The Multi-Position Folding Teak Arm Chair is a timeless piece that offers a comfortable spot to sit in your garden.

Nothing beats sitting outside in your garden, which is why it’s always great to have a comfortable chair to sit, which is certainly the case with this folding teak arm chair.

Folding arm chairs have traditionally been associated with special occasions such as weddings and other outdoor occasions, namely for their attractive style and being quite comfortable to sit on. So, it makes perfect sense to have such a fine piece of furniture in your garden that can be enjoyed every day!

A versatile chair, it can be used as a spare seat for any time you have a guest round or as mainstay on your patio or decking. The ability to easily collapse the chair into a compact shape for storage is a great bonus, especially if you’re lacking storage space in your shed or garage.

Should you need it, the chair can be a viable option for indoor use too, as it’s not uncomfortable in the slightest, making it a fine choice should you need an extra seat for a guest indoors.

Better still, the chair has multiple positions, making it easy to find the perfect position to unwind and relax. Whether sitting upright at a table or laying back and reading a book, the chair is suitable for any occasion, with a total of seven positions available to get that sweet spot.

Despite the folding design, the chair is very sturdy. Teak is one of the strongest hardwoods sold, making the perfect choice for garden furniture. It withstands heavy weights with ease, while the wood won’t bend easily or become brittle after time.

It can even be left outside, as teak is water-resistant! These properties help to ensure longevity for the chair, which can last several years or possibly even decades!

Maintenance is minimal too, only needing the odd clean using warm soapy water.

Teak is also a very attractive wood. Arriving in a honey colour that highlights the beautiful grains of the wood, the chair will eventually take on a striking patina-silver tone over time. Either colour looks fantastic in any garden setting, working well with any furniture and décor you already have.

Consider the Multi-Position Folding Teak Arm Chair a great investment for your garden. Strong, durable, and very versatile, expect to get plenty of use from the chair, especially if you enjoy sitting outdoors!


The gorgeous Southold Teak Arm Chair is a fine piece of outdoor furniture that will only enhance your garden space. Despite a simple design, the chair oozes elegance that cannot be easily replicated in a garden chair, thanks in no part to the quality grade-A teak wood used to craft the piece.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement chair for your current table set or simply want a new chair for sitting outside, the Southwold Teak Arm Chair is a fantastic choice. This piece won’t look out of place anywhere in your garden, be it on the patio, decking, or any other spot you like to sit.

Teak is arguable the best material for outdoor furniture, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve invested in a quality piece that will last for some time. As one of the toughest, most durable hardwoods, teak can be left outside for years and still be in great condition – the same can’t be said for most other wooden furniture!

The natural oils present in the Southwold Teak Arm Chair also help to protect from the adverse weather we see so often in Britain. For example, water damage is no issue, as the oils prevent water seeping into the wood where it causes the most damage.

C&T Southwold Teak Arm Chair

This means the chair won’t become brittle or show signs of water damage, even if left in the rain. Also, the oils prevent damage from wood burrowing insects and other pests, while the densely packed grains result in an impressive weight that provides the chair with superb stability.

Furthermore, the natural strength of the teak ensures that no general wear and tear occurs from frequent use. The back and seat sections won’t bend and warp simply because you use the chair often, highlighting the ever-lasting durability of the Southwold Teak Arm Chair.

The surface of the chair has been sanded to near perfection – running your hand along the surface is a delight! This also helps to ensure the surface remains tough, preventing any lasting stains from developing.

Should there be any mess on the chair, simply wash with a cloth and warm soapy water! It’s literally the only type of maintenance that the chair needs, although you may want to apply a teak sealant if you don’t want the wood to change colour over time.

Teak naturally ages, changing from a warm yellow hue to a colder, silver patina. Most people love the appearance of both so let the wood age naturally, but if you want to maintain the original colour simply apply a sealant once a year.

The Southwold Teak Arm Chair is a wonderful piece of garden furniture that will add beauty and elegance to any outdoor living area!

There are fewer materials better for garden furniture than teak. Durable, strong, and completely water resistant, buying teak garden furniture is a fantastic investment as it will last for dozens of years – with a little love and care that is!

