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Selecting a combination of chairs and tables to comprise one’s outdoor dining set is very much a matter of personal taste and the alternatives are shown in the extensive catalogue of Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture.

Turnworth 120 GArden Furniture Set

Turnworth 120 Garden Furniture Set with Banana Arm Chairs


Careful observation shows the options available when choosing your own ideal combination. There are a number of styles from which to choose, the Deluxe Banana Furniture for example, people with a flair for detail will love the outstanding lines of the Banana range of products with their subtle sweeping contours and wrap-around comfort.

In the Banana Deluxe Teak Furniture range there are Banana Benches and Banana Chairs – a superb teakwood Deluxe Arm Chair plus Deluxe Side Chair, and there is even a splendid Banana Coffee Table for the occasional snack or glass of something cool and fizzy.

Banana Bench

Banana Bench

A combination of Banana Teak Arm Chairs and Banana Teak Side Chairs allows a perfect way to seat a number of diners comfortably with, say, a pair of teak Arm Chairs for the head of the table that can then be used separately more often whenever the sun shines and the patio is warm enough for one to sit out.

Banana Teak Bench Deluxe is a delightfully designed bench that stands out from the rest having its own unique style, in combination with Banana Deluxe Arm Chairs, and a Banana Teak Coffee Table it is possible to make excellent use of a smaller area of patio, decking, a lawned area or a conservatory in which to sit in comfort and enjoy both fresh air and pleasant warmth.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is produced with comfort in mind and with dependability at its heart.

The team go to great lengths to make exceptionally good furniture that will last a lifetime and remain good looking throughout.

All of our teakwood furniture is manufactured using Grade A plantation grown teak that has been selected by hand and well-seasoned giving it exceptional straight grain and no knot holes. The craftsmen team employ traditional methods of construction including the use of mortis and tenon joints made doubly secure with dowel inserts, this gives extra durability and prevents water ingress into the joints. Because solid teakwood is naturally water resistant your top-quality teak garden furniture will only need an occasional spot of TLC including a rub down with some teak oil for it to keep its lovely patina. All surfaces are well sanded for your protection.

Choose your ideal combination of luxury outdoor space furniture and enjoy.

The Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture Team is at your service.

As the Winter draws towards its close it is time to think about Spring and Summer, warmer weather we hope, and plan some activities for one’s outdoor spaces. It matters not how large or small the space, sitting out and dining out areas such as, decking, patios or lawns, one can get the best out of the experience with fine quality garden furniture. However, to grace the space one needs to choose well by selecting top quality above all.

Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture only use the finest quality sustainably produced Grade A teak timber in their craftsmen built garden furniture, what is good enough to withstand the weather stresses of an ocean-going vessel is surely fit to withstand an English Summer – or Winter.

Turnworth teak garden furniture set

Turnworth 180cm Teak Round Ring Table and Banana Arm Chairs is a combination of economy of size and convenience, enabling up to eight adults to sit in comfort and have plenty of room for maneuver. This stunning circular table is hand crafted from Grade A teak that is plantation grown, correctly seasoned, and sanded to release its naturally lovely appearance and feel. The Teak table-top is 40mm thick to give it strength and the stability required, it includes in the design a ‘lazy Susan’ to enable the canapes or the Chablis to be passed around with a minimum of fuss.  The overall design of the Turnworth Teak Round Table is carefully thought out providing durability and elegance as this furniture is intended to give a lifetime of service and retain its handsome good looks for the duration. With the Banana luxury arm chairs the set is the ultimate in style and comfort. In the centre of the table there is a hole, covered when not in use, for a parasol to be slotted in to provide shade or shelter as required.

Chairs and Tables Crafted Teak Garden Furniture is produced in the traditional way, all items are produced from solid timber – no laminates that will deteriorate and expose a soft wood core that will dissolve when wet, the teak is sanded until the patina is perfect, the surface is silky smooth to the touch (no splinters) and the timber is fit for immediate use. The joints are made using dowelling to ensure tightness as that will ensure longevity and resistance to water penetration. The Banana Luxury curved arm chair, is constructed using the finest Grade A teak wood with a 70mm thick rounded arm rest, to ensure maximum comfort the chairs are supplied with 5cm thick weatherproof removable washable cushions that are available in both dark blue or dark green.

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