Teak is one of the most popular woods to make furniture with and for good reason; it has many qualities that make it a sound investment.


Teak is, of course, a hard wood making it strong and durable, and able to withstand both extreme heat and extreme cold.  This strength and durability makes Teak a great choice for outdoor furniture, but also for indoor furniture where is can literally last a lifetime.  If properly maintained with the correct amounts of oil and rubber, Teak furniture can appear “as new” for years.


The grain and colour of Teak makes it a truly unique wood; it is attractive to home owners and furniture makers alike.  Outdoor Teak is often left to the elements to take on a splendid silver/grey colour, whereas indoor Teak is usually oiled so as to retain its golden hue.  Both are stunning.


You can use Teak anywhere and for any of your furniture needs.  Its durability, strength, colouring options and resistance to parasites and the elements make it the most adaptable of woods.  It’s water resistant and does not splinter easily; in fact it was used by shipbuilders for many years due to these properties.

In short: Teak is a sound investment!