Are you a fan of classic woodworks? Time to witness exquisite, classic woodwork craftsmanship in the form of this stylish teak Lutyens 4ft garden bench. From its striking design and comfortable build to its durability and ease of maintenance, the Deluxe Lutyens 4ft teak bench is here to rock your world. Impress your spectators with the historical woodwork design mastery whose introduction dates back to the first ever Lutyens bench creation by Sir Edwin Lutyens. Appreciate the historically laudable designs by the famous woodworks designer by going with this timelessly beautiful Lutyens 4ft teak bench for your garden space.

Add Class to space

Exhibit your wise sense of woodwork design history by adding a classic Lutyens 4ft teak bench on your patio, deck or garden. Apart from becoming a solid history icon in your space, this bench will eventually turn into an appreciative outdoor furniture destined to be enjoyed by generations to come after you. You can place it near the window of your kitchen, in a garden space, in a patio or on a deck to enhance the aesthetics and historical appeal of any area. Do you something even more interesting? The bench will serve as a conversation starter in case you want to break the ice and continue a good conversation with your guests.
Unique design

From the rolled arm rests and the raked backrests to the comfortable build and breathtaking shaded, the Lutyens 4ft teak bench is a great outdoor furniture to add in your space. You just sit and stare to appreciate the beauty of nature in your garden to use the bench as place to sit and chat away your troubles with your near and dear ones. The bench looks equally good indoors just as it does in outdoors.

Sturdy, long lasting bench

The four feet long Lutyens teak bench is designed to last for years to come. You can easily identify the hard work and skill put into crafting a Grade A teakwood bench which has been fine-sanded to perfection. One of the coolest things about this teakwood garden bench it will give off silver-grey hues if you place it under direct sunlight – all thanks to its unique design. You can assemble it easily and place it anywhere comfortable and safe in your space.

4ft Lutyens Teak bench

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