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Solid yet well proportioned, classic lines that are unfussy but stylish, comfortable and spacious, elegant and sophisticated and all that one would expect from a truly outstanding item of garden furniture.

Exceptionally well made and a fitting product as one would expect from the Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture People who put pedigree before price.

The Aldeburgh Teak Bench De Luxe is available in two sizes, 5ft and 4 ft long. Whether customers would like a truly excellent Memorial Bench with a tasteful Brass Plaque, or a Bench to grace the Cricket Club spectators seating area, or for the 19th Hole at the Golf Club, either one of these two benches would be just perfect.

The Aldeburgh Teak Benches Deluxe would be eye catching and enjoyable to use in a domestic situation too, on a patio, in a conservatory, well-placed on lawns – overlooking a glorious water feature perhaps, or on decking. Have you a compact area of outdoor living space that you would love to sit-out on? An Aldeburgh Teak Bench would give comfort, especially with a rather nice padded cushion, and allow for pleasant al fresco chats with friends aided by a nice G and T maybe?

The Aldeburgh Teak Bench De Luxe is well proportioned, with strong legs and a gently curving back, the legs are robust at 7cm square yet nicely proportioned and the whole item of furniture is an attractive feature item that will look just right whatever the setting. At 5 ft wide the Aldeburgh will comfortably seat two adults and a child (or two) – or two beefy teenagers…

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is manufactured using only well-seasoned sustainably sourced solid Grade A teakwood that is plantation grown to peak condition so that there are no knot marks and the grain is in peak condition for furniture manufacture, once sanded to a satin smoothness it will look wonderful and feel silky smooth.

Teakwood that is ready for use is hand-selected and skilfully shaped so that each piece of furniture is smooth to the touch and has a delightful patina that will look good for years to come. Making joints that will remain secure and weather proof is very important especially for furniture that will stand out in all weathers. Employing solid teakwood and using mortice and tenon joints ensures that your bench will be a fitting memorial for a very long time. Teakwood is naturally weather resistant even in our British winters.

Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture is the gold standard in Luxury Teak Garden Benches.



Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture specialise in producing exceptionally high-end garden furniture.

The Aldeburgh Teak Deluxe Garden Bench is no exception. This handsome bench family is available in 4ft, 5ft and 6 ft. sizes. Essentially two, three or four-seaters, even more when accommodating for youngsters.

The Aldeburgh Teak Bench family is durable yet elegant and refined, it looks wonderful and is a joy to use due to the craftsmanship employed in the construction of each individual bench. Being constructed from solid teak wood – not laminated – this bench has the durability and weather resistance that will enable it to remain good looking, teak has a wonderful patina and straight grain, and with some occasional TLC, a rub down with teak oil, it will look almost as good as new for a very long time.

With a 7x7cm leg, its gentle curved top and more robust design with a chunky feel the Aldeburgh Benches are so much stronger than other benches available that a try (and fail) to mimic the quality of an Aldeburgh bench. This makes it the ideal centrepiece for a garden, patio or veranda and would grace any home and garden. The Aldeburgh Bench is the perfect memorial bench with the added touch of a tasteful brass plaque attached this bench would be a fitting long-term reminder of a loved one.

Organisations may also be attracted to the Aldeburgh Bench because of its enduring quality, as an investment the Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture range are unsurpassed and as a statement of good quality, the Aldeburgh Family of Benches is unbeatable.

Every item of Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is crafted using Grade A teak wood that has been seasoned well and selected for its straight grain, knot-blemish free, then sanded to the finest degree of smoothness to show the delightful patina and make it smooth to the touch, no snags to catch ones clothing or skin! Because the timber is plantation grown it can be harvested without destroying the environment, Chairs and Tables are passionate about not wreaking havoc in ancient forests with consequential damage to the global environment.

Once the Teakwood has been selected the craftsmen create the Aldeburgh Family of benches using mortise and tenon joints with dowelling inserts to ensure a perfect fit thereby reducing the risk of water ingress and any chance of separation over time. True top quality workmanship.

