortable for sitting on, which is of course the main purpose of a garden bench after all!

Whether you are using it in your favourite area of the garden or placing it on the patio, the Lutyens Bench will compliment any style, looking particularly eye-catching when matched with other wood furnishings and fixtures.

In truth, the bench looks great no matter where you place it, with the natural wood finish working brilliantly against plants, trees, water features or any other features present in your garden.

Picture yourself sitting on the Lutyens Bench beneath your favourite tree or next to some vibrant flowers, taking in all the sights and smells your garden has to offer. This is versatile bench that will look great in any setting.

There’s various sizes available for the Lutyens Bench, ranging from four to seven feet in length, meaning you can find a suitable size that fits your needs. Better still, there is matching children’s models that will make for an adorable match.

Better still, the Lutyens Bench is made using only the highest quality teakwood materials, ensuring the bench is not just naturally attractive, but built to last! Teak is among the strongest woods available, so you needn’t worry about the bench breaking under too much weight or from general wear and tear.

In fact, the natural oils present in teak allows the bench to withstand even the harshest of weather, which is quite handy when you consider how wet and wild British weather can get throughout the year!

It is also worth mentioning how little maintenance the bench will require. The wood features a delightful natural finish that will require no varnish or paint, meaning you get to enjoy it as soon as it arrives.

Don’t worry about having to do much cleaning or maintenance thereafter – any spillages can easily be cleaned with a quick wipe from a damp cloth without leaving a stain.

As a result, expect the Lutyens Bench to last several years or even decades – this could very well become a family heirloom passed down to future generations!


Taking in some sun, reading al fresco, just sitting chatting with friends and family, this is what is so nice about a British garden. Doing so in comfort adds to the pleasure. Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture have an extensive range of seating from individual chairs to benches made to seat more two or three people.

The Aldeburgh group of benches are typical of the lovingly craftsman made furniture designed for the discerning person who wants the ‘best’ to grace their outdoor living space. Regardless of how large the space is there is a bench for everyone, for a suntrap patio or deck, or a lawn area, or indeed a balcony the Aldeburgh group of benches will add style and comfort.

Aldeburgh benches come in three sizes, four, five and six feet in length, allowing two or three people to be accommodated comfortably.

Characteristically, Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture items are crafted for 100% Grade A teak from sustainable plantations, the timber is correctly seasoned and carefully constructed for comfort, style and longevity. Properly selected and carefully worked Teakwood produces smooth, splinter free, weather proof qualities that produce a superior product. With dowel securing of the joints the Aldeburgh is high end garden furniture that and will retain its handsome good looks for years to come, especially with a little TLC from time to time. The lines of this lovely garden bench are sleek yet solid, the legs for example are 7x7cm, dependable and stable.

The Aldeburgh bench can be used without cushions, or if preferred one may have added comfort provided by weather proofed fitted seat cushions that are also available to make this beautifully crafted piece of furniture even more comfortable for your seating pleasure.

The Aldeburgh bench is delivered fully assembled and ready to use.

For the extra comfort of one’s family why not have a brace of Aldeburgh Benches so that one may sit opposite and chat in comfort, with a 50cm circular or square folding teak picnic table between for convenience? Absolute luxury and practical too, just the thing for a select afternoon tea with friends.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture offers home comforts for outdoor living spaces.

What an amazing addition to your garden or outside space this Grade A Teak Banana Bench would make.

Crafted from the finest Teak its design is such that won’t be able to help but relax when sitting on it with friends, family or even if you’re enjoying a solitary moment.

This delightful piece can be used indoors too, but we feel that it best compliments outdoor decking, a patio or summer house/sun room.  Choose between using it with or without cushions.

As with all of our pieces it has been crafted from sustainably sourced Teak which has been treated, oiled and is densely grained giving it strength and durability to go alongside its beauty.

Silkily finished and sanded to perfection, we can deliver this piece fully assembled and ready for you to enjoy

You can look forward to casual Sunday mornings, enjoying a hot drink and watching the day emerge; you can lose yourself in the atmosphere around you safe in the knowledge that you are comfortable, rested and in complete control.

Comfort and the space to relax and lose yourself; what more could you ask for from a banana bench in your garden?

This high quality bench is a great example of the master craftsmanship at play in the design and construction of our teak garden furniture pieces. Its classic design is combined with the robustness and durability which comes as standard with all of our teak pieces.

The classical backrest and the rolled arms give this bench a stylish look which would offset any well-groomed garden and further enhance its warmth and homeliness. Yu also get versatility as well; this bench is equally at home indoors too; particularly in open rooms with linked to the outdoors like summer houses, conservatories and day rooms.

Sir Edward Lutyens is of course a renowned architect and a true British great; his skill, patience and eye for detail have never been better epitomised than in this delightful garden bench. We’re proud to continue his tradition and his strong presence in gardens everywhere; Lutyens was an influence garden designer and city planner, and now his style and skills can be at the centre of your own outdoor space.

The Deluxe Lutyens Teak Bench will arrive fully assembled and ready to use in the space of your choice; it is constructed from Grade A teak like all of our quality garden furniture and it is fine sanded to a silky smooth finish which exudes class.

We should always strive for comfort in and around the home, and nothing can be more comfortable than sitting out in the garden on a pleasant afternoon to relax and soak in the good weather. Yet sitting out in the garden doesn’t always guarantee you comfort – unless you have the perfect garden furniture.

Nothing gets much better than this set of banana companion chairs from Chairs and Tables. A two-seater chair set that is the perfect addition to any garden; this is a piece of furniture that was meant to be enjoyed with a loved one. With a conjoining medial table that is perfect for holding a beverage and has a hole cut for a parasol, this is the piece of furniture that your garden has been missing!

This will look spectacular no matter where you decide to place it. As a dual seat perfect for sharing with someone, you can set up in your favourite spot of the garden, be it on the patio, decking, or underneath a tree.

When it comes to a naturally beautiful wood, then teak is certainly amongst the best out there. Its grains and natural finish looks stunning in almost every environment, and should you want to, you can easily stain or paint them – although they definitely look great as they are!

There is durability present throughout the banana companion chairs, which have been built from the highest quality teakwood and feature weather-proof cushions as well. This means you can expect them to handle whatever weather they encounter, which can be particularly useful.

Teak is amongst the strongest wood around, so you can be sure that it is strong and will be able to sustain a lot of damage. Not only that, but the wood is naturally resistant to the weather, meaning you don’t need to worry about the rain, sleet, snow or frost doing any damage to your chairs.

The natural oils present in the wood make it simple to maintain too. You won’t have to concern yourself with stains ruining the surface as a quickly wipe with a cloth is all that is needed to keep the wood looking clean and stain-free.

Wood-burrowing insects are also not a concern, as these same oils present in teak prevent them from creating any damage to the chairs, helping to ease any worries that the chairs could quickly decline.

In fact with a little bit of care, you can expect these chairs to last several years, and possible even decades. Teak is strong and durable, so they can last for a long time when taken care of – and considering how easy they are to maintain, this requires little effort on your end!

So if you to sit back and enjoy your garden they it should be enjoyed, then look no further than the banana companion chair. It is ideal for enjoying company in the garden or simply sitting yourself

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