When it comes to finding good quality garden furniture, you can’t go wrong with teak. One of the most popular materials used for outdoor furniture, there are many reasons why it is worth investing money for a set of teak garden furniture.

Let’s take a look at some of these to see why teak garden furniture could be the perfect addition to your garden!


Perhaps one of the most appealing benefits of using teak for furniture is its incredible durability. Mature teakwood is one of the toughest woods available, so using it to create outdoor furniture makes a lot of sense.

It will stand the test of time thanks to this durability, and it will also help the furniture deal with the less than stellar British weather it will be facing! While storing it will obviously help maintain it, it is certainly possible to leave teak garden furniture outdoors for most of the year.


Teak can also withstand a lot of weight, making it suitable for chairs and tables that will need to withstand this additional weight. Better still, it ensures that damaging the furniture is more of a task, as it will take some force to break or splinter teak garden furniture in the event of accidental collisions and the like.

Easy Maintenance

Thanks to natural oils present in the wood, teak is surprisingly easy to maintain. For example, you can wipe away most spillages that would normally stain other types of wood with teak garden furniture, making it an ideal choice for tables in particular.

That means you won’t have to regularly clean the table to ensure it maintains its best appearance. Furthermore, the strength and durability of the material will ensure that any damage is kept to a bare minimum, ensuring that few repairs are required.

Beautiful Appearance

Nothing can quite match the beauty of teakwood. The colours (of which there are many variations of) and textures of the wood give it a delightful appearance that is very natural, helping it to fit into the natural surroundings of a garden with ease.

Moreover, its appearance is far more appealing when compared to other types of materials commonly used in garden furniture, such as plastics or lesser quality woods.


As previously mentioned, teak happens to be one of the strongest and most durable woods on the market. While the higher quality of the material makes less affordable than others, the fact that it can last for years, if not decades, more than makes up for this.

When you take into consideration the number of years it will likely be in use for, along with other benefits such as appearance and maintenance, it becomes clear that the money spent will a long-term investment!