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To complete an outdoor living space to perfection requires not only Tables and Chairs from which to dine, and with Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture discerning customers may choose from an exciting and extensive range but having somewhere to relax and chat in comfort is essential.

Now that our summers appear to be hotting up, this year we have enjoyed temperature in the mid 30’s c, sitting out for relaxation and to enjoy the company of family and friends is becoming an exciting life style choice, forget sitting in a stuffy sitting room or watching re-runs on Television and chill out with a G and T whilst putting the world to rights.

The Asmara Teak Garden Sofa is an outstandingly comfortable sofa style seat with room for two adults or a gaggle of children – three at least depending on their size. The Asmara Sofa is robust and spacious at 5 feet wide designed in a high-back format and with a solid feel to it giving the sofa a stable feel.

Two delightfully plump blue or green waterproof cushions c 4 inches thick (or 12cm) adorn the sofa making it the kind of seating that one could settle into in comfort.

The Asmara Sofa has a wrap-around feel to it allowing a feeling of being snug and private for a quiet tete a tete later in the evening when the warmth of the sun has eased away.

The Asmara Teak Garden Sofa may be purchased individually or complemented with the addition of an Asmara Teak Garden Armchair or two allowing for guests to join you for drinks and snacks.

To fully enjoy the Asmara ‘look’ perhaps you might wish to consider the full Asmara set which not only includes this sofa, but also two Asmara arm chairs as well as the Asmara low coffee table.

The Chairs and Tables Team work hard to create exceptional quality Teak Garden Furniture that will retain its character and exceptional good looks for many years to come and are happy to advise customers as required.

Every item of Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is produced using only Grade A solid teakwood that has been plantation grown where it is responsibly sourced.

Being dedicated to protecting the environment Chairs and Tables will only use the best teakwood that is hand selected, knot free and well-seasoned. Solid teakwood is used because it is weather resistant, poor quality imitations may be laminated meaning that the core wood can rot, whereas solid teak will not. Because Chairs and Tables respect their discerning customers wishes to purchase the best quality available their Fine Teak Garden Furniture is constructed using traditional methods and materials, it is vital that high-end furniture looks the part and is as good as it looks.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture.


Even the smallest outdoor area can be made comfortable and workable for al fresco relaxing and having breakfast or afternoon tea in your outdoor living space.

To make the best use of severely limited space it is best to only have the items around you that are actually needed, clutter in smaller spaces is harder to live with, whereas a minimalist approach can be very effective and pleasant. Therefore, a few smaller plants and decorations will add to the overall appearance but keep planters to a minimum and use the smaller sizes with well-chosen plants. The smaller Chairs and Tables planter is just 13 inches square perfect for a nice Miniature Rose or an Azalea.

Tip, to add an oriental look try a bonsai tree, a mighty oak or teakwood tree standing six inches tall and a hundred plus years old, standing atop your coffee table would make a wonderful combination!

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is manufactured to fit perfectly into garden and outdoor living spaces of all sizes. By selecting judiciously, the smaller space can still be stunning.

Chairs are generally similar in size to make them comfortable and commodious, however, folding chairs and stacking chairs do come into their own because when stored they take up less space whilst being up to the highest standards expected of Chairs and Tables Luxury products.

Tables are available for just such a limited space, including the Asmara Coffee table at the 80cm square and standing approximately knee-high from the ground. For outdoor use or where space is not quite so limited the splendid Lutyens (58 inches by 19 and a half wide by 17.7 table height) coffee table would accommodate coffee for four or five people and have plenty of space for the cream cakes.

Making best use of the available space is not about going down market, if fact buying well is about getting the very best value for money and maintaining one’s lifestyle by investing in a product that will stand the test of time, will look ‘in place’ in one’s homes and will be serviceable.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is just such an investment in good taste, fine value for money – not many products will outlast Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden furniture, and exceptional comfort.

Every item of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is made to look good whatever the location. Being constructed from solid Grade-A sustainably sourced teakwood no pressure is placed on the natural environment and being cut at the most opportune time means that the teakwood is blemish free. The teak furniture is craftsman worked to look perfect in every way including smoothed and silky to the touch – no snagged clothing here, and the natural grain of the timber has a beautiful patina so that it glows with natural warmth. With an occasional dressing of teak oil, your teak wood furniture will retain its good looks for many years to come.

Would love to see Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture?

Visit their stand at:
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