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Not just any old benches, Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture benches are a cut above the rest.

For anyone investing in garden furniture the Winter season is a brilliant opportunity to take time and select the best option to suit your needs. Benches make excellent Christmas gifts, for anyone with a garden, patio, decking area or veranda the Southwold and Aldeburgh models are perfect, pick a suntrap, a south-facing wall maybe and enjoy sitting with a cup of tea, or a G and T, to take in the view. On doesn’t need a vast area of garden to enjoy sitting on a bench on the better Winter days, and with a patio heater or chimenea you could keep warm in the process and toast a marsh mellow or two.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Benches are superior due to their inbuilt comfort, top quality teak construction using traditional techniques and exceptional finishing. In investment terms for any business, golf club, or restaurant, the return is substantial, these benches will retain their good looks and quality long after purchase. The Southwold and Aldeburgh benches are manufactured using Grade A plantation grown teak, because of the exceptional weather resistance qualities of teak they will withstand the elements for years to come.

‘In Remembrance’ benches make a fine memorial to a loved one, the Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture Team believe that their products must reflect the gravity of such events and we are in no doubt that either of these grand benches is a worthy memorial.

With the addition of an engraved plaque in commemoration these products make a splendid memorial.

The Southwold bench is available in 4feet, 5 feet and the deluxe 6 feet sizes, with enough room for a couple of adults and the larger ones a small child too.

teak bench
Southwold 4ft Teak Deluxe Bench

Similarly the Aldeburgh range is available from stock in the same sizes. Like the Southwold benches the design is traditional and has beautiful lines, whereas the Southwold benches have a straight horizontal back the Aldeburgh has a curved back making it a very attractive looking feature.
Aldeburgh 6ft Teak Bench – Deluxe

Because teak has both silica and rubber in its composition it has very good water resistance, which is why it used so much in the finest ocean-going boats. The construction of the product is completed by craftsmen using tried and tested methods, mortis and tennon joints for example with dowel inserts to ensure that the joints are as water tight as is possible. Following completion of the assembly stage the teakwood is sanded to perfection to remove any snags or rough edges that may catch a finger or clothing.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is an online supplier of premier quality garden products whose catalogues can be accessed at

The team are happy to help customers with their inquiries and offer guidance where required.

Customers planning their 2019 Top Quality Garden Furniture selections are recommended to peruse the Chairs and Tables catalogue and start planning now.


Generally, people like to buy something that is a great bargain, but that can mean many things, for example, cheap, exceptional quality, gracefully elegant and fitting, a head turner, something that will last ‘forever’ and look wonderful whilst doing so, not to mention the ecological value of using sustainable timber.

Cheap and cheerful means poor quality and probably disposable, in the main such furniture is made using substandard materials and methods that will not stand the test of time.

Purchasing exceptionally high-quality furniture means the product is tasteful, durable, well proportioned, comfortable – especially important when buying Garden Chairs, made to last because the items are craftsman made, and will accommodate one’s friends and family in the manner that one feels is appropriate.

Elegance is the trademark of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture, no matter how large or small the item of furniture is it will look grand! This is nicely worked and attractively styled garden furniture, from the Lutyens ornate style to the Turnworth and Southwold styles, there is something for every discerning customer.

The Ecological style of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture, as a Company, is of major importance. All items of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture are produced using selected items of plantation grown Grade A seasoned teakwood. This means that the timber is sourced sustainably – no forest trees have been destroyed in acquiring this timber, it also means that the teak wood is knot free and can be smoothed to a fine finish that will not snag one’s skin or clothing and is smooth to the touch. Once the teakwood is ready the skilled carpenters fashion it and use traditional means to make the joints weatherproof and where metal fastenings are used smart brasswork is used. Such detailed craftsmanship is dedicated to ensuring that your new garden furniture will attract approving glances from neighbours, friends and family, and with some TLC from time to time will last for many years to come. Solid teakwood is tough and generally weatherproof, the finest ocean going sailing boats are built using teakwood because it is waterproof and hard wearing.

Why buy Teak Garden Furniture from Chairs and Tables?

Because they stake their proudly forged reputation on every item of Luxury Teak Garden Furniture that they produce and supply to all of their customers for whom only the best will do.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture, the Natural Choice.

The New Tax Year is upon us and it is time to invest in fixtures, fittings and essentials for the oncoming Summer Season. People operating businesses such as Cafés and Restaurants with an alfresco option, plus Golf clubs, Sailing clubs and Cricket clubs etc thinking about updating their outdoor space or planning a new venture with outdoor seating can now firm up their spending plans.

This is the best time to put a Spring in the step of your business. However, there is a difference between wise investment and buying inferior products that will not provide a decent return on investment.

teak bench

Buying solid teak garden furniture from Chairs and Tables is a sound investment.


No middlemen, select from their extensive online catalogue and place your order, highly cost-efficient and many items are delivered already assembled.

Not sure what to choose? Ask the Team, they are happy to help and give advice.

Customers wishing to visit Chairs and Tables Home Office are welcome but please arrange your visit in advance.

Heading for a local County Show, check with Chairs and Tables for time and place and venue details.

Every item of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is made using solid Grade A sustainably sourced teakwood and is assembled using traditional carpentry methods i.e. mortise and tenon joints, dowel joints for extra strength, and brass fittings where appropriate.

Ready for use, most items are delivered fully assembled, the outstanding dining table range has a pre-formed hole at the centre of the tabletop to accommodate the handsome parasol (the parasol is an optional extra).

Return on investment, teakwood has a natural beauty and is ruggedly weatherproof, handy for any UK business! Manufactured from naturally weather resistant teakwood Chairs and Tables Garden furniture will outlast all inferior products. Depreciation over years is practical and this investment will actually last far beyond saving money on replacements.

Pride, discerning customers will appreciate the style and quality of your investment because of its natural good looks, smooth charm – the chairs and tables are super smooth to the touch, and the fact that you appreciate your valued clients enough to invest in the very best for their enjoyment and comfort.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is a cut above the rest, naturally!


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