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Selecting a combination of chairs and tables to comprise one’s outdoor dining set is very much a matter of personal taste and the alternatives are shown in the extensive catalogue of Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture.

Turnworth 120 GArden Furniture Set

Turnworth 120 Garden Furniture Set with Banana Arm Chairs


Careful observation shows the options available when choosing your own ideal combination. There are a number of styles from which to choose, the Deluxe Banana Furniture for example, people with a flair for detail will love the outstanding lines of the Banana range of products with their subtle sweeping contours and wrap-around comfort.

In the Banana Deluxe Teak Furniture range there are Banana Benches and Banana Chairs – a superb teakwood Deluxe Arm Chair plus Deluxe Side Chair, and there is even a splendid Banana Coffee Table for the occasional snack or glass of something cool and fizzy.

Banana Bench

Banana Bench

A combination of Banana Teak Arm Chairs and Banana Teak Side Chairs allows a perfect way to seat a number of diners comfortably with, say, a pair of teak Arm Chairs for the head of the table that can then be used separately more often whenever the sun shines and the patio is warm enough for one to sit out.

Banana Teak Bench Deluxe is a delightfully designed bench that stands out from the rest having its own unique style, in combination with Banana Deluxe Arm Chairs, and a Banana Teak Coffee Table it is possible to make excellent use of a smaller area of patio, decking, a lawned area or a conservatory in which to sit in comfort and enjoy both fresh air and pleasant warmth.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is produced with comfort in mind and with dependability at its heart.

The team go to great lengths to make exceptionally good furniture that will last a lifetime and remain good looking throughout.

All of our teakwood furniture is manufactured using Grade A plantation grown teak that has been selected by hand and well-seasoned giving it exceptional straight grain and no knot holes. The craftsmen team employ traditional methods of construction including the use of mortis and tenon joints made doubly secure with dowel inserts, this gives extra durability and prevents water ingress into the joints. Because solid teakwood is naturally water resistant your top-quality teak garden furniture will only need an occasional spot of TLC including a rub down with some teak oil for it to keep its lovely patina. All surfaces are well sanded for your protection.

Choose your ideal combination of luxury outdoor space furniture and enjoy.

The Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture Team is at your service.


Spring is well and truly underway. The birds are singing, the days are longer, and the weather has finally improved. It is the perfect time to start planning your garden for the upcoming summer, while letting you make the most of the lovely British springtime.

For us, there’s nothing better than sitting out doors on a lazy spring afternoon, taking in the sights and smells of nature with a cool beverage and some great company. This is why it’s always great to have some lovely garden furniture to sit outdoors with and enjoy these nicer seasons.

What better way to sit outdoors with great company than with a quality teak bench? That’s exactly what you can expect with this delightful Banana Teak Bench from Chairs and Tables!

A beautiful design combined with fine craftsmanship and quality teak materials will make this a fantastic addition to gardens of any size. It’s a very versatile piece that will work in many outdoor settings, be it on the patio, conservatory, or nestled beneath a tree.

The Banana Bench is also a generous size, able to sit up to three adults at any given time. Those sitting on the bench will notice just how amazing it feels, with the teak being sanded to produce a wonderfully smooth finish.

Better still, combine the bench with some comfortable cushions to add more style and comfort, or opt to add on the matching weather-proof cushions that fit the curved design of the bench.

The banana name is inspired by the natural curvature of the bench, which makes it very comfortable to sit back on while also producing a visually striking design. This bench will certainly be a talking-point at your next garden party or dinner, as this is one beautiful piece of furniture that people cannot help but notice!

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the Banana Bench is a fine investment that will pay for itself over the years. Why? Because with some minor maintenance this bench will last several years, if not decades, meaning you won’t need to spend money on a new bench for years to come!

It also won’t need any type of paint or varnish too it, being ready to use from the day it arrives. Of course, you can easily choose to add some colour to the bench, but the natural finish of teak is so attractive that many opt to let it age naturally!

Oils present in teak age wonderfully over time, highlighting the natural grain of the wood. Added with the soft finish, there’s no reason to do anything to this bench except sit on it!

Moreover, these oils also help keep the bench resistance to weather and pests that may damage the wood. No need to worry about cracks or warping wood, as the Banana Bench is virtually impervious to damage from sun, rain, sleet, or frost.

The teakwood material is so durable in fact, that the bench will not feel the stress of multiple people sitting on it, while also making it very hard to damage through impacts or other accidents. 


What an amazing addition to your garden or outside space this Grade A Teak Banana Bench would make.

