The gorgeous Southold Teak Arm Chair is a fine piece of outdoor furniture that will only enhance your garden space. Despite a simple design, the chair oozes elegance that cannot be easily replicated in a garden chair, thanks in no part to the quality grade-A teak wood used to craft the piece.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement chair for your current table set or simply want a new chair for sitting outside, the Southwold Teak Arm Chair is a fantastic choice. This piece won’t look out of place anywhere in your garden, be it on the patio, decking, or any other spot you like to sit.

Teak is arguable the best material for outdoor furniture, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve invested in a quality piece that will last for some time. As one of the toughest, most durable hardwoods, teak can be left outside for years and still be in great condition – the same can’t be said for most other wooden furniture!

The natural oils present in the Southwold Teak Arm Chair also help to protect from the adverse weather we see so often in Britain. For example, water damage is no issue, as the oils prevent water seeping into the wood where it causes the most damage.

C&T Southwold Teak Arm Chair

This means the chair won’t become brittle or show signs of water damage, even if left in the rain. Also, the oils prevent damage from wood burrowing insects and other pests, while the densely packed grains result in an impressive weight that provides the chair with superb stability.

Furthermore, the natural strength of the teak ensures that no general wear and tear occurs from frequent use. The back and seat sections won’t bend and warp simply because you use the chair often, highlighting the ever-lasting durability of the Southwold Teak Arm Chair.

The surface of the chair has been sanded to near perfection – running your hand along the surface is a delight! This also helps to ensure the surface remains tough, preventing any lasting stains from developing.

Should there be any mess on the chair, simply wash with a cloth and warm soapy water! It’s literally the only type of maintenance that the chair needs, although you may want to apply a teak sealant if you don’t want the wood to change colour over time.

Teak naturally ages, changing from a warm yellow hue to a colder, silver patina. Most people love the appearance of both so let the wood age naturally, but if you want to maintain the original colour simply apply a sealant once a year.

The Southwold Teak Arm Chair is a wonderful piece of garden furniture that will add beauty and elegance to any outdoor living area!