Fine Teakwood Garden Furniture does not have to be large enough to feed a big family with room to spare. Many discerning home owners may want a well-proportioned furniture set that will accommodate two people plus a couple of guests in comfort.

Regardless of the amount of outdoor living space that one has it is possible to have a tasteful combination that is practical, comfortable, stylish, solid and attractive – a true eye catcher in fact! So, whether one has a bijou patio, conservatory, or deck-space the Turnworth Table Set is perfectly suited. Likewise, people with masses of open space but not wishing, or needing, to fill it with al fresco dining furniture will benefit from this very appealing set.

The Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture Turnworth 120 Table is 120cm in diameter – whisker short of 4 ft and circular with a central hole to accommodate a parasol for those blistering hot days – the hole is capped with a solid brass cap when not in use – because details matter. As with all Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture the teakwood is solid and is sanded to a smooth finish making it a perfect platform for dining and entertaining.

To complete the Turnworth 120 Tables Set purchasers have a choice of four different Chair styles.

Turnworth 120 GArden Furniture Set

with Banana Arm Chairs

Bali Arm Chairs are superbly comfortable armchairs with Criss Cross and Block Design on the Chair Back. This is an exquisite deluxe carved fixed armchair with elegant and rounded front chair legs.

Banana Arm Chairs have a high back and arms that curve around you giving a feeling of wrap-around. Banana Chairs are perfect with their added cushion that is attractive, waterproof and very comfortable.

Lovina Stacking Chairs allow for easy storage and exceptional convenience. When in use for a cosy tete a tete the unused chairs can remain in storage allowing more space, all you need now is flowers, sweet music and a bottle of something fizzy, perfect.
Southwold Arm Chairs, this beautifully reliable looking chair is spacious and comfortable, and a real eye catcher!

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is manufactured using only well-seasoned sustainably sourced solid Grade ‘A’ teakwood that is plantation grown to peak condition so that there are no knot marks and the grain is in peak condition for furniture manufacture, once sanded to a satin smoothness it will look wonderful and feel silky smooth.

Teakwood that is ready for use is hand-selected and skilfully shaped so that each piece of furniture is smooth to the touch and has a delightful patina that will look good for years to come with a little TLC. Making joints that will remain secure and weather proof is very important especially for furniture that may stand out in all weathers. Teakwood is naturally weather resistant even in our British winters.

Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture is the Gold Standard for discerning garden furniture buyers