Customers may purchase the Aldeburgh Benches individually, or the whole family of benches should they have a lot of people to accommodate. Please, be assured that this could be the most comfortable and cost-effective purchase for 2018.

Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture.


Taking in some sun, reading al fresco, just sitting chatting with friends and family, this is what is so nice about a British garden. Doing so in comfort adds to the pleasure. Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture have an extensive range of seating from individual chairs to benches made to seat more two or three people.

The Aldeburgh group of benches are typical of the lovingly craftsman made furniture designed for the discerning person who wants the ‘best’ to grace their outdoor living space. Regardless of how large the space is there is a bench for everyone, for a suntrap patio or deck, or a lawn area, or indeed a balcony the Aldeburgh group of benches will add style and comfort.

Aldeburgh benches come in three sizes, four, five and six feet in length, allowing two or three people to be accommodated comfortably.

Characteristically, Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture items are crafted for 100% Grade A teak from sustainable plantations, the timber is correctly seasoned and carefully constructed for comfort, style and longevity. Properly selected and carefully worked Teakwood produces smooth, splinter free, weather proof qualities that produce a superior product. With dowel securing of the joints the Aldeburgh is high end garden furniture that and will retain its handsome good looks for years to come, especially with a little TLC from time to time. The lines of this lovely garden bench are sleek yet solid, the legs for example are 7x7cm, dependable and stable.

The Aldeburgh bench can be used without cushions, or if preferred one may have added comfort provided by weather proofed fitted seat cushions that are also available to make this beautifully crafted piece of furniture even more comfortable for your seating pleasure.

The Aldeburgh bench is delivered fully assembled and ready to use.

For the extra comfort of one’s family why not have a brace of Aldeburgh Benches so that one may sit opposite and chat in comfort, with a 50cm circular or square folding teak picnic table between for convenience? Absolute luxury and practical too, just the thing for a select afternoon tea with friends.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture offers home comforts for outdoor living spaces.

The Aldeburgh 5ft Teak Bench is an elegant and sophisticated bench that is not only durable but even very sustainable. With its classy design, the furniture comes with a 7 by 7 cm leg and it is gently curved, which therefore makes it have a great finish. Moreover, it has a very robust design and a chunky feel so it is a lot stronger than other benches. This, therefore, adds to its overall sustainability.

The bench is made out of 100 percent, fine teak wood and it has a decent and sanded smooth finish that makes it better than the other manufacturers.

The total measurements of the furniture are as follows:

Width: 150cm, seat width: 146cm, total depth: 66cm, seat depth: 55cm, total height: 95cm, back height: 48cm, arm height: 67 cm.

The Aldeburgh 5ft Teak Bench is delivered fully assembled and it is almost ready to use in that stance. You can easily place this piece of furniture outdoors and have a very comfortable seating and outdoor environment. The bench can be used without cushions and therefore, it is extremely comfortable to sit on generally. Moreover, it also has proofed fitted seat cushions that make it a great piece of crafted furniture for your comfort and joy.

What’s even more special about it is that you can use it without cushions and you can sit on it without worrying about its quality wearing out. It has proofed fitted cushions that make it stand longer than the other piece of furniture.

Another quality that adds to its durability is that it is weather resistant. This means that you can place it outside whenever you want and it will last for generations. A lot of furniture does not withstand the test of weather and other conditions but this particular bench does. Moreover, it will also provide hours of comfort so you can easily and readily sit on it and enjoy the bright sunshine while having a very comfortable seating underneath. Moreover, the bench can be used to sit on and have long hours of conversations with your friends or whoever it is. It is a comfortable and conservative piece of furniture that has been designed to withstand wear, tear and adverse weather conditions.

Moreover, once you get the bench, you will not have to worry about assembling it as it comes ready to use. Unlike other pieces of furniture, all you have to do is to buy it and you are good to go.

Generally, the Aldeburgh 5ft Teak Bench – Deluxe is a great piece of furniture that comes in a brilliant design, style and construction. The bench has been fully assembled and is an honour to place in your garden. The bench is made out of very solid and sturdy material that will last a long amount of time, making it comfortable and very well made. It is highly recommended to go for this furniture if you want something valuable and something worthy of your investment.

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