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When it comes to finding good quality garden furniture, you can’t go wrong with teak. One of the most popular materials used for outdoor furniture, there are many reasons why it is worth investing money for a set of teak garden furniture.

Let’s take a look at some of these to see why teak garden furniture could be the perfect addition to your garden!


Perhaps one of the most appealing benefits of using teak for furniture is its incredible durability. Mature teakwood is one of the toughest woods available, so using it to create outdoor furniture makes a lot of sense.

It will stand the test of time thanks to this durability, and it will also help the furniture deal with the less than stellar British weather it will be facing! While storing it will obviously help maintain it, it is certainly possible to leave teak garden furniture outdoors for most of the year.


Teak can also withstand a lot of weight, making it suitable for chairs and tables that will need to withstand this additional weight. Better still, it ensures that damaging the furniture is more of a task, as it will take some force to break or splinter teak garden furniture in the event of accidental collisions and the like.

Easy Maintenance

Thanks to natural oils present in the wood, teak is surprisingly easy to maintain. For example, you can wipe away most spillages that would normally stain other types of wood with teak garden furniture, making it an ideal choice for tables in particular.

That means you won’t have to regularly clean the table to ensure it maintains its best appearance. Furthermore, the strength and durability of the material will ensure that any damage is kept to a bare minimum, ensuring that few repairs are required.

Beautiful Appearance

Nothing can quite match the beauty of teakwood. The colours (of which there are many variations of) and textures of the wood give it a delightful appearance that is very natural, helping it to fit into the natural surroundings of a garden with ease.

Moreover, its appearance is far more appealing when compared to other types of materials commonly used in garden furniture, such as plastics or lesser quality woods.


As previously mentioned, teak happens to be one of the strongest and most durable woods on the market. While the higher quality of the material makes less affordable than others, the fact that it can last for years, if not decades, more than makes up for this.

When you take into consideration the number of years it will likely be in use for, along with other benefits such as appearance and maintenance, it becomes clear that the money spent will a long-term investment!


It is easy to get carried away with superlatives, doing so does grow wearisome. When talking about investment in ‘quality’ it is important to establish just what quality means. Quality is the standard of something when measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. Therefore, something that is ‘good’ quality is surely another cut above the rest.

Teak wood that is sustainably grown in plantations is grown to a standard profile, because it is not a cut and rush operation time can be taken to make certain that the timber is well formed, straight grained, and it can be properly seasoned – not rushed by cutting corners. Seasoning teak properly will allow the timber to dry slowly thereby ensuring that this heavy wood, with its exceptional grain strength and stiffness and inherent durability, will last a lifetime.

Teak wood of this same calibre is used in marine construction, discerning buyers of fine furniture for their outdoor spaces would do well to buy the kind of quality that would grace any fine sailing ship. It is no coincidence that the very best unblemished timber available is used in both cases. The best quality garden furniture made of the finest timber available must surely mean long life and rugged strength.

Luxury outdoor garden furniture will in many cases live outdoors whatever the weather, and just like the timbers of the deck of a ship the materials must be up to the job, second best is not an option.

Perfectly grown and seasoned timber that is then placed in the hands of craftsmen can be turned into well-designed elegant, superbly crafted, comfortable furniture. One mark of a well-made chair is its comfort value without any added cushions, a modicum of padding is of course acceptable but a well-crafted chair that is perfect when unadorned is something very special.

Having acquired the best timber available, to then produce elegant furniture that has tight dowelled joints and brass fittings to be sure of the quality of the end product is a sign of good quality.

What then are the benefits of investing in quality teak garden furniture?

The finest raw materials are sustainably and responsibly sourced.

Being well seasoned the teak will not rot or deteriorate, it will outlive poorer products several times over.

Quality Teak Garden Furniture will retain its good looks, comfort and charm.

It will charm one’s guests with its youthful good looks and craftsman made quality helping one’s parties to be a great success, naturally.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture go the extra mile to make their range so extensive that customers will be spoiled for choice, and that our quality will make us the outstanding investment when compared with the rest. C&T Garden Furniture is synonymous with good quality.

Actually at Chairs and Tables we do. That means taking time to select the right materials in peak condition and using tradition skills turn the raw materials into fine garden furniture.

