Now that the nights are drawing in and the evenings are turning a bit chilly, you’ll probably be spending less time in the garden. The mower gets oiled for the winter and stored in the shed and leaves need to be raked on a daily basis. The garden in winter seems much more about maintenance and a lot less about fun.

The winter season can also be hard on your garden furniture too. The weather is cold and wet, both of which can be detrimental to your garden furniture. Wood can split, turn green or start to root. It’s all bad news for your chairs and tables. And metal furniture fairs no better in winter, often rusting, corroding or cracking.

Of course, ideally we’d all like to bring our garden furniture inside to negate the effects of winter, but often that’s not practical. So what can we do to help preserve our wooden garden set in bad weather?

Well, the good news is that teak furniture wears rather well in inclement weather. Teak wood has special properties that make it ideal for use outdoors all year round. It’s a very oily and rubbery wood and so needs very little specific care or maintenance to ensure that it lasts for decades.

Teak wood has its origins in the tropics and is a naturally dense and sturdy wood. All of this means that it has an outstanding resistance to moisture. The natural oil helps to prevent water from seeping into the teak wood.

Grade A teak is kiln dried slowly to reduce the moisture content in the furniture. This helps to withstand the colder and drier northern European climate. This also means that teak wood can withstand a wide variety of weather conditions – rain, frost or snow. It is also immune to rotting, fungi and highly resistant to insects which may damage the timber.

Of course, you may wish to offer your teak furniture seem extra protection during the winter months and there’s no harm in this. You could use a good quality teak oil, which would help to retain the more golden colour of the teak and slow down the process whereby it turns silvery grey.

Some people choose to cover their teak furniture during the winter months. If that’s the case then ensure that you choose a breathable cover that does not trap moisture against the wood. If the wood gets no air this could result in mould spores forming.

Ultimately a good quality piece of teak furniture can last a lifetime with very little maintenance and you should feel free to continue to use it over the winter, regardless of the weather. Just make sure that you wrap up warm!