The Oval Teak Extending Double Leaf Table Set is a unique piece of furniture that comes with 10 stacking chairs and cushions. A great furniture item for the spring season, the Oval Teak Extending Double Leaf Table will look incredibly stunning in your garden as it comes with matching cushions and chairs. Generally, this particular table set it amazing for both outdoor dining and entertainment.

The measurements of the double leaf table measure 120 cm and it has a depth of 40mm. Its overall width, therefore, make it a perfect set of putting it outdoors. The table set comes with 10 matching lovina chairs that have been uniquely crafted.

The unique selling point of the oval teak extending double leaf table and stacking chairs is that they come with the following amazing features:
• Durability: One of the most important things about the double leaf table is that they are durable. This means that they are more of a one time investment. Once you invest in them, they will surely last a long amount of time. You will not have to worry about them getting easily worn out because they are durable and they will surely last a good amount of time.
• Sustainability: Another integral feature of the Double Leaf Table and Stacking Chair is that it is sustainable. Therefore, once you invest in them, you can readily sustain it. It is one of those types of furniture items that will not disappoint you for years.

The garden furniture set has been built specifically by skilled carpenters who use important items such as joints and brass fittings throughout construction. Therefore, they have come up with a timeless an and outstanding piece of garden furniture that it timeless and will last for a long amount of time. You can easily enjoy it for years to come.

The measurement of the furniture is 2 meter in length but it has a majestic seating of six that is amazing for every day use. You can, therefore, use the furniture for any function, whether it is long functions or weekend lunches.

The table has multiple usages. It is great for weekend lunches and it is also great if you have a good party or two planned. The table can be used to accommodate the ten supplied chairs on which the guests can sit and have a luxurious sitting on.

Generally, the Oval Teak Extending Double Leaf Table Set with Lovina Stacking Chairs have been carefully sanded to improve smoothness. They are silky and they feature a good, pre-drilled hole to accommodate a parasol. Thus, if things do get hot, you can use it as a welcome shade. Moreover, there is also a brass ring that can supply and protect the wood and even fit the hole when uncapped.

Generally, the furniture is long lasting and durable which make it an excellent choice of green furniture. Moreover, the table arrives fully assembled and it has thick solid and chunky legs that are great for stability. The table comes with a 3 year warranty from purchase.