Worry not! We have options that will fit into a smaller outdoor space comfortably, and you could add-on as your home space becomes larger.

Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture makes perfect sense whatever the size of one’s garden, back yard or patio/veranda, so there is no reason to opt for second best!

A pair of lovely teak garden chairs that can be stacked when not in use will provide luxury searing in a rather small space.

For example:
The Lovina Teak Stacking Arm Chair is handsome and perfectly proportioned, two of these luxury teakwood chairs would take up very little space when in use and when stored, the chairs are dependable and durable yet attractive and they require very little care and attention, a little teak oil once in a while and they will stay as (almost) good as new.
A pair of Lovina  Teak Stacking Arm Chairs would make the prefect Wedding Gift or New Home Gift for people with a bijou home but aspirations for a larger ‘des res’ in the foreseeable future, and the Lovina  Chairs will be delivered fully assembled – no fiddly assembly required!  To add to the comfort of the users a 5mm thick seat-only cushion may be added, the cushions are supplied in a variety of colours and are weather proof and washable.

The Lovina Stacking Teak Arm Chair is different in design but the same in ease of use and storage and of course comfort, and cushions may be purchased as with the Chairs.

Lovina teak stacking arm chairs

Lovina teak stacking arm chairs

Each item of Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is made with the same care and attention to detail from the solid ‘Grade A’ plantation grown teakwood that is harvested in peak condition and well-seasoned before use to the traditional finishing of each item to ensure it is weather-proof and silky smooth to the touch. Because Chairs and Tables manufacture exceptionally well-groomed chairs and tables purchasers can be assured that they can be added to over the years and the originals will look astonishingly fresh – with a little TLC.
Whatever the Celebration, or indeed memorial, Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture is the Natural choice. Purchasing a wedding