Teak is a common material that’s typically used to produce piece of furniture for outdoor living areas in any climate. If treated properly, the wood will be able to last for several decades . There are also some advantages in using certain types of the wood because it can be harvested sustainably and even cultivated in the right conditions. The numerous advantages of outdoor teak piece of furniture have also made it slightly costlier than different woods that might be purchased.

Environmental awareness and sustainability have become the most important trends in recent years. Several furniture makers and designers are making the most effective use of some materials and resources in a more responsible manner. One amongst the most eco-friendly materials on the market today is teak.

Chairs and Tables UK is a reputable firm that specialises in making use of Teak wood to provide varieties of top quality furniture for both indoor and outdoor purposes and our products ranges from Teak Garden Furniture Sets, Teak Garden Tables, Teak Garden Benches, Teak Garden Chairs, Teak Steamers, Loungers, Teak Accessories, Teak Root Statues and Teak Animal Sculptures. This type of wood is usually used when making garden and indoor piece of furniture and in boat building, because it’s its own natural oil that makes the wood terribly resistant.

Looking for sustainable, beautiful, sturdy outdoor furniture? Then take a better check up on teak. it’s a hard-wearing and delightful material that will definitely stand the test of time in both vogue and strength.

Imagine a warm, sunny summer day. You step outside with a book and your favourite food to lounge and luxuriate in the weather. Sit without worrying in your teak chair – it does not absorb heat like metal or plastic therefore you’re bound to be extremely comfortable and relaxed.

The smooth, visual depth of teak piece of furniture will surely make a statement of quality and wonder in any outdoor Areas. Teak is a hardwood with a dense grain and naturally high oil content, making it impervious to mould and decay. The oil content within the wood makes it extra-ordinarily naturally repellent to many species of insects, thus you do not need to trouble yourself regarding insect infestation.

The uniqueness of this natural oil is that it inhibits corrosion or rust once in contact with metals so the hardware that fastens together your teak piece of furniture will last much more longer.

Because of these unbelievable qualities, teak is left outside all year and there will not be any need to lug it in and out of storage annually. It naturally ages to a stunning silvery grey over time with absolutely no effect on the strength of the wood.

Teak has been the popular wood to renowned furniture manufacturers like Chairs and Tables UK because of its superior qualities. For many centuries, Top world’s shipbuilders use it anywhere that insect and water resistant properties are of great considerations. Teak outdoor furniture can fit in as well in your backyard as it will on the best sailboats, cruise ships and yachts.

Most of the world’s teak is exported by South-east Asian countries like Myanmar and Indonesia, with new markets rising in Central and South America. Plantation grown teak is harvested sustainably and protects against the harvest of fast-disappearing old-growth teak.

The next time you’re yearning for the best climatic furniture, take into account teak for its superior, flexibility, strength, sturdiness and beauty – you will not be frustrated you give it a shot!

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