The Aldeburgh 5ft Teak Bench is an elegant and sophisticated bench that is not only durable but even very sustainable. With its classy design, the furniture comes with a 7 by 7 cm leg and it is gently curved, which therefore makes it have a great finish. Moreover, it has a very robust design and a chunky feel so it is a lot stronger than other benches. This, therefore, adds to its overall sustainability.

The bench is made out of 100 percent, fine teak wood and it has a decent and sanded smooth finish that makes it better than the other manufacturers.

The total measurements of the furniture are as follows:

Width: 150cm, seat width: 146cm, total depth: 66cm, seat depth: 55cm, total height: 95cm, back height: 48cm, arm height: 67 cm.

The Aldeburgh 5ft Teak Bench is delivered fully assembled and it is almost ready to use in that stance. You can easily place this piece of furniture outdoors and have a very comfortable seating and outdoor environment. The bench can be used without cushions and therefore, it is extremely comfortable to sit on generally. Moreover, it also has proofed fitted seat cushions that make it a great piece of crafted furniture for your comfort and joy.

What’s even more special about it is that you can use it without cushions and you can sit on it without worrying about its quality wearing out. It has proofed fitted cushions that make it stand longer than the other piece of furniture.

Another quality that adds to its durability is that it is weather resistant. This means that you can place it outside whenever you want and it will last for generations. A lot of furniture does not withstand the test of weather and other conditions but this particular bench does. Moreover, it will also provide hours of comfort so you can easily and readily sit on it and enjoy the bright sunshine while having a very comfortable seating underneath. Moreover, the bench can be used to sit on and have long hours of conversations with your friends or whoever it is. It is a comfortable and conservative piece of furniture that has been designed to withstand wear, tear and adverse weather conditions.

Moreover, once you get the bench, you will not have to worry about assembling it as it comes ready to use. Unlike other pieces of furniture, all you have to do is to buy it and you are good to go.

Generally, the Aldeburgh 5ft Teak Bench – Deluxe is a great piece of furniture that comes in a brilliant design, style and construction. The bench has been fully assembled and is an honour to place in your garden. The bench is made out of very solid and sturdy material that will last a long amount of time, making it comfortable and very well made. It is highly recommended to go for this furniture if you want something valuable and something worthy of your investment.