But why Teakwood?
Teak is a natural wood that is ideal for outside furniture because of its natural properties. Teak timber is high in natural oil and rubber content, to retain its natural patina the wood can be treated with additional oil.
Teak is a tree that grows in the wild, over centuries people have predated the teak in forests denuding them and causing havoc to wildlife habitats. Presently, sustainable teak is grown in plantations that are carefully managed in an effort to ensure that the natural forests are not despoiled. Sustainable plantation grown teak is the only teakwood that is used in the manufacture of Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture.
Teakwood is a close-grained type of material making it ideal for furniture making as well as being widely used in many other sectors not least the building of fine quality boats. Teak has a silica content that allows for greater grip even when wet, and makes it highly durable even in the toughest conditions – in extremes of weather, and has a skid free surface that adds safety to its many other qualities.
In short, teakwood is the best material available for the production of top quality garden furniture because it is rot resistant, non-slip, tough as nails, and will maintain its good looks for many years to come, with a little TLC Teak Garden Furniture will look just about as good as the day it was made throughout its useful life.
Chairs and Tables Teak Luxury Garden Furniture is crafted from Grade A teak that comes directly from certified ecologically managed plantations, that has been patiently seasoned and then selected by craftsmen and made into chairs and tables et al using traditional methods including dowel formed joints for extra strength and permanence. The finishing is up to the same standard too, absolutely no splinters or sharp edges.
Selecting the ideal furniture items for one’s garden is potentially the hardest part as the range of Teak chairs, tables, and accessories, is very extensive with something for everyone. There are single items including chairs, tables, benches, steamer chairs, loungers, and children’s furniture items too, all made to the highest standards of construction and design.
Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture is purpose made to grace the finest outdoor living space.