Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture shows a Glamorous Modern Flair.

The superb Asmara Luxury Teak Two-seater Sofa has all of the comfortable characteristics that discerning customers have grown to expect of our luxury teak garden furniture that will grace any outdoor living space, no matter how large or bijou.

The Asmara Teak Sofa with matching Teak Coffee Table would look totally at home on one’s patio, decking, veranda or spacious lawns. The Asmara Luxury Teak Sofa is supplied with very comfortable cushions for ones back and for the seat, nodding off on a warm summers afternoon over a ‘G and T’ would be made much easier and in fine style!

The Asmara Luxury Teak Sofa and Coffee Table set are, as with all Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture, manufactured by craftsmen who go to great lengths to use traditional methods of construction. All Teak Wood used is Grade ‘A’ plantation grown sustainable timber that has been correctly seasoned and, when ready, hand selected for its maturity and fitness for purpose, then worked to perfection for a smooth and blemish free finish.

The Asmara Luxury Teak Sofa and Coffee Table are constructed using dowel joints to ensure that they are tight for strength and to prevent water ingress that would over time weaken the joints. Because Teak Wood is high in silica and rubber content it makes excellent Luxury Garden Furniture that will, if cared for, last a lifetime, just like the decking of the finest of sailing vessels. The product will withstand the worst of our weather and with some ‘TLC’ retain its handsome good looks.

The Asmara Luxury Teak Sofa and Coffee Table set is so lovely a combination that most high-end customers, who have the space, buy two sofas with the coffee table betwixt-perfect for the grandest garden soiree.