Don’t want to have a sofa for your patio furniture? Why not try out something that’s more cost-friendly and looks amazing. This elegant table and chairs set is made out of solid Grade A sustainable teak wood that’s a real treat for all the environmental-friendly people out there. But there is more actually.

This round ring table and chairs set is perfect for outdoor space due to its resistance against the extremities of scorching sun and terrible rainstorms. If you have been longing for something that’s right on your budget and durable for years to come, this Turnworth Teak Round Ring Tables and Chairs set is the perfect answer.

The exquisite finish on this teak wood accentuates on your green lawn and makes it more vibrant. The light-colour with a tinge of raw teak is great to look at.

Let’s talk about the comfort.

In most cases, you can’t compare a patio sofa set with patio chairs, but in this, you can actually, because teak wood is comfortable for regular use. The circular design on the table-top looks much better than a plain one, and with all the natural teakwood colour, it a real eye-candy.

Do you scare your kids spilling liquids or food on the table? Don’t worry! Because these tables and chairs are made out of teak wood that wouldn’t stain easily. You clean it simply with a damp table cloth and add the final cleaning touches with a dry table napkin.

So what’s included in the package?

This Turnworth teak table and chairs set consists of 8 chairs and 180cm ring table and if you want to add some more chairs, you can get them separately. These teakwood tables and chairs set is available for £1599.99 which is a great deal to pick up at this price, because not just the tables, but chairs are also made up of Grade A teak.

So what else makes a great a patio table and chairs set?

Well, what about a turntable in the centre of your table, so that everyone has an equal access to the food on the table? This is ingenious

Final word on patio furniture

If you are looking for some outdoor bliss without worrying much about the replacement or repairs, get your furniture made out of teakwood for durability, lesser maintenance and low replacement cost, unlike synthetic furniture that may require you to replace your chairs or tables biannually.

 Each product from C&T comes with a 3-year warranty to make it more convenient for you