If you enjoy sitting outside and basking in the nice weather when we get it, having good quality garden furniture can make a whole world of difference to your overall experience. People say that we get what we pay for in this world, and whilst that is true, good quality furniture needn’t cost an arm and a leg either. Rather than cheap and nasty looking plastic furniture however, you may wish to go for something a little more luxurious, durable, and attractive. Take aluminium armchairs from Chairs and Tables for example. Aluminium garden furniture is growing in popularity every single day, and rightfully so. There are many features and benefits associated with aluminium garden furniture that users find so appealing, and to help emphasize this point, we’ll now be looking a few benefits associated with purchasing an aluminium armchair for your outdoor seating area.

Durable and hardwearing – First and foremost, one of the main benefits associated with aluminium garden furniture is the fact that it is so durable and hardwearing. Many other forms of outdoor garden furniture are likely to bend and break, but not aluminium. Aluminium armchairs have a rigid design and a fairly heavy weight, making it very durable and hardwearing. What’s more, cast aluminium does not rust, which is hugely, hugely important for outdoor furniture. Other metal furniture items often begin to rust as soon as they are exposed to rain, whereas cast aluminium will last a lifetime and will look virtually brand new, no matter how wet it gets.

Comfortable – Another benefit associated with an aluminium armchair is the fact that it is so comfortable. With a slatted seat and back, and a heavy duty aluminium frame, this chair provides support and comfort at the same time, making your outdoor seating experience more enjoyable than ever. What’s more, there is no assembly required, so once you receive your chairs, they are instantly ready to be utilized.

Easy to clean – A problem with outdoor garden furniture is that it can become dirty fairly quickly. Not only do you have general dirt, dust, and rain spots to contend with, but there is also the risk of bird droppings. Cleaning some forms of cheaper wooden patio furniture can be difficult as you will need to rub, without damaging the wood. What’s more, you need to be careful of harsh chemicals. With aluminium furniture however, more often than not, you can simply rinse everything down with a garden hose and then give it a quick wipe dry, where it will look brand new once again. For more stubborn residue, just use warm water and soap. Other than that however, there is no real maintenance required, especially as the metal will not rust or rot.

Great for businesses or functions – If you run a business with an outdoor seating area, or if you’re perhaps throwing a function, which will include outdoor seating, aluminium armchairs are absolutely ideal. They are comfortable so your guests/customers will be comfortable, and they require virtually no maintenance at all. What’s more, if you do buy in bulk, you will receive a 5% discount from Chairs and Tables.