Crafted from the finest Teak its design is such that won’t be able to help but relax when sitting on it with friends, family or even if you’re enjoying a solitary moment.

This delightful piece can be used indoors too, but we feel that it best compliments outdoor decking, a patio or summer house/sun room.  Choose between using it with or without cushions.

As with all of our pieces it has been crafted from sustainably sourced Teak which has been treated, oiled and is densely grained giving it strength and durability to go alongside its beauty.

Silkily finished and sanded to perfection, we can deliver this piece fully assembled and ready for you to enjoy

You can look forward to casual Sunday mornings, enjoying a hot drink and watching the day emerge; you can lose yourself in the atmosphere around you safe in the knowledge that you are comfortable, rested and in complete control.

Comfort and the space to relax and lose yourself; what more could you ask for from a banana bench in your garden?

The Teak Garden Companion seat is a delightful addition to an outdoor living space. This stylish combination seat will complement your other Garden furniture, whether it is sited on the lawns amongst the floral displays, or on shady decking, or in a patio suntrap. Just the thing for side by side seating with an adjoining mini table to place one’s sunglasses or glass of something cooling, and fizzy. The seating arrangement enables two people to sit alongside whilst enjoying a chat or a quiet moment whilst savouring the warm summer evenings of balmy weather to come.
Crafted from well-seasoned and environmentally sourced plantation Teak this combination tete a tete seating array is solid yet graceful. Selected Teak timber goes into the production of all Chairs and Tables Teak Garden space furniture, in the construction stage dowelling is used to ensure good firm joints that will never separate, attention to detail is the mark of the craftsman.
This combination seat is comfortable in itself but with the addition of attractive cushions this is transformed into a truly comfortable seat that will attract the attention of the most discerning guest. In common with many C&T Teak tables this unit comes with a pre prepared hole to accommodate a parasol, just in case the sun is too hot..
The total width of the combination chair is 170cm with roomy seating units, good support in the chair backs, and plenty of space to access its mid unit drinks table. The Teak Garden Combination seat is well balanced, solidly constructed and made to last, being well prepared Teak this item will retain its handsome features and grand appearance as well as making one’s visitors envious.
A delightful alternative is the Teak Garden Love seat to suit lovers of all ages who wish to sit out in the fresh air and enjoy alfresco conversation and nibbles.
For additional those extra guests The Banana Teak Garden Arm Chairs will add luxurious, stylish and comfortable chairs in the same design as the Combination Garden seat and the Garden Love seat, to complement your outdoor setting.
Chairs and Tables Teak Garden furniture is designed to delight the users and visitors for years to come.
A good garden serves a multitude of purposes. Whether it is an area for children to play, somewhere to have outdoor social gatherings, or a place to relax and unwind, we all view our gardens differently.  The important thing, is that they have the garden furniture that is most suitable for how they will be used. So, if you are the sort of person that enjoys simply sitting outside, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoor air, a deluxe banana teak bench is just what you need.
Our Deluxe Banana teak Bench is perfect for enjoying a glass of wine outdoors, sitting down quietly reading a book, or even to have a romantic moment or two! It’s cosy design ensure that two people can sit comfortably side by side, and if there are three or four of you feeling friendly, it can also cope! Whether you are sitting there soaking up the suns rays on a warm afternoon, or watching the stars with a blanket over you and your partner, this garden bench adds value to your life.
Reasons to Buy a Deluxe Banana Teak Bench
A high quality wooden bench is an essential asset for any garden. They look effortlessly at home, and blend into the background. They fit more naturally with the surroundings, and add a timeless charm. They are somewhere to sit, and admire the work that has gone into keeping the garden. In short, they are that final touch which makes the garden look complete.
When it comes to wooden garden benches, teak is the best quality material. It is hard-wearing and durable, weather resistant and tough. The superior quality of teak enables it to withstand the rigours of the infamous Great British weather, and our Deluxe Banana Teak Bench is constructed from Grade A timber. The Deluxe Teak Garden bench is also sourced from well managed, sustainable sources, so that you can be assured that the forests they come from will be there for generations to come.
It’s unique shape gives the Banana Teak Bench its name. It has a sleek, curved design, a silky smooth finish, and is made out of sturdy wood. This bench will last for years, and will be a constant feature of your garden throughout the decades. Good quality teak outdoor furniture will quite literally last you a lifetime. It is also very easy to put together with the simplest of tools, so in less than an hour from it being delivered, you can enjoy your garden in style.
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