However large or small the setting, being comfortable outdoors is essential. Bijou sized patios or larger areas of lawn, flag-stones, or conservatory outdoor living spaces that are graced by Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture can be made complete with a tidy Upright Boat Shaped Shelf unit to maintain a neat and tidy arrangement, and have things to hand that will make life easier.

There are two designs, the first of which has a squared off base giving it a solid stance.

Upright Boat Shelves

Measuring 225cm (88.5ins) in height, 57cm (over 22ins) in width and 35cm (over 13ins) in depth, this handsome canoe shaped storage facility is constructed using 100per cent sustainable Natural Teakwood, it has four shelves upon which to store books, recipe books, or place one’s wine chiller whilst preparing the barbecue.

Upright Boat Shelves 2

Is a similar shaped boat unit but has a shaped base or foot that has been designed for stability and to retain the elegant lines of the delightful Indonesian fishing Jukungs that it represents.
Measuring 180cm (almost 71 ins) high, 58cm (almost 23ins) wide and 37cm (14.5 ins) deep, with the base that is almost 21ins by 26ins giving the unit a sensible footprint to ensure its stability.
Being constructed using sustainably sourced Teakwood that is high in silica and rubber the water proof nature and weather resistant qualities of the two units are second to none in terms of quality and their ability to cope with all outdoor conditions. In both cases they are well crafted, and sanded to raise their fine patina and to remove any sharp edges.

With a little tender loving care these very attractive units will last a lifetime, along with your Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture. Outdoor living spaces, large or small, can be made comfortable and fashionable with the best quality accessories.