The world is a complicated and often quite disappointing place.

There is war in the news, hate, and anger everywhere. We all need a place to escape the craziness, a place to unwind and relax in the lap of luxury. It can be hard to get away from it all, and sometimes the only way to have peace is to create it yourself.

If you have a garden, you already know the healing power of bright, radiant blooms and sweet, fragrant flowers. Even simple green foliage is comforting with its’ unpretentious beauty.

The garden is the perfect place to create a refuge from the ails of the world.

Luxury begins with a sleek, elegant lounging chair, like the type found on cruise ships. Thick, lavish cushions and adjustable reclining positions turn you into royalty. Wheels on the lounger let you move it to wherever the brightest and sweetest flowers are blooming. Or, keep it in the centre of the garden to soak up all the natural wonders.

Enjoy the garden to its’ fullest, throughout all seasons. Close your eyes, and savor the simple delights of this dreamy sanctuary. Sweet, aromatic honeysuckle, wandering hollyhocks, and delicate coral bells are all there to lull your mind. Settle into your lounger with a glass of wine or sweet hibiscus tea, and the haven is complete.

Don’t wait for the universe to give serenity. Bring it into existence yourself, and your heart, soul, and mind will be all the better for it. Facing the world every day is a lot easier when there is a calming garden retreat awaiting you at the end of the day.