Genuine Teak wood has high oil and resin content that enables it to withstand harsh weather conditions, and also prevents insect invasion and consequential damage. There is a silica content in Teak that provides for the smooth patina that will remain fresh, and smooth to the touch, for many years to come, easily withstanding the rigors of our British weather. Teak is often used for the decks of boats around the world and especially in the Caribbean where extreme heat and torrential downpours prove the value of this excellent wood, even the effects of salt water and the pounding of many feet does not do lasting damage to this fine timber. The splendid looks of the wood with its rich golden brown colour, and straight grain, can be maintained in perfect condition with a little tender loving care, and some teak oil.

Table and Chairs outdoor space furniture is only manufactured from the best quality Teak. Only Teak that has been sustainably sourced from plantations that are managed for the purpose is used in our furniture. This is deliberate policy to protect the timber in its natural environment, Teak groves in the wild are not used by Tables and Chairs. The timber that is used has been seasoned slowly until ready for use, thereby keeping the timber in peak condition so that it does not crack or warp as ‘green’ wood may do.

The selected timber is then worked by our skilled craftsmen, people who love working with wood and enjoy their craft. Such is their attention to detail that all joints are formed using dowels to create firm smooth joints that are permanent. The benefits of this process are that the finished article looks wonderful, is lovely to the touch, and will continue to look wonderful throughout its life time, and rather importantly is very comfortable to sit on.

People who enjoy entertaining outdoors can welcome their guests at Pimms o’clock in the full knowledge that their garden living space is graced by beautiful Teak furniture that will always do them proud.

Unlike lesser products, where the timber used may look like teak, this genuine well-made and well-seasoned product, will not show the effects of bad weather and will never look shoddy.

Entertaining is fun, however, creating the right atmosphere is essential. Carefully chosen Teak garden furniture will enhance the garden whilst being a delight to use, a number of the tables come with a Lazy Susan that allows the canapes to be passed around with aplomb. To be fun one’s occasion needs to be worry free and that is exactly how Tables and Chairs Teak garden furniture excels. All one has to do is organize the food, something rather nice to drink, and of course invite the guests, and enjoy.