If you need a serving trolley that could go with both your indoor and outdoor use, this teak serving trolley has all the drills and features that you would need out of your tea trolley.

The six-inch wheels can easily thread through thick grass without losing balance or tripping. The modular design allows you to remove the top tray from the trolley. A light frame makes it easy to move around even with heavy load.

Let’s talk about the aesthetics on this serving trolley that’s a semblance of an eclectic design, high-quality tea wood and skilfully crafted edges. Your evening tea parties won’t be same—this three-tier luxurious serving trolley has a nice and smooth finish that that doesn’t alter the real beauty of teak. The mild teak tones are still eminent on the trolley that would continue to remind you of the finest quality wood being used in the making.

This teak trolley can be loaded with as much stuff as you want—it’s durable and strong because of the Grade A teak. It’s fine sanded to give you a silky finish without taking away much of the natural brilliance of this wood.