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Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture were delighted to exhibit their fine luxury Teak Garden Furniture recently at The South Suffolk Show in May, The Suffolk Show at the end of May, Sotterley Country Fair in June and The Royal Norfolk Show at the end of June. The Shows have been a great success allowing prospective buyers to inspect the exceptional range of luxury Teak Garden Furniture whilst taking the weight off their feet – the Shows can be exhausting.

For anyone who would like to have a first or second look Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture they will again be exhibited at Sandringham Flower Show on July 25th, and The Aylsham Show on 27th August next.

Chairs and Tables are based in Brampton, Suffolk, enabling local people to call and peruse the range, however, callers should telephone ahead to arrange to visit.
The entire range of Teak Garden Furniture products may at any time be seen at:

where selection and purchase can also be made.

The Lutyens style range of Teak Garden Furniture was on display at the Suffolk Show with their eye-catching sweeping curved lines and subtle dignity. The Lutyens Benches can be purchased in two styles and three sizes, perfect for a memorial bench being very fitting and dignified, a true statement of memorial indeed.

Also, at The Suffolk Show were the Banana Teak Garden Arm Chairs complemented by the Turnworth Teak Ring Table with integrated Lazy Susan – to facilitate passing the canapes round with ease.

The Round Backless Deluxe Tree Bench was exhibited at the Suffolk Show, this delightfully designed bench can be placed around a tree or a piece of artwork making a bold statement for visitors to be awed by. The Round Backless Deluxe Tree Bench would look superior wherever it was located but would be splendid near the 19th hole, or on one’s patio with a pencil pine at its centre.

Every item of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is crafted from solid plantation grown Grade A teakwood as only the finest will do. Using traditional carpentry methods and hand selected teakwood each piece of Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is shaped and smoothed to perfection, no sharp snags to catch on clothing or hands. Teakwood is tough and weatherproof by nature and will withstand our British climate, and with some tender loving care, teak oil and a cloth will look wonderful for years to come. Outstandingly cost effective.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture for discerning people with good taste.

Having, or making, time to enjoy your outdoor living space is important, busy people spend a great deal of time and energy working, when the works ends then it is a rich experience to be able to sit-out in total comfort. Now that the harsh Spring weather is a faint memory and Summer is blazing hot, hopefully, where you are there is still time to acquire outstanding Solid Teak Garden Furniture that will reward all your hard work and make relaxing a comfortable experience.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture comes in many shapes and sizes, all are exquisitely designed and made to be high-end in both value and comfort. For example:

The Heavy Duty Reclining Teak Steamer.

This chair will complement the smartest patio, deck, lawn, poolside or golf club terrace with members vying to get to them first!

The Steamer chair will fold flat when not in use and for ease of storage. To add to one’s comfort a fitting three-part weatherproof cushion with headrest is available in smart navy blue, forest green, or red and white. This chair is delivered assembled, just open the packaging and relax with a cool glass of Chablis (other drinks are available.).

Teak Lounger with Cushions,

This splendid Lounger is smart, elegant and perfect for relaxing in the fresh air. The Lounger features a back-rest with four comfortable positions to ensure the users total comfort. The rear of the Teak Lounger is designed with a set of wheels for ease of movement, enabling the user to move the Lounger into or out of the sun. Now, magazine, glass of fizz, relax.

To sunbathe or seek some shade?

For your convenience and because of concerns about excessive exposure to the sun the Steamer chair and Lounger may be augmented with a smart Parasol, which with appropriate base allows you to carry the shade wherever you need it. Perfect!
Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is made to last using traditional methods and solid Grade A plantation grown teakwood that will give an outstanding return on investment through the pleasure of use and the knowledge that only the best is good enough for comfort and for a life time of use.

Teakwood is used because of its outstanding weatherproof qualities, teak is the traditional timber used on ocean-going yachts because it is tough, weatherproof and lasts a very long time. Timber needs to be seasoned once cut, then the best quality pieces are chosen for each intended use. The traditional assembly methods, mortice and tenon joints for example, will ensure that the potentially weak points in construction are reinforced with dowels to remove any risk of water ingress, quality is the No 1 priority.

The Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture range may be seen at:

Generally, people like to buy something that is a great bargain, but that can mean many things, for example, cheap, exceptional quality, gracefully elegant and fitting, a head turner, something that will last ‘forever’ and look wonderful whilst doing so, not to mention the ecological value of using sustainable timber.

Cheap and cheerful means poor quality and probably disposable, in the main such furniture is made using substandard materials and methods that will not stand the test of time.

