When a loved one passes away many people would like to have a permanent memorial with which to remember them for their uniqueness and the special memories associated with them.

Much the same sentiment applies to the loss of a person with whom we have worked, played golf with, socialised with, known for many years and to whom we wish to show our respects.

With some consideration donors can make a memorial a little more special, with some forethought one can design the memorial in such a way as to create a living memorial that is at the same time a comfortable and comforting remembrance.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture feature in their catalogue
the Round Backless Tree Bench, available in two sizes, this delightfully designed and created Teakwood bench is as the name suggests circular with a central void. On the catalogue page this shapely bench is displayed with a brace of Boat Shaped Teak Shelving Units. However, for a memorial to someone who was a keen garden lover, amateur or professional, what would be better than a memorial tree or a striking plant?

At the centre of the Round Backless Teak Tree Bench one could plant a well-chosen tree; a flowering fruit tree, an Acer – available as a miniature or full-size plant. Evergreens are worthy of consideration too as they remain green throughout the winter months, a Pencil Pine for example or a Cyprus would look spectacular. With some careful planning and checking a good example can be chose. To finish off the memorial a discreet metal plaque may be added to the Bench so that the person may be honoured and remembered permanently.

Plants and even sculptures can be used as a centre piece and Chairs and Tables do include in the catalogue Natural Teakwood sculptural centre pieces that are striking and attractive.

With some artful planning the Round Backless Teak Tree Bench will become a focal point in any garden, terrace or patio that will become a living reminder of someone who is missed.

What better memorial could on have?

Every item of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is crafted from solid plantation grown Grade A teakwood as only the finest will do. Using traditional carpentry methods and hand selected teakwood each piece of Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is shaped and smoothed to perfection, no sharp snags to catch on clothing or sensitive skin. Teakwood is tough and weatherproof by nature and will withstand our British climate, and with some tender loving care, a rub down with teak oil and a cloth, will look wonderful for years to come. With low maintenance plants or a tree, the combination will keep those precious memories alive.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture for people with fond memories.