This process starts with the trees, by using only well managed plantation trees that have been given time to mature we not only make certain of the best materials for the job but we can be sure of using sustainable resources by not ripping trees out of the forests of the world. Managed plantations means that a regular crop of fresh timber can be available continuously without harming the balance of nature. Following on, we allow all of the Teak and Eucalyptus wood to season slowly. Patience is the key, wood needs to dry out once felled, Teak seasons exceptionally well and becomes more durable given time, which is why most wooden ships have teak wood for their decking. Teak is as tough as can be and stays in good shape for many years often with little maintenance and regardless of the weather conditions, which is rather useful in Great Britain.

Having selected the timber to be used our craftsmen turn it into furniture using those same hands on traditional skills to shape and style the timber to precise tolerances for nice tight joints that will remain solid and withstand heavy outdoor use. Rather than use nails and screws, where appropriate, the craftsmen use wooden dowels to secure the joints, a small detail but the difference between furniture that is made to last and keep its appearance for donkey’s years, and the common or garden stuff that will not. Much of the cheaper product is laminated with a Teak skin the base wood being soft wood that will succumb to the elements rather quickly. Chairs and Tables Excellent Teak Garden Furniture is made from solid Teak that will outlast most of us.

Taking time and putting in the extra effort is the signal skill of the craftsmen and women who cherish the ethos of fine quality being worth the effort, rather than accepting second best.

Chairs and Tables High Quality Garden Furniture is designed and styled by experts who are keen to offer the very best that money can buy, so that when ones’ pals come round for Pimms o’clock you can be certain that they will perceive that only the best is good enough for them, and for our customers.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture are proud have our discerning customers tell their friend how excellent our Teak, and Eucalyptus, Garden Furniture is, and what excellent taste they have.

When you have teak garden tables, you will be able to enjoy the outdoor dining and the casual elegance.

This breaks the monotony of dining indoors, and you will have a chance to eat outdoor. The teak garden tables are available in a wider variety of sizes and different shapes. You can choose your preferred size and shape based on the use and the number of people to use the table. The table can be placed in the patio, garden, deck and any other suitable outdoor position. When set correctly, you will find that spot the best for you to relax and rest.

The table is designed in a manner that you will be very comfortable using it, and you can easily see all the people seated without straining. The design is meant to make the elderly people comfortable when using the table. They can dine with their guests and have ample time to relax without straining.  Teak Garden Tables are designed and crafted by professionals in a flush mount design that ensure that the dishes are without any interference in the visibility. When using the table, you will enjoy watching the faces of your friends as you dine or taking a cup of coffee. The table id perfect for early morning coffee breaks, tea parties, family dining, jovial moments with friends and picnics. In fact, such tables add unrivalled style and classic elegance to your outdoor space.

Teak Garden Tables are constructed using an exceptional sustainable teak. The types of such tables available are legged tables (they cannot be moved as they are fixed), rectangular tables (they are rectangular in shape), folding round tables and the side tables. Such tables are designed in a classic manner with timeless style and clean architectural lines. Since they are in a unique way, the future demand is rising since everyone is now thinking of how to improve the outdoor look of their homes. This is one of the essential improvements they can install, and they will create the perfect outdoor niche for relaxation. When you are seriously looking for the best and natural teak furniture, Teak Garden Tables is the best for you as it will satisfy all your needs. You can order today and be assured of a lifetime outdoor experience you will never forget.

Teak garden furniture has a decidedly middle age vibe about it. But if you love your garden and spend as much time out there as possible, then you will appreciate a piece of quality teak furniture from Chairs & Tables Ltd.

A piece like this recycled teak wood bench makes a statement to the world. You are mistress of your garden and you wish to have a suitable throne from which to survey the results of your hard work. This bench can be left outside in all weathers, thanks to the durability of hardwood. For those without gardens, the good news is that the furniture is also suitable for indoor use. It would fit in a conservatory just as well as on a patio by a summer house or the kind of outdoor balcony room popular in Europe.

Teak wood is tough. Treat yourself to one of these benches and you’ll not only have a place that you can sit now, you will have an instant heirloom. Because this piece is made of reclaimed wood, it’s ecologically sound. These beautiful hardwood benches are unique works of art, hand carved and solidly made. The furniture is lightly waxed to give it a smooth finish. The reclaimed teak comes from old buildings and wood panelling which would otherwise be surplus to requirements and simply scrapped. The detail and craftsmanship turns something unwanted into something very much wanted. The wood becomes a bench full of history. When you buy one of these quality pieces you are adding to that history. You are also helping one of the nine family-run firms which supply furniture to Chairs and Tables Ltd.

