Actually at Chairs and Tables we do. That means taking time to select the right materials in peak condition and using tradition skills turn the raw materials into fine garden furniture.

This process starts with the trees, by using only well managed plantation trees that have been given time to mature we not only make certain of the best materials for the job but we can be sure of using sustainable resources by not ripping trees out of the forests of the world. Managed plantations means that a regular crop of fresh timber can be available continuously without harming the balance of nature. Following on, we allow all of the Teak and Eucalyptus wood to season slowly. Patience is the key, wood needs to dry out once felled, Teak seasons exceptionally well and becomes more durable given time, which is why most wooden ships have teak wood for their decking. Teak is as tough as can be and stays in good shape for many years often with little maintenance and regardless of the weather conditions, which is rather useful in Great Britain.

Having selected the timber to be used our craftsmen turn it into furniture using those same hands on traditional skills to shape and style the timber to precise tolerances for nice tight joints that will remain solid and withstand heavy outdoor use. Rather than use nails and screws, where appropriate, the craftsmen use wooden dowels to secure the joints, a small detail but the difference between furniture that is made to last and keep its appearance for donkey’s years, and the common or garden stuff that will not. Much of the cheaper product is laminated with a Teak skin the base wood being soft wood that will succumb to the elements rather quickly. Chairs and Tables Excellent Teak Garden Furniture is made from solid Teak that will outlast most of us.

Taking time and putting in the extra effort is the signal skill of the craftsmen and women who cherish the ethos of fine quality being worth the effort, rather than accepting second best.

Chairs and Tables High Quality Garden Furniture is designed and styled by experts who are keen to offer the very best that money can buy, so that when ones’ pals come round for Pimms o’clock you can be certain that they will perceive that only the best is good enough for them, and for our customers.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture are proud have our discerning customers tell their friend how excellent our Teak, and Eucalyptus, Garden Furniture is, and what excellent taste they have.