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There are three delightful tables in this range from which to choose, the Oval Extending Double Leaf Teak Table, the Rectangular Extending Teak Table, and the Round Extending Teak Table.

People with a large family or who wish to hold regular outdoor soirees will find the excellent range of interest. All three tables have a copious amount of space with the Oval model the largest at well over nine feet in length, the Rectangular Table stands at a tad short of ten feet long, the Round table is stylish, a table ideal for a family gathering.
Being extendable these excellent tables will serve a family well with the capacity to be extended, whilst taking less space when not.

All Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is constructed for durability and elegance, without losing sight of its purpose, the tables need to be solid yet attractive, stable enough to accommodate a group of diners with attendant crockery etc., and retain its good looks for many years to come. Only Grade A selected teakwood is used by our craftsmen carpenters, teakwood is robust and waterproof, with a beautiful patina, with a little TLC it will last a lifetime.


The Rectangular Teak Extending Table Set with Southwold Arm Chairs is stylish set of garden furniture that is perfect for anyone entertaining large groups. If you love to have guests around your home and enjoy dining or relaxing outside, then this teakwood furniture will certainly appeal.

One of the most notable features of this set is the rectangular double leaf extending table. Without extending, it measures an impressive 180cm, which increases to 240cm when fully extended, making it perfect for those occasions where you have several people visiting!

The extension is compact and remains hidden from sight when not in use, tucking beneath the table. This is easily accessible too, as you only need to separate the table to pull out the double butterfly extension.

Simply put, this is a spacious table that will never feel overcrowded, even when surrounded by guests and full of dining materials.

The table itself is made from high-quality, A Grade teak that is a simply beautiful. It comes with the softest finish, and the natural grains and textures are attractive without any sort of treatment – there’s no need to varnish or paint this table!

Better still, the table includes eight Southwold armchairs, all of which come with a soft, weather-proof cushion. They are made from the same quality teak as the table, featuring that gorgeous natural finish that is soft to the touch.

No guest will feel uncomfortable in these chairs, as they are fantastic for lazing around in outside or for simply sitting around the table when enjoying a meal.

Together, the table set will look outstanding in virtually any outdoor space. In fact, you can easily use it indoors as well, showcasing how versatile the set is – it is so beautiful you will want to use as much as possible!

That shouldn’t be too difficult, as you can expect to have this table and chair set for many years down the line. Using quality teakwood means that the furniture will not be susceptible to general wear and tear like most other garden furniture, especially given the fact that oils in teak help prevent weather damaging the wood.

Moreover, you won’t need to spend much time maintaining the tables and chairs. As previously mentioned, they do not have to be varnished or painted (unless you want to), and cleaning requires a quick wipe down with a wet cloth.

As a result, you can expect this garden furniture set to last well over ten years with a proper care, and they could certainly last much longer if wanted. You could very well find yourself passing this down to future generations!

The Rectangular Teak Extending Table Set with Southwold Arm Chairs is a breath-taking example of artisan furniture. Its stylish, purposeful, and built to last, making it a fine addition to any garden or home.

Teak known as Tectona grandis is a hardwood. Teak grows in mixed hardwood forests. The places where teak grows are India, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Teak wood is very valuable in terms of durability and sustainability. This is why, Europe and USA import teak and for this reason, teak is very expensive. And, since centuries, it has been recognized as a hardwood that is resistant to the changing climate. Teak wood is lustrous, smooth as silk and has a golden colour with a pungent leather-like odour. The wood is durable and strong. Additionally, because it is weather resistant, it is a great raw material for artists. The teak is very good because it can be used all year round and also in any era. The wood also resistant to moisture and insect infestation because it contains high oil content.

In the 1800s when the advantages of teak were discovered, the idea of using it for outdoor spaces with gardens to enhance the look of the place, altogether. And, since then furniture made for outdoor purposes is made mainly from teak. The specific advantages of furniture made out of teak are that the furniture will not fade away and it will stay the same way, from day one. No climate change will affect it; no matter how bad. The teak furniture is strong and withstands weather changes just to look equally beautiful as ever before. It is a long-term investment that you will be making.

Therefore, if you are planning to decorate and set your outdoor space but are confused as to what type of furniture and material should you use? And, also something that can be within your budget. The best option is to buy teak garden furniture to make your space look classy and divine.

At the moment, you would be thinking that I previously mentioned that teak is expensive and now I am saying the furniture is not. Confused? Let me clear it. Teak furniture is expensive but then again not as expensive in comparison to the quality and advantages it offers. Secondly, the expense will be one time. Otherwise, furniture that is inexpensive will lack in durability and you will have to replace it time to time.

