It is easy to get carried away with superlatives, doing so does grow wearisome. When talking about investment in ‘quality’ it is important to establish just what quality means. Quality is the standard of something when measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. Therefore, something that is ‘good’ quality is surely another cut above the rest.

Teak wood that is sustainably grown in plantations is grown to a standard profile, because it is not a cut and rush operation time can be taken to make certain that the timber is well formed, straight grained, and it can be properly seasoned – not rushed by cutting corners. Seasoning teak properly will allow the timber to dry slowly thereby ensuring that this heavy wood, with its exceptional grain strength and stiffness and inherent durability, will last a lifetime.

Teak wood of this same calibre is used in marine construction, discerning buyers of fine furniture for their outdoor spaces would do well to buy the kind of quality that would grace any fine sailing ship. It is no coincidence that the very best unblemished timber available is used in both cases. The best quality garden furniture made of the finest timber available must surely mean long life and rugged strength.

Luxury outdoor garden furniture will in many cases live outdoors whatever the weather, and just like the timbers of the deck of a ship the materials must be up to the job, second best is not an option.

Perfectly grown and seasoned timber that is then placed in the hands of craftsmen can be turned into well-designed elegant, superbly crafted, comfortable furniture. One mark of a well-made chair is its comfort value without any added cushions, a modicum of padding is of course acceptable but a well-crafted chair that is perfect when unadorned is something very special.

Having acquired the best timber available, to then produce elegant furniture that has tight dowelled joints and brass fittings to be sure of the quality of the end product is a sign of good quality.

What then are the benefits of investing in quality teak garden furniture?

The finest raw materials are sustainably and responsibly sourced.

Being well seasoned the teak will not rot or deteriorate, it will outlive poorer products several times over.

Quality Teak Garden Furniture will retain its good looks, comfort and charm.

It will charm one’s guests with its youthful good looks and craftsman made quality helping one’s parties to be a great success, naturally.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture go the extra mile to make their range so extensive that customers will be spoiled for choice, and that our quality will make us the outstanding investment when compared with the rest. C&T Garden Furniture is synonymous with good quality.