Purchasing exceptionally high-quality furniture means the product is tasteful, durable, well proportioned, comfortable – especially important when buying Garden Chairs, made to last because the items are craftsman made, and will accommodate one’s friends and family in the manner that one feels is appropriate.

Elegance is the trademark of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture, no matter how large or small the item of furniture is it will look grand! This is nicely worked and attractively styled garden furniture, from the Lutyens ornate style to the Turnworth and Southwold styles, there is something for every discerning customer.

The Ecological style of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture, as a Company, is of major importance. All items of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture are produced using selected items of plantation grown Grade A seasoned teakwood. This means that the timber is sourced sustainably – no forest trees have been destroyed in acquiring this timber, it also means that the teak wood is knot free and can be smoothed to a fine finish that will not snag one’s skin or clothing and is smooth to the touch. Once the teakwood is ready the skilled carpenters fashion it and use traditional means to make the joints weatherproof and where metal fastenings are used smart brasswork is used. Such detailed craftsmanship is dedicated to ensuring that your new garden furniture will attract approving glances from neighbours, friends and family, and with some TLC from time to time will last for many years to come. Solid teakwood is tough and generally weatherproof, the finest ocean going sailing boats are built using teakwood because it is waterproof and hard wearing.

Why buy Teak Garden Furniture from Chairs and Tables?

Because they stake their proudly forged reputation on every item of Luxury Teak Garden Furniture that they produce and supply to all of their customers for whom only the best will do.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture, the Natural Choice.

As we begin the Spring and Summer wedding season it is worth considering those extra special gifts for extra special people who are likely to be outdoor diners or party people and will spend happy hours taking the sun and a drink or two.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture do of course specialise in high-end Luxury handcrafted teak garden furniture, however, they also make some very attractive garden furniture accessories and add-ons that can help make outdoor living just a little more sophisticated.

Teak Ice Bucket, smartly engraved on the surrounding band/s, at 20 cm high by 20 cm internal diameter and 24 cm wide in total this tasteful Ice Bucket will hold a nice bottle of Chablis with ice to keep it cool in our steamy hot summer, not to mention keeping the youngster’s ice creams cool. Families who entertain a good deal, or catering businesses and Inns will find these solid teakwood Ice Buckets to be exceptionally good value.

Teakwood Tray with stand, perfect for afternoon tea in the fresh air. The tray is a solid dependable teakwood tray with sensible edges and handles cut into the teakwood at each end. The Trestle stand works well as a serving stand or for someone having a light snack al fresco.

Teakwood Animal Sculptures are fabulous to look at and the perfect gift for anyone who loves craft worked natural materials and would add panache to the discerning person patio, or lawned area. The children, or one’s grandchildren, will love a Teak Root Horse or Teak Root Pig. Then as an alternative, there are Teak Root sculptures and artworks that will add form to an empty area of decking or patio. Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture do not allow anything to be wasted, combined with their craftsmen’s eye they have created these wonderful items to complement their Luxury Teak Garden Furniture because in a garden setting they are natural companions and lovely to look at.

Teakwood Planters, are available in three sizes, and large enough to accommodate a nice plant, the largest planter would take a small shrub, an Azealia perhaps, or a smaller pencil pine, whilst the smaller ones would look well with a dwarf Acer or a Fuchsia.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture specialise in the manufacture of top quality solid teak garden furniture that is produced from plantation grown Grade A teak that is selected at the optimum moment ensuring that the grain is straight, there are no knots and unsightly blemishes, and being plantation grown no environmental damage is caused, even the tree roots are put to good use! Every item of Chairs and Tables Gift items is finished with the same attention to detail, smoothed to a silky-smooth feel and is very good to look at. The persons that such a gift is being purchased for cannot fail to be delighted with such outstanding quality.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture.

The New Tax Year is upon us and it is time to invest in fixtures, fittings and essentials for the oncoming Summer Season. People operating businesses such as Cafés and Restaurants with an alfresco option, plus Golf clubs, Sailing clubs and Cricket clubs etc thinking about updating their outdoor space or planning a new venture with outdoor seating can now firm up their spending plans.

This is the best time to put a Spring in the step of your business. However, there is a difference between wise investment and buying inferior products that will not provide a decent return on investment.

teak bench

Buying solid teak garden furniture from Chairs and Tables is a sound investment.


No middlemen, select from their extensive online catalogue and place your order, highly cost-efficient and many items are delivered already assembled.

Not sure what to choose? Ask the Team, they are happy to help and give advice.

Customers wishing to visit Chairs and Tables Home Office are welcome but please arrange your visit in advance.

Heading for a local County Show, check with Chairs and Tables for time and place and venue details.

