A common misconception about many types of garden furniture is just how uncomfortable it can be. The additions of cushions are almost always a necessity to ensure total comfort whilst sitting outdoors, but there is a particular piece of garden furniture that can bring the indoor comforts of a an arm chair outdoors – the Asmara Teak Garden Arm Chair.

This simply gorgeous piece of furniture is something that adds a whole new level of comfort to your outdoor living area.

It can be paired with another chair to create an outdoor sitting space perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying some time with the family, but it works perfectly fine on its own as well – just imagine sitting back reading a book or enjoy a drink on a lazy afternoon whilst slumped into this comfortable armchair.

Seat and back cushions are included with this piece, helping to ensure the upmost comfort for anyone sitting on the very spacious Asmara armchair. They even come with removable covers that are washable and weather-proof too, so you needn’t worry about leaving them outdoors either!

At the back of the chair is a specially designed slanted feature aimed at encouraging the most relaxing position possible for the chair. With two sets of slates the base of the chair is not only comfortable for sitting but also very secure.

Another great feature is side pockets found at either side of the arms. These pockets are found on the inner side of the arms and are the perfect height and depth to store books, drinks, and anything else you might want on hand when relaxing in the chair.

Made from grade-A Indonesian teak, the armchair has a stunning natural look to it which is highlighted perfectly by the smooth sanded finish. The amazing natural grain of the teakwood is a sight to behold in most garden setups, so you can be the addition of the Asmara armchair will be a talking point for your next garden party!

Teak is also a very naturally strong and durable material. This armchair will be able to withstand any extreme weather thrown at it, and there will be no need to worry about breakages and repairs –teak garden furniture pieces such as this are built to last!

The teak doesn’t require to be treated with any type of oils either and you can be certain that this will last several decades! This helps to ensure the piece as a long-term investment that will last you so much longer than most other types of garden furniture, guaranteeing that your money is going to be well-spent.

Just picture yourself slumped in this amazingly comfortable chair on a sunny afternoon, sipping on a cool drink and relaxing like never before. The garden is best enjoyed with the highest quality garden furniture around, and it doesn’t get much better than the Asmara Teak Garden Armchair.