A garden is never truly complete without a bench, and if there’s one bench that will provide a stunning centrepiece to any garden, it’s the luxurious Lutyens Bench. It exemplifies quality craftsmanship and is simply an exquisite piece of furniture that is a sight to behold and will look stunning in your garden.

It features a classic Marlborough design that takes inspiration from the timeless styles of Sir Edwin Lutyens, and wouldn’t look out of place in the sprawling gardens of a stately home.

The soft curved top, racked, backrests and rolled arms not only produce a truly beautiful design for the Lutyens Bench, but also make it very comfortable for sitting on, which is of course the main purpose of a garden bench after all!

Whether you are using it in your favourite area of the garden or placing it on the patio, the Lutyens Bench will compliment any style, looking particularly eye-catching when matched with other wood furnishings and fixtures.

In truth, the bench looks great no matter where you place it, with the natural wood finish working brilliantly against plants, trees, water features or any other features present in your garden.

Picture yourself sitting on the Lutyens Bench beneath your favourite tree or next to some vibrant flowers, taking in all the sights and smells your garden has to offer. This is versatile bench that will look great in any setting.

There’s various sizes available for the Lutyens Bench, ranging from four to seven feet in length, meaning you can find a suitable size that fits your needs. Better still, there is matching children’s models that will make for an adorable match.

Better still, the Lutyens Bench is made using only the highest quality teakwood materials, ensuring the bench is not just naturally attractive, but built to last! Teak is among the strongest woods available, so you needn’t worry about the bench breaking under too much weight or from general wear and tear.

In fact, the natural oils present in teak allows the bench to withstand even the harshest of weather, which is quite handy when you consider how wet and wild British weather can get throughout the year!

It is also worth mentioning how little maintenance the bench will require. The wood features a delightful natural finish that will require no varnish or paint, meaning you get to enjoy it as soon as it arrives.

Don’t worry about having to do much cleaning or maintenance thereafter – any spillages can easily be cleaned with a quick wipe from a damp cloth without leaving a stain.

As a result, expect the Lutyens Bench to last several years or even decades – this could very well become a family heirloom passed down to future generations!