Thankfully, maintaining teak garden furniture is quite easy as it has all the properties you could hope for outdoor furniture. Taking a few moments here and there to care for your furniture guarantees its longevity, so you are probably getting more value for money when maintaining anything made from teak wood.

Here’s everything you need to know to care for your teak garden furniture:


Natural oils mean you don’t need to treat it

Teak has natural oils that make it a no-brainer for garden furniture. This includes the ability to prevent damage from wood burrowing insects and being resistant to water damage. That’s right, oils in teak prevent water seeping into the wood, making it completely water-resistant.

So, you can simply leave any teak furniture outside in the rain without worrying about lasting damage developing.


Understanding the natural colour of teak

Most people that buy teak garden furniture don’t bother painting or staining it. The main reason for this is simple – teak is naturally attractive. It starts out with a rich golden-honey colour before taking on a deeper silver-patina shade, both of which look stunning in almost any setting.

However, some people prefer one colour to the other, typically looking to restore the golden-honey colour to aged teak. If this is the case, the most effective way to restore the previous colour is to sand and rinse the surface of the wood.


Avoid treating your teak furniture with teak oil

A common misconception is that teak oil used to treat furniture is the same oil present inside the wood, which simply isn’t the case. Teak oils sold separately are made from solutions that feature no teak oil, meaning you want to avoid using them.

The reason for this is because this reduces the effect of the natural oils in teak. By applying teak oil, you make it less naturally resistance, as the wood now relies on the new oil to maintain its condition, meaning regular treatment is necessary.

Teak oil is only ever a temporary treatment. Yes, it can restore a natural colour to the wood, but this only temporary, so you’ll always have to continue treatment to keep it in good condition. Teak oil may even encourage fungal growth and unsightly black spots on the surface, completely ruining the appearance of your furniture.


Teak sealer is a suitable treatment

If you want to treat your teak garden furniture, be sure to use teak sealer rather than teak oil. As a water-based product, it doesn’t cause any damage to the natural oils of the teak, rather being used to stop the natural oils evaporating.

So, teak sealer is a suitable option for maintaining your furniture, although it only needs to be applied around once a year. This will maintain the golden-honey colour of fresh teak, and if you want the wood to start aging to take on the silver-patina colour, simply stop applying the sealer.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture offer a large range of Luxury Teak Garden Furniture with everything from Bijou tables, chairs and accessories to much larger items for people who love to dine al fresco with family and friends.

The Rectangular Extending Table will comfortably accommodate eight adults and accompanied by Lovina Stacking Chairs makes a perfect combination.

The Rectangular Extending Teak Wood Table can be increased in length from 180cm – almost 71 inches to 240 cm – over 94 inches. The tables have double butterfly leaves, nicely hidden from view when not in use, that can be opened out with ease when required. The tabletop has a thickness of 40mm making the whole construction reliable and is able to cope with a full set of dining crockery with ease. As a platform for a buffet this combination works splendidly, all one needs now is a party and something cool and sparkling to drink.

Should customers wish a parasol can be added to keep the heat of the midday sun off the table and true to Chairs and Tables attention detail there is a neat brass blanking cap to cover the pre-made hole when not in use.

Combined with Lovina Teak Stacking Chairs the set provides an exceptional dining facility providing comfortable seating in beautifully crafted chairs that are built for comfort. When the set is not in use the table extension can be closed and the surplus chairs stacked tidily away for storage.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is craftsmen designed and produced with fine quality first and foremost.

All of the Teak Garden Furniture is made using Grade A Plantation Grown Teakwood that has been properly seasoned, selected for its clean lines and being cut at the prime time the timber is free of knots and blemishes.

Teak by its nature is water resistant and will withstand our English weather, with some TLC it will retain its patina and its good looks.

Because Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is top quality nothing is left to chance, the joints are tight fitting mortise and tenon joints with dowelling to reinforcement making them exceptionally durable and a very sound investment.

The Rectangular Teak Extending Table and Lovina Teak Stacking Chairs combination is a head turner, perfect for people who want the very best garden furniture to enhance their outdoor living spaces.