Every item of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is made using solid Grade A sustainably sourced teakwood and is assembled using traditional carpentry methods i.e. mortise and tenon joints, dowel joints for extra strength, and brass fittings where appropriate.

Ready for use, most items are delivered fully assembled, the outstanding dining table range has a pre-formed hole at the centre of the tabletop to accommodate the handsome parasol (the parasol is an optional extra).

Return on investment, teakwood has a natural beauty and is ruggedly weatherproof, handy for any UK business! Manufactured from naturally weather resistant teakwood Chairs and Tables Garden furniture will outlast all inferior products. Depreciation over years is practical and this investment will actually last far beyond saving money on replacements.

Pride, discerning customers will appreciate the style and quality of your investment because of its natural good looks, smooth charm – the chairs and tables are super smooth to the touch, and the fact that you appreciate your valued clients enough to invest in the very best for their enjoyment and comfort.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is a cut above the rest, naturally!


You would like an outdoor living space but the space available is too small?

Your outdoor living space is little more than a pocket handkerchief?

All may not be lost, with some judicious planning Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture may just be able to help.

Folding Chairs,

The Deluxe Folding Teakwood Armchair is versatile and convenient enabling those with a limited floor-space to have the comfort that comes as standard with Chairs and Tables Luxury Tea Garden Furniture. The chair measures 47cm x 59cm wide x 100cm high and is joined with quality brass fittings for long lasting rustproof protection. The wide armrests ensure an at ease seated position helping to alleviate the stress for a more restful and relaxing time regardless of the size of the available space.

Alternatively, Stacking Chairs may fit the bill,

The Lovina Stacking Teak Arm Chair has a wide slatted seat and gently curved back for exceptional comfort and the gently rounded armrests have been expertly sanded, so it is silky smooth to the touch. The dimensions are Seat Height 45cm, Seatback Height 50cm, Seat width 49cm, Seat depth 47cm, Arm Height 70cm. 5cm thick weatherproof removable washable cushions are available in a variety of colours, the cushion is seat cushion only.
Not only is this stackable chair ideal for the bijou plot but Commercial users will find this stacking chair is outstandingly good value.

The attractively styled Linstead Teak Stacking Arm Chair has a wide seating area for exception comfort whilst dining or relaxing. The dimensions are Seat Height 45 cm, Seatback Height 42 cm, Seat width (width between arms) 55 cm, Seat depth 43 cm, Arm Height (ground to top of arms) 67 cm. The thick, sustainable teak squared legs stand 67cm allowing for the pure beauty and strength of the wide seat width to shine through.

Tables also are available to suit the smaller outdoor space, in combination with folding or stacking chairs they comprise a superb opportunity for tasteful outdoor furniture alternatives.

Folding tables are available in 50cm width, 70cm and 90cm, as they take up so little space in storage and are easy to open out for use they make the perfect addition to enable one to dine out or simply relax with something cool and fizzy, perfect!

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is produced using solid Grade A plantation grown teakwood for its weather resistant qualities and exceptional good looks. For domestic use and for commercial users only the best will do.


In just a few days Easter will be upon us, Easter Sunday is on April 1st, no fooling!

What that means, of course, is that soon we shall be able to get out in the warm weather and relax with a good book, a cool drink, and a touch of Factor 70 sun cream. By the way please take care not to get sunburned, that will take the pleasure out of getting out in the fresh air.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture offer a very nice Multi-Position Folding Arm Chair that would grace any garden and provide graceful comfort that will enable one to sit out and relax. Whatever the setting, a well-trimmed patch of lawn, a flagged-stoned patio, smart decking, inside one’s conservatory, or on a pleasantly sheltered veranda this comfortable beauty is the discerning persons choice. The chair has seven positions allowing one to be totally comfortable to read, watch nature, or take a nap. By the way, the rather tasteful teak 50cm folding picnic table alongside upon which to rest ones drink and accoutrements make this combination is perfect. To complete the set Chairs and Tables supply a very comfortable cushion just to add to the comfort of this garden chair.

As with all Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture the Multi-Position Folding Arm Chair is made using only solid Grade A sustainably grown teakwood that has been plantation grown and at the hands of our craftsmen turned into perfect examples of their craft. Following careful sanding, the teakwood takes on a smooth texture that is good on the eye and pleasant to the touch.

Solid teakwood is exceptionally suitable for making Garden Furniture for use in our unpredictable climate as it will withstand rain, and spillages, and with some careful application of teak oil occasionally will maintain its good looks for years to come.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture specialise in producing top quality solid teak garden furniture, most of which is delivered ready assembled allowing one to unpack it and enjoy without delay.


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