So the best way to set up your patio or the outdoor place is to set it up with oval teak table set. Other than the fact that it is made of teak, the other advantage is that the teak dining table can seat up to ten people comfortably. Also, the table is wide enough to place all the main servings and the side-dishes simultaneously without any hassle. The table also has double extension leafs that can be made use of and when not; can be placed under the frame easily. This dining table is suitable for dining with family members as well as helpful in gatherings.

The Oval Teak Extending Double Leaf Table Set is a unique piece of furniture that comes with 10 stacking chairs and cushions. A great furniture item for the spring season, the Oval Teak Extending Double Leaf Table will look incredibly stunning in your garden as it comes with matching cushions and chairs. Generally, this particular table set it amazing for both outdoor dining and entertainment.

The measurements of the double leaf table measure 120 cm and it has a depth of 40mm. Its overall width, therefore, make it a perfect set of putting it outdoors. The table set comes with 10 matching lovina chairs that have been uniquely crafted.

The unique selling point of the oval teak extending double leaf table and stacking chairs is that they come with the following amazing features:
• Durability: One of the most important things about the double leaf table is that they are durable. This means that they are more of a one time investment. Once you invest in them, they will surely last a long amount of time. You will not have to worry about them getting easily worn out because they are durable and they will surely last a good amount of time.
• Sustainability: Another integral feature of the Double Leaf Table and Stacking Chair is that it is sustainable. Therefore, once you invest in them, you can readily sustain it. It is one of those types of furniture items that will not disappoint you for years.

The garden furniture set has been built specifically by skilled carpenters who use important items such as joints and brass fittings throughout construction. Therefore, they have come up with a timeless an and outstanding piece of garden furniture that it timeless and will last for a long amount of time. You can easily enjoy it for years to come.

The measurement of the furniture is 2 meter in length but it has a majestic seating of six that is amazing for every day use. You can, therefore, use the furniture for any function, whether it is long functions or weekend lunches.

The table has multiple usages. It is great for weekend lunches and it is also great if you have a good party or two planned. The table can be used to accommodate the ten supplied chairs on which the guests can sit and have a luxurious sitting on.

Generally, the Oval Teak Extending Double Leaf Table Set with Lovina Stacking Chairs have been carefully sanded to improve smoothness. They are silky and they feature a good, pre-drilled hole to accommodate a parasol. Thus, if things do get hot, you can use it as a welcome shade. Moreover, there is also a brass ring that can supply and protect the wood and even fit the hole when uncapped.

Generally, the furniture is long lasting and durable which make it an excellent choice of green furniture. Moreover, the table arrives fully assembled and it has thick solid and chunky legs that are great for stability. The table comes with a 3 year warranty from purchase.

Teak is chosen as the natural timber of choice for sailing boats and ships decking and fittings. Why? Because it is perfect for the job, being resistant to wear and tear, impervious to bad weather, and keeps its good looks, some would say improves with age.

Chairs and Tables Superior Teak Garden space furniture is hand crafted from sustainably sourced plantation grown Grade A teak that has been well seasoned to ensure stability when being worked, and hand selected so that the right wood is used for the job in hand. Garden furniture may have to stand out in all weathers, covered in snow, rained upon and possibly bleached by the sun. Superior garden furniture will cope with all of that and more. Garden furniture that is the centre piece of a garden, patio, or decking, that is used for frequent, or occasional, entertaining needs to look the part.

The Oval Extending Double Leaf Teak Table (200-300 x 120cm) is a case in point.
This elegant extending table will accommodate up to twelve guests in comfort. Being superbly crafted it looks very stylish yet solid, the table is 40cm thick making it delightfully stable, this table will not wobble when you move. Whatever the occasion, a dinner for twelve in the balmy evening air, or a BBQ or buffet this table is perfect room for all occasions. Because of its impressive good looks this table may well be the star of the show, turning heads and attracting compliments from one’s guests. At 120 cm wide the table is generously proportioned giving ample room for family use.  The double butterfly extension leafs can be stowed in the table under-frame when not in use and is very easy to extend, no weight lifting courses required!

The Oval Extending Double Leaf Teak Table has a carefully designed central hole to accommodate the sun parasol designed to keep the strong sun off one’s diners, and is shower proof just in case. In common with all of the C&T Teak Chairs range of Garden Furniture our craftsmen use only mortise and tenon joinery with doweling, quality brass fittings and a solid brass parasol hole blanking cap. Chairs and Tables Garden Furniture range includes very comfortable teak chairs in compatible styles to complete the set.

When we talk about furniture, the things that pop-up in our minds are chairs, benches, furniture sets and tables. Talking about a table, people are confused that what kind of a table would be best for their homes. People need to know what kind of a table would fit their needs and persona.

