New and exciting!

Friends and family will be impressed by this wonderful new range of delightful Teak Garden Furniture, because it has all of the Traditional Tables and Chairs Hand Crafted Quality yet it is a Brand New product that few people will have seen before. With the tasteful elegance of well season solid Teak wood and excellence of design and styling this new combination is an absolute treat. Tables and Chairs Top Quality Teak Garden Furniture is renowned for being hand crafted for quality and longevity above quantity.

Manufactured from slowly Seasoned Teak wood that could grace the finest of sailing ships, and hand crafted using traditional dowelled joints to produce a product that will withstand the worst weather conditions and rough handling with panache.

Chairs and Tables Top Quality Teak Garden Furniture is recommended to grace any terrace, decking or lawn with its handsome lines. When the sun, eventually, comes out to play you can grasp the opportunity for some fine entertaining, bring out the canapés, a nice Chablis perhaps, and enjoy in the full knowledge that the event is augmented by your delightful garden furniture, that is the icing on the cake.

This combination is one of a kind, combining the stylish lines of the round extendable table with tradition durability that will pass the test of time with distinction whilst having a good stable base so that it will not shift while in use. Good looking and sensible too!

Having stacking chairs is a bonus, making storage easier, and enabling the proud owners to have a couple of appropriate spares in case of visitors dropping in.

The round easy to use extendable table is 120 to 180 cm by 120 cm with a thickness of 40mm, giving a comfortably stable feel whilst in use. There will be plenty of space for up to six diners, lashings of food and the drinks tray to round things off.

The Black Batyline Chairs compliment the table nicely, they are robustly constructed, stylish in appearance but most important they are comfortable. The chairs are stable and the seating is durable whilst being lightweight and easy to store.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture recommend this new combination for all people who love to use their garden as an outdoor entertaining space. Discerning people who love good things, appreciate high quality craftsmen made products that will stand the test of time.