The Latin name for Teak is Tectona grandis and Tectona is part of the mint family. The Teak tree is a deciduous tree common to South East Asia where it is native of Burma (Myanmar), Thailand and Indonesia. They are forest trees that can grow to 150 feet in height, they form an important part of the forest composition and are a natural home to many animal species.

Tectona, Teak is a hardwood tree that can take twenty years to reach maturity. It has been known for Teak trees to grow to as large as 2 metres in diameter, all the more damning when such magnificent trees are ripped out of their natural habitat. Historically, that is exactly what has happened because teakwood became highly valued by boat builders the world over, and latterly by furniture makers because of its hardwearing characteristics and good looks.

Plantation grown teakwood is produced to supply the vast market for this durable and serviceable timber. Responsible producers of fine teak wood for boat building and luxury garden furniture makers will only use plantation grown teak timber. This practice is intended to reduce the impact upon the rain forests by producing in a more sustainable and responsible manner. Plantation grown teak is economically viable due to the value of the wood, and plantations growing teak are springing up in Central America, plantation grown teak has exactly the same profile and weather resistance characteristics as forest grown teak.

Because teak trees have a fairly short growth profile, compared to other species that can take decades to reach maturity, it is a highly appropriate plant to grow commercially with a return on investment that is better than many.

Due to the value of teakwood many lesser manufacturers of furniture will use teak to laminate their products, whilst teak will withstand almost any weather conditions the base timber may not.

Teakwood furniture manufactured from solid teak will, however, last a lifetime and retain its good looks with a little TLC. Because of the high silica and rubber content and high density of teakwood, that is hand selected and craftsman worked, it is likely to remain in excellent condition whatever is thrown at it in terms of weather conditions, which is why teak is chosen for the decks of sailing boats and some larger vessels.

Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture only use Grade ‘A’ sustainably grown plantation teak wood in the production of their high-end top quality chairs and tables, even the joints are dowel fitted to maintain the tightest possible fit, all part of making the very best product for the most discerning customers.