This bench is a piece to draw compliments. Some will admire the detailed carvings, others will prefer the solid construction or the fact that it is delivered fully assembled. Everyone is likely to agree that it is a lovely piece of furniture. If you’re a cat owner, be prepared to share the bench with your feline friend, as they too will appreciate the smooth, warm surface and the chance to enjoy the warmth of the sun from such a comfortable location.

The fact that so much care has gone into the production of each piece is reflected in the price. However, think of the bench not just as a piece of garden furniture, but also as a piece of art and suddenly it’s a good investment. Like a piece of Venetian glass, this bench is for you and your family to enjoy, to hand down to the next generation and give them memories to cherish.

Are you looking to design an alfresco family space for your backyard or garden area? Open air living has a relaxing appeal, doesn’t it? You can sit back and relax while breathing in what nature has to offer! Nevertheless, it needs to be durable and comfortable which is difficult to find with quality furnishings. Garden décor can come in a huge array of styles and patterns. In fact, it will become the focal point of your outside atmosphere. Since we are coming into the spring season, it is time to find that ideal setting for your garden furnishings! Will you match and mingle amongst the numerous collections from Chairs and Tables Limited or do you want a more distinctive matching set in your back yard to delight guests and your household?

C&T Teak offers luxury tables and other furnishings in many designs which you will want to display in your backyard! Once you have picked out the perfect table, which will be your focal point, you will need to add the chairs that beg to be sat on! Remember, this is the time to allow your inner designer inspirations flow! When browsing through C&T Teak you will discover a variety of benches, chairs, loungers, umbrellas, sculptures, and accessories. There are classic and contemporary design, which will transform your backyard or garden into a beautiful or magical setting!

Each piece is constructed from certified ecologically managed plantations. If you are looking for aluminium furniture, Chairs and Tables Limited offer that as well! Each piece is FSC certified and is currently in stock unless otherwise noted. Orders are shipped out immediately and location is not an issue if you live in the UK. C&T Teak care about their customers, and have refined the shipping procedures to assure that the shipment is fast, and your furniture will arrive without damages.

Some outside furniture suppliers offer their outdoor furniture at low costs because the items have sloppy welds, cracked casters, or bad paint finishes. It is important to inspect the merchandise before buying it. That is why Chairs and Tables Ltd guarantees their products against defects in workmanship and materials for three years from the day of purchase.

If you want quality furniture, Chairs and Tables Limited, has it! Do not make the mistake of buying cheap furnishings that will not survive the subsequent season. Remember, that the items in your backyard and garden will receive damages from the sun, wind, and rain. Chairs and Tables Limited are committed to your total satisfaction so they scrutinize each piece for flaws, so they know that your items will last! If you are looking for durable furniture that is guaranteed for years, try searching through the multiple selections from C&T Teak! You may just find that perfect piece that will transform your backyard or garden into a space everyone will envy!

and you can think about is outdoor garden rests and activities? You may find yourself thinking about garden furniture for activities such as barbecue.

Teak garden furniture is beautiful and has many advantages giving you more reasons as to why you should choose our outdoor furniture.

The furniture is strong and durable. The material used to make the furniture (teak) is strong and beautiful. This ensures that the furniture serves longer and makes your garden look elegant.

Another advantage is that it is waterproof. It does not rust or even rot making it such a great material for making outdoor furniture since they are exposed to different weather conditions.

Garden furniture made of teak is easy to maintain. If garden furniture is made of material which attracts dirt easily, then it becomes really hard to maintain. Teak requires low maintenance as it does not attract dirt easily and can be easily cleaned. This makes furniture made of teak suitable for most gardens.

Teak furniture is long lasting. One does not have to replace their garden furniture after every year. Since it is strong it does not get damaged so easily. This saves on time and money.

Style and elegance is one thing we all would love to have on our gardens especially if we entertain a lot. Teak furniture offers exactly this. Its original color looks beautiful. The appearance of the furniture can be maintained by using teak oil on the furniture occasionally. We also offer different color shades and styles to suit your taste as regards garden furniture.

If shopping for outdoor furniture, then teak furniture would be the ideal option because of its many advantages over other material. The advantages should be put into consideration when a making the choice that will make your garden look like what you have always wanted it to be.

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