A sustainable and stylish table allows you to hold parties, and concurrently, making these parties elegant. When it comes to serving the food, the tables matter a lot. You cannot set the food on the floor right? When looking for elegant outdoor furniture, tables in particular, an option worth considering would be teak garden furniture.

I was searching the internet for a table that would suit my lush garden. I came across teak garden tables. These tables are delicately made and can add to the beauty of your gardens. Teak garden tables are made out of wood. Furniture made from teak is usually used for gardens and lawns. Chairs, tables, furniture sets are made out of this material.

Enjoying outdoor dining and casual parties have been made graceful with teak garden tables. As we move along, I would explain the factors which make these numerous types of teak garden tables the best choice for your garden etc.

1.  Varying sizes and designs:

Teak garden tables are made in different sizes and designs to tackle the different needs people usually put up. Some would want a table for two, on the other hand, some would want a large dining table to cater guests in garden parties etc. These different needs are considered and fulfilled by teak garden tables.

Families can use these tables for various purposes e.g. holding parties etc. Some of these teak garden tables are folding as well which would allow families to take these tables along for picnics. Teak garden tables can serve several people depending on the size and design.

2.  Quality:

The quality of teak garden tables is unquestionable. Teak garden tables have no loose edges which makes their making smooth and firm. These tables are constructed with the best material to make them long lasting. People can use teak garden tables for years depending on how they maintain these tables.

3.  Durability:

Teak garden tables are durable according to the feedback by many. Teak garden tables had been notorious to the masses, however, due to their durability and long life they have gained popularity over the time. They are long lasting and can undergo rough impacts e.g. when you are relocating.

4.  Material sustainability:

Teak is a reliable material when it comes to furniture. The material used is durable and the design stays intact for a long period. The flexibility in teak can help to design the tables for a large family as well.

There are 4 major types if teak garden tables in different designs. These tables are specially designed to make sure that your domestic needs are fulfilled.

  • Extending Tables:
  • Fixed Legged Tables:
  • Folding Round Tables:
  • Coffee and Side Tables:
  • Rectangular Tables:


Hence, I conclude with the statement that teak garden tables can make your parties elegant, maintaining their quality and reliability simultaneously.



It’s never too early to plan ahead for the upcoming warm weather of spring and summer. One of the best aspects about these seasons is the fact that it actually provides us with the opportunity to sit outside in the garden and enjoy the weather, which can often feel like a rarity with the wonderful British weather.

This is why we should always make the most of our time outdoors, and nothing can help achieve that quite like a brand new set of teak garden furniture. One such set found at Chairs and Tables is the beautiful Round Teak Extending Table Set with Recliner Chairs.

Picture you and the family sitting around this massive table, relaxing in the comfort of a recliner chair, enjoying a bite to eat and a spot of sun. Are you a fan of entertaining guests? Imagine a fantastic meal on a mild summer evening, enjoying the company of friends as you sit around a stunning teak table.

Simply put, this garden furniture set has many uses for your outdoor living area, and you are only limited by your imagination!

The set is made up of a round teak table that can be extended for additional surface room, allowing for you to make adjustments if more space is required, or make it more compact for storage.

Not only that, but six recliner chairs come with the set too, meaning there is lots of room for sitting around the table, and what’s more you can use each recliner on their own in a number of adjustable positions – making them perfect for sunbathing or relaxing outdoors.

The teak used is grade A and finely sanded to provide silky and smooth finish to the material. So not only does it look amazing, it is soft to touch, making it the perfect addition to any garden.

Even better is the incredible durability of the teak used.

Teak is an impressively strong and resistant wood. It can take large amounts of weight so isn’t susceptible to breaks and snapping, even in the event of accidental collisions or knocking over the furniture. You can expect years upon years of use from any teak garden furniture set, making it a very reasonable investment over the long-term.

It is also durable against the elements too – and living in the UK certainly brings a few wet and windy days to our gardens! Even the most extreme weather conditions won’t be a match for the natural durability found in teak. Better still, wood-burrowing insects cannot damage teak in anyway, so there really are minimal risks when it comes to damaging the material!

You can easily sustain teak overtime too thanks to the natural oils present in the wood. Aside from the occasional clean with a cloth, you won’t need to sand or varnish your teak furniture in the future, although you can easily paint the wood if you want add more style – though the natural appearance of the wood is highly regarded, and it will maintain this appearance for years.

Overall, teak is one of the highest quality woods on the market. One purchase could very well last you years or even decades with good care. If you have big plans for your garden area this year, we highly recommend the gorgeous Round Teak Extending Table Set with Recliner Chairs.


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