A memorial bench is a delightful way to commemorate the life of loved ones, with the addition of a brass plaque inscribed with the person’s name and a brief message it will stand the passage of time and act as a reminder of that persons life and service.

Commemorative benches are by their nature required to stand out in all weathers often in quite remote and unsheltered places. To properly ensure that the memorial will remain in fine condition one is advised to buy well. Teak wood is possibly the most weather resistant timber of all, due to its natural composition, including silica and rubber, it will not rot or deteriorate due to being exposed outdoors through the seasons. Where possible a touch of teak oil from time to time will soon restore its lovely lustre and bring out the natural grain.

Chairs and Table Teak Garden Furniture produce an extensive range of suitable benches in attractive styles. There are three seater and two seater benches. Every item of teak garden furniture produced by Chairs and Tables is craftsman made using only Grade A sustainably grown plantation Teak wood. The construction of all of the teak garden furniture is designed to extend its life having mortice and tenon joints secured using dowelling to ensure tight joints that are weather proof and to be certain of a long useful life.

To the touch, all of the benches have been sanded to perfection, so that there are no snags or sharp edges.

The Range of Benches includes:
The Aldeburgh
Banana Teak Bench,
Lutyens Bench,
Southwold benches.

All Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture Benches are suitable for commemorative purposes, with the addition of a tidy brass plaque adorning them the benches will grace any grassy area, decking and patio, plus memorial gardens.

For a commemorative offering that will do justice to the memory of the departed person the range of benches by Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is the discerning persons choice, naturally.

All of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is produced with discerning people in mine.

People who understand that exceptional quality will always prove to be a first-class investment. Purchasers buying for the Golf Club, a tasteful Restaurant with an outdoor area, or a Café with a veranda or a patio should look no further, Chairs and Tables Southwold tables and matching chairs make the perfect investment.

Chair and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is produced using the very best quality Grade A sustainable teak wood, the timber is plantation grown and in prime condition without knot holes and blemishes, and like the teak used to build ocean going boats this product can withstand plenty of exposure to inclement weather, in fact with a little TLC it will retain its good looks and prove a brilliant investment for years to come. The finishing of Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is done with great care, all teak furniture products are sanded to produce a satin smooth finish and to raise the natural glow of the wood.

The Southwold 90cm square table stands at 755cm tall making it an ideal club, café or restaurant size.

Being a neutral, functional design, it is stable, easy to move, easy to wash down and maintain its cleanliness, and because teak contains both silica and rubber within its natural makeup the tables will continue to look ‘special’ throughout their useful life whatever the weather.

The Southwold table top is 40mm thick giving a good solid feel to the table and the dimensions will allow for four people to dine comfortably.

The height of the table is 640mm to the underside allowing plenty of leg room and the table legs are 70x70mm thick allowing them to be both slender in appearance and stable when in use. Used in conjunction with four Southwold Chairs this combination is a handsome and practical item of furniture. In the centre of the table, there is a circular hole provided to accommodate a parasol, also available from Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture.

The Southwold Table specification includes the use of mortise and tenon joinery with doweling to ensure tight joints, thereby ensuring a great return on investment because the product will remain firm, and water tight. Plus, brass fittings are used to prevent rusting, and there is a brass blanking cap supplied to cover the parasol hole it the table. The details make the Southwold the superior investment that it is.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is the natural choice for Homes and Businesses.

Designed in the style associated with Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens one of our foremost Architects and Designers this lovely piece of craftsman built Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is a joy to behold, and to relax upon.

The Classic Lutyens Bench is six feet in length with a raked half back and rolled arms. There is plenty space for two, adults and a little one to sit in comfort. The overall impression is one of a bench that is solidly constructed, stable, and built to last for several generations.

Being constructed of solid Grade ‘A’ teakwood, sustainably sourced from plantation grown trees and put together with loving care the Classic Lutyens Bench has an aura of dependability and handsome good looks. Being craftsman built using dowel joints, and very tight water-proof joints at that, this bench will hold its top quality appearance whatever the weather to grace one’s forecourt, paved area, or lawns for a good many years.

This excellent item of luxury teak garden furniture will enhance any home, business premises or recreational space and being low maintenance is extremely cost effective, and will not cost the earth.

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