Well prepared Teak Garden Furniture, built to last and attractive with it, will withstand much of what the British weather throws at it. Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is crafted using well-seasoned, hand selected, Grade ‘A ’teakwood that originates from plantations – not taken from the wild.

However, having purchased a fine teak wood item of garden furniture, it does make perfect sense to protect it from the excesses of the weather where possible. Further, once the Spring and Summer season starts owners of fine garden furniture may wish to apply some tender loving care to return the chairs and tables to their former glory.

Teakwood (and eucalyptus wood), does contain natural oils giving solid teak a high degree of resilience, good quality teak garden furniture having tight dowel joints is likely to resist any stress caused by water ingress. Low grade furniture with laminated surfaces will not have the same level of defence against rot as the soft wood core is sure to succumb.

From time to time give the teak garden furniture a good wash down using a brush and warm soapy water. Take care to remove any algae or lichens and any other detritus – and spider’s etc., that have taken up residence.

Chair and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is produced to the highest standards to provide a superior quality of product for our discerning customers. We recommend a little tender loving care for your chosen garden furniture items so that they will stand the test of time and provide a delightful experience throughout their useful life.