As we begin the Spring and Summer wedding season it is worth considering those extra special gifts for extra special people who are likely to be outdoor diners or party people and will spend happy hours taking the sun and a drink or two.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture do of course specialise in high-end Luxury handcrafted teak garden furniture, however, they also make some very attractive garden furniture accessories and add-ons that can help make outdoor living just a little more sophisticated.

Teak Ice Bucket, smartly engraved on the surrounding band/s, at 20 cm high by 20 cm internal diameter and 24 cm wide in total this tasteful Ice Bucket will hold a nice bottle of Chablis with ice to keep it cool in our steamy hot summer, not to mention keeping the youngster’s ice creams cool. Families who entertain a good deal, or catering businesses and Inns will find these solid teakwood Ice Buckets to be exceptionally good value.

Teakwood Tray with stand, perfect for afternoon tea in the fresh air. The tray is a solid dependable teakwood tray with sensible edges and handles cut into the teakwood at each end. The Trestle stand works well as a serving stand or for someone having a light snack al fresco.

Teakwood Animal Sculptures are fabulous to look at and the perfect gift for anyone who loves craft worked natural materials and would add panache to the discerning person patio, or lawned area. The children, or one’s grandchildren, will love a Teak Root Horse or Teak Root Pig. Then as an alternative, there are Teak Root sculptures and artworks that will add form to an empty area of decking or patio. Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture do not allow anything to be wasted, combined with their craftsmen’s eye they have created these wonderful items to complement their Luxury Teak Garden Furniture because in a garden setting they are natural companions and lovely to look at.

Teakwood Planters, are available in three sizes, and large enough to accommodate a nice plant, the largest planter would take a small shrub, an Azealia perhaps, or a smaller pencil pine, whilst the smaller ones would look well with a dwarf Acer or a Fuchsia.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture specialise in the manufacture of top quality solid teak garden furniture that is produced from plantation grown Grade A teak that is selected at the optimum moment ensuring that the grain is straight, there are no knots and unsightly blemishes, and being plantation grown no environmental damage is caused, even the tree roots are put to good use! Every item of Chairs and Tables Gift items is finished with the same attention to detail, smoothed to a silky-smooth feel and is very good to look at. The persons that such a gift is being purchased for cannot fail to be delighted with such outstanding quality.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture.