Teak known as Tectona grandis is a hardwood. Teak grows in mixed hardwood forests. The places where teak grows are India, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Teak wood is very valuable in terms of durability and sustainability. This is why, Europe and USA import teak and for this reason, teak is very expensive. And, since centuries, it has been recognized as a hardwood that is resistant to the changing climate. Teak wood is lustrous, smooth as silk and has a golden colour with a pungent leather-like odour. The wood is durable and strong. Additionally, because it is weather resistant, it is a great raw material for artists. The teak is very good because it can be used all year round and also in any era. The wood also resistant to moisture and insect infestation because it contains high oil content.

In the 1800s when the advantages of teak were discovered, the idea of using it for outdoor spaces with gardens to enhance the look of the place, altogether. And, since then furniture made for outdoor purposes is made mainly from teak. The specific advantages of furniture made out of teak are that the furniture will not fade away and it will stay the same way, from day one. No climate change will affect it; no matter how bad. The teak furniture is strong and withstands weather changes just to look equally beautiful as ever before. It is a long-term investment that you will be making.

Therefore, if you are planning to decorate and set your outdoor space but are confused as to what type of furniture and material should you use? And, also something that can be within your budget. The best option is to buy teak garden furniture to make your space look classy and divine.

At the moment, you would be thinking that I previously mentioned that teak is expensive and now I am saying the furniture is not. Confused? Let me clear it. Teak furniture is expensive but then again not as expensive in comparison to the quality and advantages it offers. Secondly, the expense will be one time. Otherwise, furniture that is inexpensive will lack in durability and you will have to replace it time to time.

So the best way to set up your patio or the outdoor place is to set it up with oval teak table set. Other than the fact that it is made of teak, the other advantage is that the teak dining table can seat up to ten people comfortably. Also, the table is wide enough to place all the main servings and the side-dishes simultaneously without any hassle. The table also has double extension leafs that can be made use of and when not; can be placed under the frame easily. This dining table is suitable for dining with family members as well as helpful in gatherings.