What a year it has been, what with the weather playing games with us all, hot one day and raining heavily the next, plus Coronavirus, 2020 has been a tough year.

There is every reason to hope for better next year, meanwhile, the seasons do go on, and now is the time to plan and prepare for next Spring and beyond!

Fallen leaves are about to descend on our gardens from our own and neighbouring trees. In smallish amounts they can be removed to the recycling tip, for those of us with larger amounts to deal with please remember that many small animals (hedgehogs etc) rely on the leaf cover for protection, so please don’t burn leaf piles and be careful when raking. Leaves can be recycled and do make excellent leaf mould when composted.

Removing dead plants and tidying up for Winter will make your job easier next year and reduce plant diseases. Also, prune rose trees, shrubs, and trees to maintain control and reduce wind damage. Pathways, patios, and decking need a wash down removing weeds, leaves and other debris, as the debris can cause slip hazards later when icy.

We may yet have the chance to sit out (well wrapped up), eat out, have a BBQ, and small family outdoor parties Covid-19 permitting, so your tidy up should include washing down and sanitising the BBQ and giving your Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture a bit of TLC.

3m Teak extending Table Set

Solid teakwood garden furniture is weather resistant so your Chairs and Tables chair, and table set will be fine, but a little teak oil will help maintain its fine good looks!

We can plant snow drops, daffodils, crocuses, tulips, and other spring bulbs now in tubs, pots and beds that will lift our spirits during the Spring, bulbs and other plants are now available in most garden centres and suppliers, pick a fine day and get planting! Don’t forget that Chairs and Tables teak wood planters will finish the job off perfectly and they will not rot! They do make very fine Christmas gifts.

For something cheerful pre–Spring try Hellebores – Lenten Roses – they will flower in December and January.

Shrubs and trees can be planted now, once in place they will cope with bad weather, firstly buy good stock, and secondly ask for advice if you are not sure how to plant them.

Autumn, far from being the end of something it is truly the beginning of next Spring, even if you cannot get out in the garden you can look ahead.

The Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture website is always available to help you plan to make your garden your staycation venue for 2021 should you wish, peruse, plan, and enjoy!


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