With summer mere months away, it won’t be too long until we are able to sit back outside in the garden and appreciate the better the weather. It’s one of the great benefits of enjoying a garden, as nothing can beat sitting out on a cool summers afternoon, unwinding with friends and family – or sitting by yourself to enjoy some much-deserved peace and quiet!

Many people opt to buy brand new furniture every few years, usually just in time for the summer months. It’s usually the result of buying cheaper furniture on a whim, which is completely understandable given how infrequent the sunny weather is here!

However, why no save yourself the time and hassle of having to deal with a revolving door of garden furniture by investing in some high-quality teak products? These not only look great in any outdoor environment, but are built to last even the harshest weather, so you can expect to get many years out of them!

Not convinced? Here’s 4 reasons to investment in teak garden furniture for the upcoming summer:

It Looks Great

Teak is a naturally beautiful material that makes for wonderful furniture. The grains and colours are subtle yet attractive, so will look fantastic in almost any garden setup. You can be certain that you will looking at it as much as you do using it!

This is especially true when you look at other types of garden furniture. For instance, it is quite the rarity to have plastic furniture that looks appealing in any way, which is simply not the case with teak garden furniture – expect it to impress all the guests you entertain over the summer!

If you take pride in the appearance of your garden, then investing in some quality teakwood furniture is certainly worthwhile!

It’s Built to Last

Teakwood is one of the toughest, most durable hardwoods available, meaning you can expect it to last a very long time. If you have every been annoyed at how easily cheap garden furniture can break then you may appreciate the sturdiness of teak.

Granted it costs a little more, but you are definitely paying for a high-quality material that will not break easily or deteriorate after just a year or two. In fact, we estimate that teak furniture can last as long as a decade – or even longer!

It Can Withstand Terrible Weather

Now, thinking about a horrible winter is the last thing you need with summer on the horizon, but at the same time it’s worth considering how a terrible winter can impact your garden furniture.

Be it rain, snow, sleet, or frost, the elements can certainly take their toll on most types of garden furniture, but this isn’t the case with teakwood, thanks to natural oils present in the wood.

And while it may not be considered terrible weather, the sun can often overheat a bench and make it uncomfortable to sit on, but as teak doesn’t retain any heat it is always cool to touch – ideal for those summers day when the heat is a little too much!

Teak is incredibly durable and can easily sit outside throughout most of the year without any concern that the weather will cause any type of long-term damage. It’s one of the reasons teak garden furniture will last you so long!

It’s Simple to Maintain

Teak furniture requires very little maintenance, if any at all! The same oils present in the wood that help to avoid wear and tear also make it near impossible to stain, which is great for anyone with children that will be using the furniture!

Accidental spillages will only require a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and then will be as good as new. Furthermore, you don’t need to regularly varnish teak or even have to paint it in the first place, meaning you literally have to do nothing but use the furniture once it arrives!